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Poetry: Prayer For The Slave

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Almighty God, thou Giver Of all our sunny plains, That stretch from sea to river, Hear'st thou thy children's chains? Seest thou the snapper'd lashes That daily sting, afresh? Seest thou the cowskin's gashes, Cut through the quivering flesh? Seest thou the sores, that rankle, Licked by no pitying dog, Where, round the bondman's ankle, They've riveted a clog? Hear'st thou the curse he mutters? Seest thou his flashing eye, Hear'st thou the prayer r he utters, That thou would'st let him die? God of the poor and friendless, Shall this unequalled wrong, This agony. be endless? How long, O Lord, how long Shall man set, on his brother, The iron heel of sin; The Holy Ghost to smother - To crush the God within! Call out, O God, thy Iegions- The hosts of love and light! Ev'n in the blasted regions, That Slavery wraps in night, Some of thine own anointed Shall catch the welcome call, And at the hour appointed, Go battle for the thrall. Let press, let pulpit thunder, In all slave-holders' ears, Till they disgorge the plunder They've garnered up, for years; Till Mississippi's Valley, Till Carolina's coast, Round Freedom's standard rally, A vast , a ransomed host. -From The Herald of Freedom