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I íie Bu.'wcrilM! míoims Uiers membccf Anj-SÍVoty Sbcíétícáj and nll persons vvfjo d; tire ío retid ic SJavery pdbJicntiorw that hiv'e iwiued í'rom the A maricón presa, that Jo Urna purchased alJ tíie books. pair.pjjlcts, tracis, print ele. lately bdqagíng to I he Amercan Anti-Siavcry Society, to about cilit thousand doilarí, ;it cid prices, wliich lie oíi;r3 for sale by lu's ncnt jn nny fii;inilyr al loto pricesfor ceta!: íiU. Samples vvill ie kopt nt hia office, cyriiet vi' Il.inover ana Kxctionge Btreeta, and .orders will be promtly atteuded lo. A catalogue of' the prinoijciJ publkutions is anexed, in-I the príces put üjraiiirjt th6m nre tUc prepent (reduced) retail pnces. By tiie Imndred or Urger quantity, liicy vvill be sold lovi - saj for bound volumes L j por cent, discount': , onpiimpldets, tracls a:id yiclurcr, 5ü poiccnt. discount. Wjtli respect lo of tlicm this 8 below the actual cost to me in cash. Tliev vrerenot purchaaed with i view to solí ata porfrt but fo subáerve the Aníi-S!avcry ennse, Su.'h au opportnnity has not previou&ly oceurred to obtain Anti-tílavery pubücations .ai. thee reduced prices, uud probnbly wi.'l not ngain. CUEditors of ncwdpnpcrd are reqúested to copy this ndvertÍ5Hncnt at length for Ihree monthp,aftd tíieir billa will 6e p.iid n bonky, etc. Please seiid a cqpy of :lie paper contñímntf tlie advertis-ment. LEVVÍS TAI'PAN. New Vork, ]íarch ist, 1842.DOUND VOLUMES. American Slavëry as it is, muslin 50 Anti-SIvcry Manual o0 Alíon Rióte, by prca. Bcechcr, of Ul.Coll" 12mo. 05 Alton Trinis 25 Anti-Skvery Record, voJs. 1, 2 ni:d 3 Fot 50 Appeol, by Airs. Cluld 37 j.2 Anti-Slnvery KxHrniner, bound vob. 50 Beauties of Philanlhropy 3. 1.3 Bourne's Picture of Slavery 50 Buxton on the Slave tnute' 50 I Cabinet of Frcedom Clarkson's history of the slave trade,) vo's. 1, 2 and 3 " eet 1,00 Chloe Spear 05 Channmcr "n Slavery 25 Duncan on Slavery 05 Eman. in the VV. 1. by Thome and Kimball "' muslin 50 1)0 by do jn boards with map 25 Enomies of Constilion discovcred 50 Fountain, plain binding, o4ido. 12 1-2 Gustavns Vassa r Grimke's Lrttere to Miás Beecher 37 1 2 Jay's Jnquiry 37 1-2: Jay's View 5n Liffht and Truth c0 Life of Granville Sharp "7íí! 5 MoU's Biosrraphical Sketches 37 j-t Wemoir of Rev. LemueJ Hanes 75 Do of Lovejoy (52 1-2 North Star, gdt edges 33 1 .Pennsylvnnia Hall 75 QuarterlyAnti-Slavcry RLitrüzine, 8vo. 1,00 Rnnkin's Letters, 13mo. 100 pp. 20 Right and wrong in Boston 2) Star of Freedom, tnnslin H 1-2 Slayery - containínrr Declara! ion of timentsand Consiitution of the Atner. A. S. Society: WesIey'sThoiigh: on Slavery : Does the Bibie sanction Slnvery? Adflross to the Synod of Kentucky, Narative of Amos Dressor, nnd Wliy work for the Slave? bound in uno vol. 25 Slave's Friend, 32mo. vola. 1, 2 and 3 set 50 Songs of the Free S3 1-3 Thompsons Reception in Great Britain, 12mo. op Tostimony of God ïganist Slavery, 18mo. 20 Wheaily, Phillis Memoir óf L;, ' West Indies, by Professor Hovcy f.9 West Indies, by lïarvey nnd Sturge 75 Wesley's Thonghts on Slavery, in muslin, with portrait 12 Io PAMPHLETS.Sets