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The Objects Of The Liberty Party

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We give bclow what wc understand to be among the principal olijccts of the Libcriy party. And we ïlunk thnt those pereons who expresa so iiuich solicitude rela;ivc to the course nfthispariy wil adniit ihat ito purposes are laudable, oven it, in their opinión, they are not practicable." The Liberty party proposes, To secure ilie right of petition; Toabolish all laws of the United States which siidtain or eanction siavcry upon the soil of the nation, or which idmit that huinan beinga are, or can be, property, üny wherc. 'i'o secure the frecdom of all persons held ia bondage upon any territory over which the United States Government has the right oflegislation. To prevent the admission of any States into the Union wiih the privilege of majntaing slavery within their limita. To abolish the American elave trade, ana to prcent the diplomay, the influcncte, or the flag, ol the Union, from being used to sustain elavery or lbo slave tradc in any part of the world. To prevent capricious or sectional legislador), for the benefit of one; and the injury of anothcr portjon of the Union. To mnintain the constitution and tho laws of the United Stalea against violation, in any respect in any State.'' To secure to 'the citizens of each State all tho privileges and Immunitiea of citjzens in theseveral Stntes.' To restrain the power of the exmitivo strictly within the limits of the constitution. To secure to every portion of the Union its proper influence in the councils of the nation, and its just proportion of the offices of government. To prevent nny legislntion which ehall autliorize the expenditure of ïn-mey except in cases piovided by the conetilution. To securo to every State in the Union, and to every individual in iho State, their constitutional rights. in fine, 'to form a moro perfect Union, estnbhsli justice, insurc domestic tranquility, provide for the common deferise, and secure the blessings ol liberty to ourselves nnd our posteritv.' are tha


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