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A Baptist Chattel

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A southcrn chnttet, natned Jatncs Morton inadc its appearance in Aun Arbor, a kw day since, on ts way to Canada. Said chattcl is si toet hih, or more, quite black, twenty seve venís o!d, and what is most su'prising, is a member of the Baptist Church in Lpuisville, Ky. James is intelligent and piepossessing in his marinéis. He has been on the Mississippi for iho test ten yenrs. Himself, three brothers, and a nephew werc sold by the executor of an estáte for $r!.í.5') to a slave-trader in Louisvüle, named Garrison, He took them to New Orleans, chnined together, nvo and iwo. James had a wife, a fiee woman, who canie to the wharf to takc a last iarcwell ofhim, bringing four.of their children with her, and Ieaving the younsest athome in the eradle. Girrieon found the markc dull in New Orloans, nnd having sold the rest at a loss, he bronglit James back to Louisvllle. am make him overseerof his Slavc Pen, in which he kept liis chati els previous to embarkation. Bu James thought ho could be in beiter business, and having obtaincd leave to go to meeting, he concluded to extend his travels still furthcr. He arnved in this place without any molestalion, and having escaped from a land of Liberty and vinal Rights, he is doubttes3 now enjoying Frcedom under á monarchy. His wife died vhite he was gone to New Orlcans. His chilIren, being of the saine condition with their mother, are ree. James wishes his mnetcr to t.ike no more rouble concorning him, as ho likes liberty better inn tho situation of overseer :n his Pen. Bedes, he thinks his masrer was remaiknbly mean and cruel. We tried to convince him that he did his master great wrong in leaving him, having thereby defrauded him of $650 in cash, which had been paid lor him. We lurther assurcd him that there were thousanrls of his baptized breihren, many of them prominent ministers, who would hnndcuffhim in a moment, and scrid Iiim back to his master in chains, and veiily thing they wero doing God service. But he insisted fhat his right to himself was bclter tüan J.e rigl.t of ony other person coiü be. ,


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