A. S. A!manucs3 from 1380 to 1841 inclusive 37 o Address to the Free People of Color ï Ancient Landmarks g Apology for Abolitionists 3 American Slavery r.a It Is- the Testimony ofa Thoimnd Wiinesseg 25 Address on Right of Petición Address to Senators and Representa tivea of the free States 1 Addrees on Slavery (Germnn) Address of Congrega! ional Union of Scotland j Addresa of National Convention (Comían) i Anti. Rep. of N. Y. Committpe of Vigilance 5!5 Do. of Masa. A. S. Society 12 1-2 Appeal to Women in the no.ninally free States 61.t Authentic Anecdotes on American Slavery Address to the Clmrch of Jesus Christ, by tlie Evangelteál Union A. S. Society, New York city. ' 4 Anti-S]avery Cntechiim, by Mrs. Child 0 1-4 Adams', J. Q,. Letters to nis Constilurijts 4 Adnms', J. Q. Speech on the Texas Quegtion ' je j.o Annual Report? of Am. A. S. Society, 3i} 4th, 5th and 6'h Io 1- Annual Rcports of N. Y. citv Lcdips' A . "S. Society g Appcal to the Christam Women of the South 3 Bible against Shwery (i Collection of Vakiable Documonts 6 1-1 Birney's Letters to the Ctiurches L Birney on Colonitation Z Chattel Principie-- á Sumraary of the New Testnment argument orí Slavery by Beriali Green 6 Chipman's Discourse g Char.ning'd Letters to Clay 6 Condition of Freo People of Color S Cranriull. Reuben, Trial of 6 Dissertation on Servitude 12 ] -2 Dckinson's Sermón „ g Does the Bible sanction Slavery? 1 Dec. of Sent. and Constitution of the Am. A. S. Society iDiscussion between Thompson and Brccknridgë 25 Dresser's Narrative 5 Extinguisher Extinguished Eltnore Correspondence C; do in sheets 4to. 2 Emnncipntion in West Indies Thorne and Kimball J2 l_o Emanciparon in West indies in 18S8 - S Preedom's Defenso 6 Garriáon's Address at Broadway Tabernacle 6 Guardian Genius of the Federal Union G Genei ous Planter Gillctt's Review of Bushnoll's Discourse 6 Iminediate, not Gradual Aboluion p.o Jay's Thoughts on the Duty of the Episcopal Church o Liberty, Ovo. 2í; do; 12mo 15 Morris's Speecli in answer to Clay 3 Mahan's Rev. John B. Trial in Kenfucky 2l-2 Martyr Age in America, by Harriet Martineau 6 Modern Expediency Considcred G Power of Congress over the District of Columbia q 2_4 Plea tbr the Slave, Nos. i, 2 and S 3 Proceediriji-s of f he Meetiiifir to form Broadway Tabernacle Anti-Sluvery Societi Pro-Slavery Hural Code of HaitíI R'iper, Aloses Narrative of a Fugitivo 2 ! RiíriitH ofC.-lotTd Meh 12 1 L j Kuyfs:f? Antiiíute g 1 jlji and VVroog in Hoeton jj 1-2 1 Slavery Rlivme.s j ladft'ti Speoch in CongroHK in 1338 íáinith'ti Gorrilt Lcitcrjo Ju. Smjlie ■ 6 I Do. Ltíttertn Hcmy CJny 6 b]uvefio!(,:ngl]vamb!y SiBñ)l, ffialdm m Fe' G Sotnhard's Mnnual i y tur of Prcedom . Scliniuckrjr nuil Stnith's Letters c S!avoho!rlcr'K Pruyer ] yiavchoJuiíijr VVeíghed :; Hlavery n Ainemca (Loiidon); do. (Gerin.nv) g T!ie ?.1i'.vtyr, Uy Doria!) Green I'frihgsfur iVorJ(Oii) Sfeii to do Vion's oí' Cuioniziitiou, by Rev. J. Nourse Viouv of Slr.vcry and Knmncipation, bv Miss íiíari.ineat) q Weslcyan Anü-SJnvery Ifeview j) War in 'iW-as, by J3c.,j.-,min Lindy ;; VVhy wcrk Tcr tho Slavc j Won'a Address on West India Emoncipatu-n 4 Til ACTS. No. 1. 