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Watches To Be Cheapened

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The Loudon correspondent of the Journal of Comrr.eice gives the following account of an invcntion for making watehes by machincry: "Son;e discoverics for ihe more specdy manufacture of wutches hiive been, for some time past, occupying tlie oiieniion of scienttfic nnd wealthy men. and have at last been taken up by the great west-end fir;n of Howell & James, Regent street. Some gentleman has been devoting twenty years oí nis life lo ihá iiivcntioüs, whereby he is now enabled. ly a variely of machines, to construct an incrediblemimber of wr.tches, of every varity of éizëöj tiiadayii By one machine 300 periect plates can be prodvced in one d.iy; and by five mochines, also centre, ihird, and fourth wheelsr ciossed, polishcd. and cut. wiih balances for 300 movements. Byanotber, 800 pinioiisare cut and rounded; anoiher and.-iüs the holes, the tapping, screw-holcs, &c, planting the depths and escapements. Four other machines will make pivots ior 50 movemenis a day. Twenty otlier machines for every description of work connected with watch-making, make upjhe set. The best chronometer-makers in London. after having inEpectedthewholeof the machines, nnd scen them work. and carefully examined the producís, have declared (hat every pnrt produced by them is far superior to anytliing ihat has been. or can be, produced by oihor meaos at the present day."EPOur governracnt has made admirable provisión by hivv for a perpetual nianufaetory of drunkards in the Navy. Each person over twenty one yeara of age is furmÍ3hed duily with one gill of spirits - which is a gallon a tnoiuh. This to be 8ure, is a moderate allowance, but it is enough to put every one who uses it on the highroad to drunkenncss. But boy drunkards would noilouk well, and lest any one should become'an inebríale too'suddenily, it has proLiibited all persons undur twerity on e yea.?e of nge both officers and men, from recciv-ing rations of the liquor - presnming, wcsuppose, that they would not excrcise sufficient diszrelion in using the poison. The pirate who would lake up an escaping slave, would do any oihcr rascally deed - and the rnfigistratc who, now that it is well undersiood ho is not bound to act, would decide on the cl;iini of a slnve-holder and surrender to hitii his siáVe. would sell hU Snviour for less than thirtv


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