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Fugitives From Service

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Ihoctause of the Constitution, providimrfor the Burrender of fugitivej from service ia daily Lccomiiigr more and rnnre repuimqnt'to tlie feelnjjra of the pcople of the free States. Indeed, the existence of such n provisión ia a foul blot on that instrument. Jte continued toleration is on infnmoue dirace to the ncop!e of the United States. VVhcn we consider Hint we are a chnstion peopie, a civilized people, with some pretensions to hurnnnitv, it ia monstrous that we should consider oureelves hound to give up a man, an innocent man seeking to escape fn.m a bondage -1 We would not avail oureelres of anv leeal subtility. We adtnit freely and fully, tJ)at fhe provisión of the Conslilution, in relaiion to lugiUves from service or Jabor, was infended to cover the case of csenping slnvef- -to bind one State lo surrender slaves into it from another. We adniit freeJy and fuJly thut our íaílirrs went into thisorccnient with their eycö wide open, to üs nieanintr-ihat tlioy wcre ñot tricked into it- that when they bound themselves tfaus, they knew they were bTnding themeolvTs and their children to violntethe inósi sacred riglits of niaj, to trample upon the most procious offices of humanity. But, wheii wo have ndwtfed oJJ tiis, wo denounce tiieir act, as a deed o' unmitigation wickediicss- we abjure íii part of the covenant, as i;ifymoue, as - we declare to Uic worJd, we declaro to our brethren of the South, we wiJJ uot be bonrid by any such provisión - it is accursec! - and a regard Lo tlie principle3of etern;,! jusfice, o proper respect to the hétiehéd principies of the free Stiltes-, sliqjrW induce every grnerous southetner to tóstain frm any attempt to enforce thiB provisión, _to forego any and all claims ho mifht Jpgnlly ïnstitu'e under it Were this provisión one of mere polier, the free fetales should subm.t, thonffh 't might work their serious detriment. D,d it traposen duty, of doubt, ,1 charrcu-r, as it reprardsmoral.ty md with f that the palpable of d.soberiience, hoilS overeóme our scruples, and enforce submision. Uut, the provisión ís one of notorious, abominable injustice. It is in direct, undisgnwed conflict with the luw of God. No man can obey it. without knowmg ihat he is dcïnrra wrong, n fb-il wrourr uainst humanity. ÍS o htate canyield acquiefeénce, without knoumg, thut it is outriijTinor the fin-t principies of the Declaration of Independence, and arraymg itself in open rebellion apawwt the Buiider andPe.-troyor ofËmpires. &o that noroom is teO for hritation. The provisión ought to bc rqpealed by common coueoiit, or byCümaion couñcní disiegarded.


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