8b Domiarro, No. s.Ciu-to, No. S, Gofonizntinn.ho. 4, Moral Condihon ofthe SJave, ft o. 5, Wht i& Abolilion? No. G.The Ten Conim-tudinents. ÍNo.TDangerand Siifrty, jNo. 3, i'ro-Siavery Bililp, Lo. 9, IJiTJn,lee against Color. Ao. 10, ISIortheni bowlers in Slaves, Ao. 11, Slnvcry and Mise:ons rn, , 12 ?'': ?W feectureon Sl.iverv. rheabove l'nirls arp sold al l ccnleach " PRINTS, ktc. I1IlfoM-il0S rt!j Anti-Slavt'ry Ahnanac The Emnncipafed Family oV Slnve Murket of Ami.Tica . Correvsjjoiidence betweeu O'Connel and Stcvönson g Do. do. Cl„y and Cnlhoun 12 ï-2 Pitnters PictnrcGr.lif.ry Leí tor paper, tamped v;th p,nt of Love; fheet i1 Do. Wth KneëKtijj Slavc sheet i Fuyer lor SJhvé wiïB iMusic, on cards i-2 Potnnt of Gcrrit Smith - 50 In additiölïj are the folJpwing, the procced dPJhicI) ill -.o mo the Mendian fond. Argument ofdh J. Q. Adams in ihe case of the Amistad Africana 05 Aifument of Koger ÍS. Bahvin, E,q. 1 1 Trifll oí' ( le Cnplives of tho Amistad " ( cojjrnsional Document tclniincr l0 d0 6 Porlrait of CHnquez ö , n„ Warchtíd, Ï842. JThreshing Machines. nrUlE undcrtf'gbèd vouKíinfWm diopWi tfem ,1. , he líorfe adgL Kris late inventioii bv K W ï eer :a:u i, „ule.Jly kuperior to any oíiier ?; '" "i : ;ü -e r'1;1 have Md SwnJ coHyywa, bjarpd togctber with ihc er.üin qotnJíitín vraggón box. njjxj draj or p. out oí rep; ns nny bther iiors,. Mwni work fta o;;,y anU lhrash ,s tmich w ,; Lï iï!Tsv' L18; appe;tr írom t!ie "Mfejh-iíi li.L-s.M.srril.cis ,.-;:i í ,;,!r,llT U) ,:;te. ,,. ter, and th'at mn or ., bfl4m were ei, her ÍS tq .bc ,;i;ienn:;y (!i; , reu ftom tbosc mafte nnd dëdded y lrirtciña to tbc luLihy of t „.achine. ni uso, na lu-y ,nade i,. haS boen cóndcmnX laid asidens a tmd niacliiuc. All w!ü wiali (,, biiy aro nvited lo examine (hen nnd to enquire of tJu.e wHo have uid jSSS The prico wili bii f0 íof a fo ir ho.-so powcr wnh .hrnshmcr mnebin,., wth a stave I Sen ' ímr cy ndH nnd si.-.,, (l.r , ,)orsc o - . , e tbra?h:g „Kichmr with an iron bar cvlrhdér fbe nentíín ofthcreadür is invited to the followmg rocüiiiir.c-mlations. Scb;Apnloo.]sSyPSTKR&CaJi :■' OMMEXDA TI ONS. This re to eerrify tint v.-o have user! one of S W. l-oatera ncwly invcn-cd Horse Powcr.s for jbm üvc ,ü,ul. narl threshod wiil, ,t óbdS o-jO b,:,:u!S and beljeve it is conetructed on bcticr prinnphs thnn nny uther Horáe Power - One „I the nJfiiwgnqiWiO3 owned and usedeilhl rhorvifl ihtash f3 muéfi „ub ,h8 lw„ Tí. CASE.Scio. Jnnuary, 1?. IP4?. ;!E8ia lo inionh thopunlicthat I hr.vo purchns ed, and havo iiy.v fo „?(.. Ollt) oflhe ]!orfre p _ era rcco.uly inverned hy S W. Foster, mdo by S. VV. Fostpr, &;Go nnd helieve it be construct ed upon beuor principf anti requires itój 5 -.i, „ than any other power witJ, whicli 1 a:n acaamted. "WEEKS Mount Ciernen Sept. R', 12.{ ThiS is tú i„fo„n the public that"l hnve pnrehoscd oneof i!e Horsa Pcv.-e.s, rccently nvented by S. VV. Fo3ter, nnd usl t for a number of months" qml beacve it s tho best power in use. wkfn w h lesVftrength ofjioiw, than any o.her power Tl.e plan and iHS vorkimr of thife poWe' ]nv, &ixsríS[approvod ofby fcrmers für iiomnrïi vr"'l.lbST'l'rra "lktí V(!r-V ood SMUT ÍÚ- OHINE.