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KOL MANS, tbd !)c;id of .-;ii re : - '' inch da..■ - .; out - SptaiiTS - J r,ii i i; ('i-cts-os iii! (uniours - re miers stiiF joint? ; li;ni.:i l.y piodiicuig a JicMitiiy uiuscnlnr nction j .-it liisuagfis ptiiis in Jjoils ntid Aiei 1 Nojlni!" aqucli i; ia Kv.-f'lcd ,-inci riöairiëll I . f .-ippiiti] in carly sta ge y preveríii supperalion or matter forming, and givcè.ÏTi all immediafe eáee from pwn. Ceniiic;;[es ui .snry. 'i'l-8 renuMly is oiïcrcd IQ tlic Public wiih ihc U asiiirmicn tlmtit lar cxfels tlic Ofxuk-i!oo?, ■■nó Lniimenis of the ncsim dny, ibr llic above .;. A tÚQJ only wnatf.iL ( i:eit i]jc i.icicica piijfereiKiG to qveiy iliinp ei.-e. Manj :is ot ciiiiufiiico Jiavc uticd llusoii ■ '■! "■:! Ja {{f nu-ii;p. ,,.) 'i'ho nbove oiiiiiiini'. is iot sn!c yhl&snle i nd 'y L. 13LCKLEY.' ;i i) AiLor. lovn) Jpjie JCili, l4y O TO PíIYSÍCrAXS AND COUNTitT" MERCÍIANTS. f . jpIlEsi!.-onl or invite lheaUoj)tion oí PJiy -ti. íiciíins and Country Mercliants, to liis present e,ck of Pn,' Medicines, Painu, Um Ifeq („nis, Varnish, BrdshoP, Sec. fac. cojMprtfog ouc of the Jargest and fuliestassortmööte brouííiu ío HA tüum ry. L, fais present ÏOO S.ilph. Quitiijie, siijjorior French aml )''n]i.-!i, SOÓzTSblpÍ!. Slprplija, 10 oz. Acct. do 0 rz. Carpeiuer'a WMertU's Extract o B 1 bM. P'owo'credP.Jmbfir!), V 1 Chest KhuÏKirb lioot, 1 bbl. PowderfitI .Tahn?, 50 bn. Culiimol, S casks Epsotn BuJts, lks'FftH and Winter etrained Sperm 40 boxes Sporto Candlës, 2D0O bs. Whire, clrvand ground, 4casks Liftseëa O!, Defiït!! %%?!&&. "nd Stoffc G'oW, i?,7ir tacf Ttn oi P(,m,„. WVrf, Porcelain Tcelh. A general afsprünént of Patent Mpdjcines, all of wfiiqf jjlJ! be soldon the most reasonable temis. _ PIÍÉRRE TELLER. 1.39 Jefferson Avenue, si?n ofthe Gilt yiHTch 1SMortar, Detroit.A_ VAiLOJtLVG BUSINESS ! M. NOBLE, v.-ould respectfuilv infería the fi.M oí Anti Arhurnnd ts vicinity. thnt clf '"■■" ■ p in theLower Town. i„1P,e. .a;iu:ly over the late mercaiuile stanJ trf Lund & i, and upijpaite ihe t-iorc of J. Becklwr & ."■ . v.' hre hf? is )repnrcd at all times (o do wori; PiMtóiiltf aitentioo will b'e paid to cutting gar. Kkce-,wjJJ betukcu at the u,uai pri - 1.0R. These Whoh!. :r services ol t&ts kind, re particui.iuy mvitetl to cali. -puiutuAjm Arbor. April 27: J3-Í3. tf TÖS püi !:as not only been nsed by niyee!;, brut by a mmiber of Phvsicians of in-h 8tiHlÖtnL büth in ihis and other" States, to gfai ;;■... ' , .By.l]-'rcpeatedsoüciintionpof mv ,.I have ?Qnsen(ed 10 .o.'