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We need not make a very long siory of the late j doingsof Congress. Both Houses adjourned ; over from Thursdny to Mondny, according to oncient custom, to give the presiding officera time to appoint the standing comrnittees. Mr. W. Johnson tried to get the one hour ■ rule repealed, but his resolution for its abolition ■ was luid on the tablc - nyes 116, naya 70. i The standing committees were chiefly the same f os at tho last session. Mr. Adams' resolution to resciend the Gag rule i after several discussions, on motion of Coat John1 son, was laidon the taWe-ayes 106, naya 102. EPRemember, reader, this was done in a Whis Congress.. with a Jarge Whig majority. Do ic not need a Liberty Partij? The various portions of the Message were referred to appropriato committees. Mr. Botts has tried to get up a question of privilege hecause J. C. Spencer wrote a letter in New York, bringing a charge ngainst some "Whig leaders," that, at the extra session of '41, they proposed to President Tyler, that if he would not dismiss the Harrison cabinet from office, they, (the Whigs) would postpone all furihor action upon the second bank bill. He did not succeed. But it shows the disposition of the "leading Whigs" to spend theirtime in party squabbles. Mr. Uaderwood renewed the motion, but unsuect tsfully. In the Senate, Mr. Benton's bill for the repeal of the Bankrupt law. was referred to the Judiciary committee. It is said that there ií not the least hope that law will survive the présent Congress. Jt is not probable that any national Bankrupt law will bc enacted hereafter. The Excheqner scheme is to be decidcd upon shortly. The indtcations are much against its success. ILTA writer írom Washington saya that the election of Chaplains to Congress is a subject of as much electioneering os if it were rcgularly a part of the "spoils." The present Chaplain of the Senate addressed letters to the Senators, be fore the commencement of the session, asking their support.


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