-. fe-hfefr they will sell for 60. Thia DMhine wm invcnted by ono of the subscr!!ors wlio hnshnr! nnny ycir'scxperiencein the milling businesa. ■ Wo invite tliosc who wwh to buy n íioorj mácame Tor a Tair price to buy of ..s. It is KS i5o 'ïo tm moat of th0 machinC8 that cost h $g' STER & Woolcn StëanufacforyilwreB, or (ur pr.y by ïho ynrd, ou raienmll inli ;mii lecl r.:!.it:rr. ; .;.[ ïVOfk Will be Wei. done, 'i'hcy thcrèfore rcspectfolly osk t-shuje framthose . ; al' m -me iKüuT;:y. Wool nwy' I 11 Clü Mllü:;C. 9i V. FO&TÈft & C. Scio, April 19. 1843.Peters piüs. . "ïla fun theysay to get wil; wiih tlcm AliE mftrttërrid rhrbt$olit tlieir u-i de and i-rmense circulation Ui ; ever i-v ihn1 ,.,.„_ tinne to Imy . lls'aréTpu! etable; th.-y wó'fk n . nor c'u ii,cy pro■ cure all tliseascs, hccaUse iliey . coTfrpouiJd of II rVgbla'r physicinn, who has ronde his pTofcssioh the aifify oí hs íife. Dí Pettífs is a gradúate of Yald Colli ■ e. }eb o!" tlié Cbliegï, r.n.l h i iiiíeWftt'afétJnaishiea Wiii?élfi'i8 n hin'n oi h?dgeiiiua ompng the íarrftly'of the Int. telers: J'ttc-rs' Véeëiablc i illsnre "fiijrijjle iii their preparación, mfld m tlifelr actio'n, in !licir-opernti6i3,8nJ'ijhriválIed n ilvcir roíu'us - i lio lowiiniscl country aro aiiíTe fiííed Vh Pídase. _ The palactí ;;-id t1i n or hou=o ál kè bc.ío wjtíi ihmr viraics. Jh ai! cjini&ics líicy wül íetnni thoír y#bndefíul ptíwérs ;md oxeri t lem lüKÜ'.cicJ l,y ogo or ;,ituiton. oíd ilrs (lie vetee oí a gratclul cjinnmnUy proclüimod - Polera hif.s prevenl-ííceji ff (i&cnses , used. r.nd Imve no rlvnl tfi ciiriug. uuague.uyEpepsm, liver cj:i)p!imrs.gruiii. Sick Iicidache, jaundice, wlhina,dfops.v. ttsm, fnliiL'e,,:ciHof(!ia i-ploon. niies.'coiie femnleobsmicnon. henrt burn. funnd longue, nnu- i. d stcmion of the stonwch nndbowek rneíyi'eW diaïflKea, flmdonere, habitutij ctfnétivèneL Usaol nppcti:c, Wochèrdjor éfffloiv cbriipl and mnIJcnscs ofiorpnr of the boweis, wherê aciilnrücor a;iorienr is fïidtóaied. pródilcittï "(Mü.cr i,r.usen, griping nor débility:and tve id pent .-.II who hUy il.ern continue to (ry ihom ■' i 'i" .'ost triuniphant succpss lms vut ntren!■-■.. tncir use and .enoutrli is nYready Rijfowii of iktpf tö ihiórlalÍKc ond hand tbom JÖVnto pos' ieniy wnn the nnpiovonenis ofthc p.go in mèd ical BCKiioe. Dr. Peters wns bred to tLe henlmgnrt;nnJ in order lo supply demand.8, "he has originated nivl cnlled io his aid the onlv stonta privèa maclñnerj in the worid for pil] w ■ and i;s pjocöss i.D.onrts to i esseuii.-il vjrluè, bfca'i byf:being perfectk wróught, all the piüs' hiíTden vihue is veve-.led whtn cnilpd in;o iu::it;R. andhere alaó t is Puteis illlhc !oiil nnd takes .