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Congregationalism And Slavery

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"A memberof the Congrega' ional church in Marshall," lias wrilten us lo correct the erroncous iiiipression conveyed by Lho first sentcnce in the coinmunlcaiíuri respeeling tlie l resolutious of the Marshall Conference, in which it is said thav it was foutrl diöjcult to get nn expres.-ion of symp.ithy foi the colored man frum the General Association at Jackson. We are so crowded lor room we cannoi give the arliclc in fuü, and the f üowing extract embraces all that is material to a right understanding of the matter, und its publicntion wil doubtless acconipliáh the object of our correspondent. {From gtiod outhoriiy I learn resoliitions of the character nientioned above, were passed verv unanimously, even -vilh but tvvo dissentíng votes. Tliis he'wg the case, I think we are not over tenacious of our righls of' rep'itation when we rrquest to have this stif ma (cast pon us inadvertently, wc trust,) corrected tlirotigh the same orgnn, w!iic!i has given publicily to the inj'irioiiá impotation. - Furt licrmore, one the protest ing Dcletrates, may have been mistaken, if he supposed he wns in his protest, expres.-ing the views ui' the chnrcli he went to represent. Had the other clecled Delégale be?n able lo ailend, a counter prolC9tiu bohaif of' tlie chiirch would huve been oflfered to the originr! protest cgninst the rcpolulions on Klavery. Cer'.ainly onc, and probably boih of he two object ors to the reáolution, wcrenot ïi;stnicted by the churches to represent them thus. And indeed fit were a fact that two churches were wholly pro èjirvery, it should not give repulation to the whole body in our State, thereby conccaling our true charucter in these respecls.'


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