ïer ;lu-m to the pubhc as a ÁiCoM effióröfa retñedy for all those taUious dise:ifiens Origiawing in a rew coun-THe n!;avc piÜ is ior mU hclenlo hnd rétèa ' 7j L. BKCKLEY - _112ILlIZIZl_L!l:lf r ron) -T''"Q lörli 184. f)TO CLOTHIERS. . TlHE subscribcr is jugi k receipt uï" a íurther supply öjf CJolhier'è tocfc, consist mg of MAClifNE QAK&S of tr ■„ desc'ri 5M jm. Vi TINFT ... !;'..:v. fetén, .v,, i ■rpx'n'p SSfS ' VCry bCSt S-th'and Theo moda (connn? , ,icy ti0 direct frorn r is enabici ;o eeíl Inwci- thnn nrty nih&r Hbtïsè ■a.-; ..f , vur. ]t thnroioro solr-i-.s the niitruion of firri.R inthe c-oAiig Imanes,. t(, jhWHHOMSHi affaia s;oc!; cöa beTorë going si or purciinByiL e!Kc ! pjkriík ti:í.ler, ' bpi.!e )d ]ïe:rn: Pniggi.8 1.10 Jt-fTcrson _ Avenuo, sigqf tke Gilt Montar, Detroit. "R"1 S,?P JA?ññ LAVTON "S -A-i CKASEp.-Todce is lierrbv mven thm SÜrT"1 ,h7 provpli iin 1 ' tl;o! J:i"''b wion, deceased, and have ken lct:f3 thercon and h vc dehtod roid estatë nre roquestcd to „ay. ment wnh-.nt .lolay. an,l n!l persons havin4l,K ágwíiaísaíd es:ate nre reood to prewn tho ?SSt! SubMnbe'-s w' auU,un!icS; for GKORCE E. LAWTON ' 1:üc(I, Ann Arbor. .Iny 7. lP4g. . gm I - : ■ - 'TUMFJEUANC HOTEL, (cOBNER OV mcIHGAN AV WAStitNöTQS AÏK.VüE HETKOIT.) qpHE abovc ITouso is p!epsanfl siniTiè 4. th-, C ,,mul Ro.lmr.c! DrPot; anl is now u .I J.hreprJrs. Te roo ir e a . ! '■■ and Beda i%all néW, and ,lie Tahn . I hcsupphc! wff'h iho chofcest of the mnrkc hem w„h ihrjr custoyn, thaí ,U pains shÏÏlb r SnrnVC)' 'engors to and from the nici iieo of oxperise; Detroit, Apri'r,. ..,,„,, vi,!fr)y twocèms Ann Ariiojpriigrg.8 & fj _ NEW GÖÖDsTi tf DENTSON h..s jast reéSved n complefc Tato ?St?n?;G?o5 groceries barrels, for salo at the Ipiratfófifcéa bv-- = ■- MM- BW R-; WALKER respectfuliy informa hit O inends and the public ,', general thhasrecently commenced bus:ness; in tho' taiïo mg Imc,oe daoreasi ofjlower's dy Koodsstoier where be :s prepared t0 execute ordos in tho nontost and most fasbjonqjblg style. Giirmcnts wül l,c made to order, n strict con fornnty with the present nncl b!r'p "1C day' aiKl wurrailte'l' to fu orno Ludics' Ridiiiff ïiahjVs uiaiiè ín the latcst ]ew lorlc or i'hiladpphia fnshions. l'Viends. or Quakers1 gnrments wiil be mado111 ';■ lid pkiuiest Biylo. Cultins.don.o at elioricst n'o'ice. All luuiJs of Mihiaiy Uniform and undress co:it3iind pantaloons. made ocreeable to tre present nii.itary or regiraeètal order. J. R. WALKKR. Ann Arbor, July í?5th, JSi. nl43m. IUM3CR cons'.amly on heqd nd fpr fiale -f ]y,n ..' F. DEKISON. June 10, 1S-12. tf P ARRON'S PHEARING MACHINES' -i - Jna.. il. Eaton & Co. J 38. JefferWSS aëems nhcsc voï kJ Ihio. II. Laton & Co., IS, icfferpoi Avr=nue, ..fier for aio I.-,rSc ock of SauS W6, irom the NèW York milis. Theso Warpeare coomdered supcior to any othqr ir, the country, and wijl be soid, lor caeh.'at a .snmll !i_QVnnco ' 128w WoOl CaicSIjag asad" CIoST Hi'esslBBg". 