-:]I the preiuiuj mcdn.s and dmiomcs. gp qlctir the trac: for tlio hngine- Peters' riüsoru comh;- a miUTon'óf witness. v,;:-i . -,v hehvMl fQr i],em_ rcsislk-Es - oo y.,u )i,nr ih;..t! vhils a h'osi can festífy ihat tbey bcücvo ihey ows tbetr éiïi&tïon Irom dispnse anddpadi to Peters' I'il!, ni-.d if cnlbtncl am,kn vos are setting pm;ialiy mto diauso we are only nüstnktH.nbyresH-em. of Michigan, by your 3 k.iywn . .at lio poonle sfiij Rn Ve Pè,W Pilis, fc;:VüllW1'et?s:oii:::c)i;''' rnee ..j or 50 cents pj . TJ)e i;esÍ6ilssroi _;;u.:,. ,,,. ""ke p-ït'ietorè-tio pó'; iust3 w I incJ !!:roL.;-:.. : . ihcir '?np.ay in , ,,..,:„ [suftcrintf .iinjïcr tbe usn-..] rectcilhy thc.laWspf,n9Íre, t! , -, i,u-vvelyct Qfteek, ,:: t:,,niri. thcr acüón on ,;iC chIe, L q. eu lar; n (.'elipajesitiiaMonsnlw; .,.,ver r!., -; nccncc, and take iil jjn twn or ïhree al a 'n ■ : ' ■ n abortón; whicliráfaitiofiSe. t;a rtuerestorn.iiofl of her henuty x!l0) wun ?;'crs Pills,ror thcy c,;;ee tbc Mod in cours' asJipipTd and gemle thrqugh lUe vcii.s pS o rrounLnvf ' " r4 '!,'B ct)"Iino" ioae', hënco the p.i'.iciu 13 not ccinpelicd to rnko a i:c;:!.TilOliïiLE IN í'LUTíVS CAMP. Hopsd Cl.JPhMomreto.Xcv. WOThpifMenJiad oí hïs PUI Engiife'fli worte ) ' " I68' Í co"ur!issior ''e Iwnr glosa :,i( i Ilm-c át'í) dcliver thon, all up o y0!,_ I RáYe been ior ihreá y;ears ih a tenfblc st. w, " "Ü fíivl0'1'1 k'"JW V''a " eanl1 J'a'm tu Mt fea n!"ilp, (I T .o ,o„lplain. bula t.anal tTew orkvv, one TETKilS by name; ;ƒ Tho,i;r,;.i;,,,y;i.;,. ;., lhU w;lrorinr!I.,uL Are écjuetl by tfiúi lIVs, wh.t help ca wc I woukl yuM iu-m 8 Yol.;.r raí f i])cie he woil!;l slny; But, sir; Peters will have the jylidie vo,M r„r Ilis JVhüe ! musingin oognril whW conrso to pu.sue VtóKipgql tenors lookcü p while. . As tho.ugl) liis soul wa tur cl to biie, At il.nt pfjlls, jiyal] man knnwn íiKpoteis' j?üs, i hese Vúh oí IVteP-stop the slauglucr: And !(!;!V(..S iha-jHoo qs pp_ré 'as water. ' ow l'ciers .nnkes, Ca hecd h'jm ray. i' ive hundrcil tliousánti piüs a J.i y; ' So llmt ilic oh:nice js ti-.y snuill O; pcopie dyinií thero at'üli: gor,soon il,e cheeks, sa ii.&riscd fordoom ■eni iikc any roso to bloom.L&!f hsrel r.irwlvjtri, oonfinvt to bvy them Forsole ns fbllow?, by.Jfcisre, Beaph& Abel G. Cm-nvil to F. J R Car,,. Máyrtl. & cS Í8E3Í?ÍArbn: F Co-, and J. Miilc rd & Sop, Dexter, Wj,t. A. L. Shi Lrnn; J C. W.nans, Sylvan, Öa L & SiiiU GrassLakc-; W. Jackson. L3: D. T ' ma, Jackson; M. A. SLue,..,n!:or. MiSS," Centre; J]rotherSo,r & Co.. L. K fief ' & G?í ot b ; tono. Mócete ft Co., .nd JnH, Vi, v - iin,, 'fW:"f 'e"11 Dn U"vood. Adror.; Lh„,,J.v„; Smi;h.& Co.,..JoneaviJ!c; L. M n?' í2lsÍ8?r0l1 nlmosí ?Sy "íwe ei. J 3T yTO COUNTRY MERCHANTE AND THE PUBLIC GEJVERALLY. mHE subscribor has en han.] and offers for iSUSPtn rntC;è;' 'd]rirSO-Md generala. Vart, sK, pve Stuift, &c, .c, with evêrv ardemthMDrun- ,.nd Pn,„t lï„„.f JW ij requesfèd, fclorepu'chasingefséhtVe, to cnll al wu , , UlllE TKLLER'S, Wholcsnlo andRetnil Dftt&ist rfe Jeppi-son _Avenue. sig„ oftheGüt Cortar, Detroit SfjAOFELLFJíWrLMTDECEAJ-i U',D fótico is hore hy veo thot the underfilLïno, bas beft nppoinféa hy thé II n ííní: f ril W odmimstmtor on the esiale of Ellen W.lmo.t, hte of Saline in said Coun,y, Md hasgiwn bondsnccordinpto law - AH persons imvMdemnnds .iinst said eateteare rt-quoeted te .present thèm Tor adjustment, aad ill persons indebted tosnid estáte are requestêcl lo niake paynient without dol.iy. ISRAEL WILLIAMS. , Ann AthoT, June 3, 1942. Ï26w


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