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Soft Words And Hard Arguments: For The Signal Of Liberty

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Messrs. Editors: - Pernút me once more to ccupy n portion n ihe columns of the Signal. not lo defcMti the posilion the editors have givcn me before the public, but to deferid tho position 1 myself assumed respectinfj (lie marinèr of tlie treatment of the slaveholtler to convince liim oí the sinfulncss of' slave hoiding. In the nnswer to my communication a Jarge amount if editorial ammunition isspentin fig'.iting a bugbcar conjurcd up by the cditor3Ovnagination. awny, Messrs. Ktliiois. Blow bim sky liitcli! But seriniis'y, gentlemen could yuii uppose ih;i; rvcn a "junior son ut' üic JM. E. Church" shquld !c 30 lust to tliu du.-ircst merepts ƒ Ohiistiaiiity as 10 "prOpóso" a cauris like t'm ? The Kiüiors s-ay "Mr. S. prcposfeV ':to let ib.o s!;ivj holdur jilanc." Mr. S. proposes 110 such (liin. He snys {:Our war should be wiíli sinvery os a systom, not wiih the slavehotdor." by wliich noiliing more in jueticc can bc infened tlian is expressed by tlio Peet, ;iTo lintc iho win w'uh nll ihe heart, Andyei the 6Ínnor luvc" ]u having a war with men. wo place ourselvcs in the lii;lit of encmie?. and place it beyond our power 10 do tlicii) g u)d. Tlie reader will perceive a vast di:l'orence, between trenting men with that candor and respect whicii will lead them to regard ua as friends to them and their nul interest, oud th;it hmglify ovurlcaring course, accompnnicd with liarsh and roproichful lancuage wliich repuls confidencc and leds to opposition.Over drnwn pictnres, nn;l a coloiing of facts may serve t ifiaafloct the less inionned nnd lead tii secossion from ihe Clnuch, but con rceult in do lastin gooil to the cause of Abolition. The Editora sny "Trom whnt thcy know of the M. È. Church" in Michigan it woüld permit its mii'U'ers. ;ind menibers, to hold shves, if tho !asv3 of the State ili J nnt forbhl it." Surely io-ne hiditSll gliost must havo pnsscd beforo the Editora' mentfil visión to have brout;ht thern intosach nn unclnritaMe fnime of miiul. The writnr ol this knows directly toihccontrary. IIo lns been Unown a3 au abolitionist from the coii'.nonce-.nont of lus itinuram cirecr, 11:1 ! it has been no bar to preferment, nor has he enjoycd less of the confidence nnd esteem of his senior brethren on that accorint. I havo carefullj exnmined the facta produced to prove the posuion of (lic Edttor9, und liad. I time sliould likc to conriicnt on the facts and the Editors' conclusión. Uowever tlie least ï can say is that [ reniain vet to be convinced that "tho church has given ts most purfjet ubclincnP' to slavery. That the E litors visión ny be cleared, that they may sec oud weigh the facts. on both sides of ihis subject, and tint slive-y with all its train of evüs may be speedily abjlished, is the sincere wish oí your troublesomc correspon ent,P. S. - All 1 h;ive to say to your ironical correspondent, B. Sirphenson. is that I am sorry his mind should Ie polluied by a thought so unholy as to 6iippose that the ministers and members of the M. 10. Clnirch are eo gagged that they dare not spaak out on slnvery or any othcr sin. or that there is not moral courage enough in the M. E. Church to oppose radicalism iikits underlnndüJ eiljrt to beguilc and destroy. J. S.


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