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Rev. John Scotford Again

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M Scolford comphiins ilmt j istice is not done iiiin in mak ín g hi ni sny thni ihe "siaveholJcr is to bc let a!oi:e,"'h:s worOa werp ':iur warshoiild j be wiiii slíivery n5 a sys:em. nol with saeiold ers." VVtfid sí)ppO60, and on rtviewing ihe stibject see no cause of altering our ininJ. i'iat Uip slavehoider is no', to bu d:stuibed - but is to pu sue i;s coiirse, rerairi and enjoy ail thcrighís üt' a cit'zcn and christian. ;iid ei j y all iis piivreges. It' Mr. Scottord, liJ ijjuücJ out any courso ot daty townrds ihe írlavehol'Jer, as sucli, different ("rom what vc a:e putuing, vo hiight hi.vo understood hfai. But nd tl:e c.ioe now aian'Ja, we are cumpeücj tu believe that Mr. S. wóuld nol depri Vü n man of any oíiice of "honor ot trusí. in t'c diuiJi, oi aecoSut o: h;s béing a slavcholdèr. There wiil be su.ilcient time for ns to retiaci or cxplain wiun .Mr. S. slnjwethat i;overdrawo picmit's. and a coloring of Jácts," lina ever appear'ej in Ihe Signáf, uñtílhb does i'.úi tc repei tlió ir.ái nuvtion qs uiijust. Why. we v.-jiíi.! as';, is it more unchantable to supjiose Jleihodist ministcis and ehurcli iner.ibers wouid be toleraied in ihe praciice oi slaveholding in Mifehignn rhnn inGeorgi;, f the laws of oursiaie cüd not foibid it. T;.e Methodist Episcopal Chmcii tolérales sl.ivcry in Georgin and tlie Coníerence uuuiiiinouály pranounced ''Uie systcm not a mural evil," and il the lawsof our state to!eraíc.{ ilus instirution, we have no doubt tha ministers aud members of the M. E. Clurch here wouid losóme exient enyngc in the practico of'siaveholding - anJ no ::in;lical host" Ivis oljscured uur nmri:al vis'on," lo lean us to tliid ;.mcharitíille franjé ot rnind." Tle facis we prodacod to prove the M. E. Chiirch a sluvilullmg atid a sla cor y d iiüiig C.iurch, siand uncontradicicd by Mr. Scítlord. lie thinks liad he tnie: he i;s!iou!d liUc to cominent on the fac;s and the l'Iditor's conclüíÍD;is." Try Mr S. 10 f'nid time to "coíitment," il)ou ca.i show í:our c inclusiones" to be iaíse, or. lint ihe Al. E. Chureh has not given i;a "must pi:rfct ubetment" to slavery, no one on earth w'ilj be more rejuivei thm 'ourself to be urídeceiVed, I we are in error. on this subject. Do not comfort yotirself, fricad Scotíord. with iKe ida that you are a "iroulíes)ine corrcapondenl,"1 I'lt Eueh is not ihe fact. - tVe are raiiier pleascd than oiheiwise thru you havo í'urnislied us so good an oppoitunily to expose what we conceive to be tho sin of the M. E. Church in the United States.


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