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The number of Abolition votes polled at the recent election in ihc state of „ v , Abülition. Total votes. ISew York, was 7,262 401 40 Mnssachusctts, 6,179 114'339 Michigan, about 1,500 say 45000 Oh'o, 5.403 260.088 ermont, 2,093 53,425 22,437 874,272 In these five States, which are the strongholds ot the Abohtiunists, their vote amounts to about 2h per cent of the whole number of votes. IQ the country at large not more than 1 per cent.- This is the result of some eight or ten years' hard work. And, what is more, the laborers appear to be greatly encouraged by their suecess.- Jour Coimncrce. Not quite so fast, gentlemen. ïïo Liberty nominations were made lili J840. We must of course begin small and grow larger. Our vote of ]340 compared with the present vote, nt th$ end of t wo years, stands nearly thus; 18401842. New York, Ö.ÊÓ3 7,262 Massachuselts, ],415 6 179 'Michigan, 323 about 2,1 00 Ohio, 603 5;403 Vermont, 319 2,093 New Hampshire, 111 3,K)0Maine, 194 5,200 Connecticut, 174 ] J03 Pennsylvania 343 say 1,000 Illinois 159 ],000 Indiana, 8ay g00 6.751 34,037 An increase for the next two years at the same rate will give us in 1844, more 'han J 63,000 Liberty votes. This wijl be the result of four years labor; and we consider it encouraging. Four years more like these would give us a vast majority in these States. As the Journal is calculating the amount of encouragement by figures, we might reckon the results of the elrctions so fnr afi they affect tha Whigs. Look at New York, Massachusetts, Michigan, Ohio, and Vermont. "In these five states, which are the otrongholds" of the Whigs, their votes have fallen off in two years, about 06.000! Other States have fallen off in about the mujc proportion. Should they progress at this rate for two years to come, where will they land? So far as their reckonings are calculated to give "encouragement," we say, give us the LinERTT Partt yetf


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