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Amount Of Salt Of The Ocean

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Iiukcwcll estímales the nverage amount of sak in ihe occiin at two and a half per cent. Frorn computa tiojfls based tipop the amuunt ot the tules it is highly probuble that the Allnñtic and Tuci ie Oceans are, in their central porti, not les than nine or ten miles in depth. Were we t place the average depih of the ocean it fiv miles, it would doubiless be a moderate estímate ín superficial exlent ii covers fuü three iifths o the eanh's surlace. Assuming, tlien. five milc as the average riepih of the Oêe;m. and two anc a half per cent. as the average ntnount of sal contained in it, Were the waters entirely evaporBftéd, the saline residue woul I form ast-ntum o Balt more than five hundred feet in thickness covering three-fifths oi the surface of il.e globe It' then this mass of aalt were eveiily spread ove the nmount of land on the enrih's surface, i would cover t to the dept of 270 feet. But not more tuan one-fifth of the eanh's surface is habitable. Were, then. the sak contained in the oeean spread over all the hahitnble pnrts öf the globe, it would cover ihem to the depth of'föQO feet, orsomeihing more than a quarier of a mile. Let ustrv nnoiher mode of illustration. The superficies o! our planet is calcuiatsd to contain about 1(50 müüons of square miles. The territoryofthe United States may be estiaiated in round numbers at two millions of square miles, orone-nmetecnth of t!ie habitable surface of the globe: say, in rouiid number?, one-twentieih. - Were the sak of the Ocean, therelore; evenly spread over the entirc surlace of the United States trom the Atlanuc to the Parirle-, and from the Gulf of Mexico to IJritish America, it would cover it to the depth of 3).0(K) feet: erbetween 5 and 6 milef. I3ut were on!y-tliatj a t which is now bid out into Stnres and reducèd tocultivation, thus covered, the depfh wou!d be nearly twelve mües. Once inore. The State of Ohio contains about 4Ü,(R)0 square miles, or one-filtieth óf the emire territory of the United Siate. Let us. then, suppose all this snit collected into a pyramid coveiini; the entire State of Ohio, or iis equivalent, that is, an e.xtcnt of terl'itory 2üt) miles squnre; the pyrnmid of sak would shoot is crystal hcod 855 miles intö the blue expnnse. leaviiig the clouds about its very bnse glitterini; in eterna! sunshine. ntid visible al the distance o!


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