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Mr. Adams's Position

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John Q. A dams Jias been nonunatcd by the pcople oí bis district, to represent them in the nexi Congrcss. Mr. Adams belonas to no party, but to his country. - Ohio Frce Prets. In his speech to his constitucnls at Wcymoth, he says that he had never taken any part in any Pre3Ídenii;il .canvass since his own retirement from that high ofiice. Henlsosays. - 'I entered the National House of Representalives in December, 1831, with nn 'assurance to the constituents by wlioni 1 was elected, lliat I should hold myself bound in alleginnce to no party, whether sectional or political. I thoughtlhis a duty imposed upon me by my peculiar position. I had spent tho greatcst portioii of my life in the services o the whole nation. and had !cen honored with their highest trust. My duty of fidelity, of affection, and of srratitnde to the whole, wis not merely inseparable frorn, but identical with, that which was due from me to my own nacive Commonwealth."As to the great question, he says: - 'Jt is the sectional división of parties, or in Other words. the conflict between freedom and slavery, which constantes the n.!e round which the administraron of youf National G'vernment revolves. All irs mensures offnreipn and domestic policy are hut rnrüntions from ihat i'entre." Mr. Adama hns also ,-idvanced forward in his views of the inherent and universal siníulneesof ílavnrj-. - "If tho African elava trada was piraey, the kcoasting American sIhvc tr. de couM not be innocent, i"r could ts nggrnvéïod turpitude be cleiiii'o'. ín liic sigiit ot the anme God who abhors ' the in qin'y of th-j African elfv.: tnule, neiiher ihc AniiMi'-an sliivc tiüdc, nor slaveiy nsclf, can be guiltlfss." Uc hns nbsolutcly rvfusèd: n cvery ehnpe. tnc (tolicitfltions ili.n heshoold cake a part in elcyailftg n shivft!ii!d(irnnil dnc-llist to tiic prcsidcucy. And hewiil be conaisteuf. Sec f' hc is not. - EhtUTiciyalor. Wnshington Curespondence of the T csin. I wish to cali aftentjoti o onc of the irc-8 of the prieni Abig Congres, wbich ma be compnreil wiili ilicir pnst piedles of regard io liUiiian ñ'h',s. 1 refcr io iho rarnous AnXIIJAHV GUARÍ), oftinbliahod Io trorot ï.'iis city Trom incendinric ,hi:1 rrtbb'eré. and to keep ihe public propert safo, nml fofóúior - not n.inied. ptirporóa. {3'l'iie:e liave been mare slores broken open and nioie inc-endiary niimpis. since tlie Guarf WQ3 t'Siabüslied, ilian lor inany ycars before. i t!ic satv.a sj)aoe of time! Do you ask wiiy thisi The anawer 3 easy. (IITTlie Guaul, insieac ofdóirig (Lefr (!u:y. have been prowfin a!)on EèarcBirig ibc honses of chlorecj pfople in sea re ril rii'invü Sfnvée, ihnï (hey may :ct llie reware win.,! ior ihc:i!! Tiiis fact ihey eannot deny. It is ri:;ht lint lbo pco;i'.e oftho Free State öhould know fi)r wbnt pisrposes thtir Represent; tives hav1. taxed iheni widi the support oí tli infnoiousGuard, in hc A'iition's Cnpital.The most active ofthis crew are Cox and Littt.v. The uilier n;r' l QjW of ihcm stated a woii'.an put of the house n which s'iclived, beC4O5O, it wns suid thar slic was {rom Alexnndria, and had nn.five p8per. Slie nm into a fot'd r liouBflj (lir.rn) in wliicha élavo was conccaled, ior iliapu ]x;se hts escape front one of the most cfuel nu'.stcr's ia .Maryland. Thomas Beri-.y of rrincfl Gcorga'a Co. Tlie poor fellow wr.s abrmed, ron out of the ii.u'dur house, and of' coursc ihy catiglit Imn. (..v will 5') for hi? sharéoftlie rcw.ud. Beaidea his is30 a month fiom the Goveinment. You are awarc of ihe cily law, roqiiiring the wiitrh to take up cobicd people wlio are found ï f i the streets after lün'clock ar rught. The pnle üi.T 1 iowdiüs want the stierts to themselves. nftiT tlint hour! The colored pcople are sb göh-i crally witliin doore. nlter hour, that it isa motlèr of jrrcat rrgret, on the part or tlie watch, tí.cy lose t'ioir 'fees! So tley tnlk of limiting tlie time of the colored peopïe to 9 o'cIqcU! No eolured person can pass ?ifrer 10 o'clock. no mathow respectable he is. unlesshe is n tooi in their handí to betray hisown This tlien. is a most imposant pnrt of the duty of the Auxiliary Ouard. v.hich a IVilr Coti.giess imposed npon n., and lo sustain' which they tax ihc peoplo $75;)0 a yeor!


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