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Which Is Right?: From The Liberty Standard

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TheKenmbec Journal ssys: "Yes, you (the frieuds ot' the Liberty party) pray tliat sluvery muy be abolished, and tiirow your votes preeisely M tuch a way as to defeat the only sirong (?) party apposed to tl." Now hcar HENRY CLAY, the Joumal's choice.' "Mr. President, it is not trtie. and I rrjoice that it is not true ttiat EIT11ER of tlie two great parties iu this country busANYDEfcslGNS or ALWS ;it abolition. I shouM deep]y Inment it, it' it were true." - üenale Speech. Vhich is lionest? That pnper thinks it very incinsiPtont to pray for tbo oboliiion of sluvery and uot vole for the whig. Thal's a hard ojie. It thinks "a scramblc Cor office will ereatly weakon the moral force of nboliiion; ' yet it insista that it is perfcctly consistent wHh its tnoral force to aid' others-oveu tlic most profligóte enemics of Jiberly- duclists, pramblers, ond eJaveholdcrs- ia tlieir scrqmhie or office. Cider barréis, etc. etc. cLc all arake moral harmoiiy with abuüiion!


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