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To Families & Invalids

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The foDoivMig incïispensabte iamily remedies maybe fpnad at the yillage. dcng filotes, nnd soon at.cvcry country store iu the state! Iïemember and ncver set them unless they have ie facsimile signuture of &ÍVtoátHjL on tbo wrnppers, as all others by the earno ñames are base impositicia and counterfcits. Ii t!ie merchant neaiest you has them not urge him to procuro ibem út 71 Maiden-lano. the ncxr time he visiö New York, or to write for them No family shovldbeaweckwitwnt these remedid. ■ BALM OF COLUMB! A.ï'OR TUE ÏTAIR, , which wiil stop it.if falling out, or restore it on bald ! place; and on childrcn mnkc it grow rapidly, or on ; thoae who have lost the hair frpm any cause. ALL VlSimiN that in fes t the hoads ofchildren : in schools, are prevemed or killed by it at, or never try it. licmember tlis atways. RHEUMATISM, and ' {ffi-fffiTgSj i positivelycurcd, and all shrivellcd muscles and limbs atereatored, in the old or young, by the Indian Vwetablk Er,rxin and Nekve and Bohe Li.mmENT-_ butnevcr without the name of Comstock & Co. on it. are wholly prevented, or governed if tKe áttáck has come on, if you use the only traoHAVs'LrN'i:,1E.vT,from and every thing reüeved by it that admits of an out. ward applicaöprj. It acta likc a charni. Use it.' - - HORSES that have Ring-Boné, Spavin Wind-Galls, &.c, aro cured by Roofs' Specific ; and JtOUndered horees entirely cured by Roois1 Sounder Ointment. Mark this, all horsemen.Ualley's Magtfcal Pain 23-tractor Salve.- Tho most eartöriüriaïy remedyever inventad for all new or old and sores, and oregQjagj has deüghted thousands. It will toko out all pain in ten minutes, and no failure. It will cure the f SfijisKjï LIN'S SPREADPLASTERS. A butter and moro nice and nscíul article never was made. All should wesr them regularly. ' on üic principie of subsritutin the ipnic m place 9}, i iho stimulant principie, wuich has rcionncd co many drunkards. To be used with LIN'S ÉSlggg PILLS, superior to all others for cleaneing the system and the humors affect. ; ing tho blood, and for all irregularities cf the böwels, and the general health.áj a, -, : [See Dr. Lin's sig. $ V.'V., nature, thus :] -aBto" - - tr ; DR SPOHN'S HEADACHE REMEDY kij '! !ÜÜLCUre LÍCk headacho' cit!iCr fom tho 3 9r hiüous. Ilundreds of families aro DR.SPCH.N'S ELIXIROF HEALTH,for the certain prevention offgaB 3 or any general sickness ; keeping tha siomach in most per. fect order, the bowels regular, and a determination o pains in the boncs, hoarseness, andfegLSg8S3 are quickly cured by it. Know t!,is by tryin. "' -c ■' CORNS.- The French Piaster te a surc clIre. hair any shade you wish', but wiil not color the skii SARSAPABILLA. comstock-s com. POUND EXTRACT. There is no other preparation of Sarsaparilla that can excecd or equaj this. If you are sure to get Co;,istocíí's, yon wiü fmd it superior to all others. It does not require puffing. -, CELESTIAL BALMUP LHIiNA. Apositive cure for the püea, and aE esternal ailings- all internal irritations brought to the surfaco by friction with this Balm ;- so in coughs, ewclled orsorc throat, tightness of the chest, this Balm applied on a flanncl will relieve and cure at once- Fresh wounds or old sores are rapklly cured by it. ' taken in time, and is a delightful remedy,. Hom, ber the name, and get Comsiotk's. KOLMSTOCK'S VEBMFD8E j eradicato all ÍÜS n cmldren or aduta with a cerlaiuty quite astoniahing. It fa the same na that made by Fahncstock, and sella with a rupidity almost incrcdible, by Com$iock $ Co., Now York. TÖOTH DR0?S."1S_cure eiTectually. By applywg to our agente in each ton and I "iliage, papers may be had free, showing the most ! rx oectablo names in the country for these facts, so tha. no one pan fail to believe them. ffrUc sure you cali for our articlcs, and not be pnt clT wrth any stories, that otheis are as good. HAVE THESE OR NONE, should be yoar motto-a„d these never can be tme and gemint : tmthoutour names to them. All these articles to be ! had Wholesale and retail only of us. {fy%lfycííft$C Wholesak, Druggists, 1 Maiden-Lane, New York, and of our agente. Wm, S. &, J. W. M.ynr.r,!; Aeatsj Ann Arb.r !


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