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Battle It Every Where

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Many persons wlio wish the credit of being anti-slavery, areliketheyoungman in the New Testament, that canie to our Lord ready to perform oll gospel dutie9, save one. They will oppose slavery, liere and there; hut they muat be excused from doing battle ogainst it in their own denr religious denomination, or benevolent society, or polnical party, or business connection, or liteiary relations. Some, agoin, are very good abolitionist8 away from home, and others in theif durncsiic sphere, hut cannot bring themselves to take up the cross, where the cross is to be found. Where Scriptiirc and conscience bid thom "go aud sell all that thou hast,"' they ;'go away 6orrowlul." They cannot bring themselves to do anti-slavery works, in the very particular to which they are especially called, and in which their true character is testecl. This shows evidently and most lamcntably, that their hearts are not right in the cause. The world, keen-sightcd to look through theflimsy veil of their seliish excuses, sce that tho pretensions and labors of such are insincere. Henee theabolitionismof a largo portion whoprofess it, is almostentirely nullified. But if slavery is invarinhiy sinfnl. thenthe trno doctrine is. battle it there. and bntiln it nverv


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