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J. S. Buckinghanij the Lnglish tra veler, iu hi account of his visie to th3 ccfunlry. spcaks thus o the peop'.e with reference to their ylnveholding. 'So imperfect are their notions of ficodom os to the 'natural md in;iiieiml!e riyhls of man' nccording to tlie terms.oi their pwn dcclaration o Independence that they scarcely consider it nblot that tho scvet;al States of üe Union, should hole o many thousands of their fellow men ín U'ijus and unwilling bondage. But what perhaps i most surprising of all is, tJiat so larj;e nurnbero the ciergy, and espe..ia!ly tJiose of the Episcopa church, includir. ihose wIk cnll ihemselvff evangelical. shoaid be not merely palliators ol the the state of elaery. but .-idvocntes for iis contin uance, and deprecators of all pubüc discuesion or agitntion on the subject; so that if thercpublicans understand civil and politica! liberty but imperfectly, the Christinn proft-ssors understand the liberty of religión and justice still less."


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