'X'JIE SuL-scribcrs rcspcettully announce to the ciuy.ciis Ann Arbor and vicinity, that thev are prepnred to card wóói and dreas clóth for en? tomem, itfthe best style, and at the „hortea't no nee. Hoving goód machinery, experienced workmen, n the business, tl-ev hav Ann A,hor; April, ;KLEY&C"Me ïrajj of ijxfnftmö E2fn forrot." têmperance housjp, AND BOTANIC MEDICAL STORF, Wit_ Hot aad Coïd Satba Op. JT. T WH_SOIY; East end of 2,ïaïn Street. Jackson, 'jÊfich.Hiver Haisia OTITÜTE. mr-IIS lnstitution is located in the town ef JL Rn:sin, nenr the north bank of the bautiful nver whose name n bears, one nule enst of th direct rond from Teciiiüseh lo. Adrián. This eügibie site haa betn eleeted . for iu quiet eeclusion. lite fertilfty and devatio of its L0)1. its pure and hr.akhfulatmotiphére.andplww. am scenery. Koo.xs - Thero ore now on the premiaea tuitKü roonis ior the accommodaiion oí íbrty tu. dents; which are (ieaigned to ba occupid for prvatestudyarid lodging. Other nece98ary built}. mg areprovidfd for recitRtions and bcardintr EXPjEKöES. Tnition per Teim f eleven vvecke, 4 00 Board ;' with 4 hours work wch wek, ?'j,7 Room Ren;, L4 Jhcidtntai, 5q ""1, 32,95 Thcre xvU be dn additiona! charge of one dollar for these pursuinp the higher branchei ai Phibsophy, Algebra, Geoirr-uj, Aslronomy, &C.' j For Cncinisüy, Latin, or Greek aa dditioa of two dollars will be made. Scholars re petOd to provk'e themselve3 with what fumitur they will need iu their roorr.3, also, with lights, ful, and washing- none wiii horeafter board them selw i. BilU to bc sutkin advnncc. The schoo(l ia upen io ali ipplicants oí lítuble 'ge and moral chnracier irrespective of eemvUzion or eomüüor:. (Er The. sccÓná term nfihis summtr mll tommence Wedjicèdaijjuty 2(Jtk. Il is very dcsirable ihat all who design to oí tend the school, shquld be on the grountl- have tnoirlnüssettled, nnd their rooma prpred, beoi e the first day of ihe Term. Any tnher in ormationcanbecbtainednt the Institu. tion, o( by addrepsing, postpr,id: J. S. Dixo.v, Principal, Rnis;n. Lennwee Co. Mich. Iiaiain, May ]!),h. 1S4'. nñ- 9mI N.Y. CHEAP STORE. Bortmem of DRY GOODS nhorfijffrT the time for people (o biiy goode if thev S■■iJi;4 U ULiPfi -e rrEl S UMBRELLAS SJLKS; MUSLTN DE LANFS ' ALA PJ NES, MERINO TAGLIONír Jlü B ROY and BROCH E A do SniUTJNGS, TfCICINGS CRAvÁrs ' cot7;onijatiVnjh'dkps AMS' ii oe s.Tia at u holesnie or retail. f--■ öUKUhON.- House and Ofilce. a fw Ann Aibor April 20th, 18J2. ;,;, afdSês ' wrmed: oIso Black ana qna Asne$. p T17Vr5nv Sé.ii. 34, UA2. f" S


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