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Foreign News: Fifteen Days Later From England--treaty Of Pea...

Foreign News: Fifteen Days Later From England--treaty Of Pea... image
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I lie uritish Mail Steamer Britannia, arrived in Boston, at about S o dock, yesterdav atlernoon, by wíiich we have rrceíved Lo'udon Dnpers lo the Sd instam. and Liverpool to the 4th. Tlie intrllirrence receivcd by iliis nnivnl, ís of grfínt importanco. The arm=, hoih in Incia und Cliinn, have been most biillianíly succesefu!, nnd a treary of peacj Jms actuülly been signed betweon (Jreat Britain nnd Chírn, highly honorable nnc ndvantnfreous to the Tormer. In JinJíd, the Britisli cornmnnder luid gnined a series of' battle.s, and to nll nppearance, pl.sced thc Aíílians liors du comhat. Vcry sfrious insnrrclionary movements had occurred t Barcelom. The Englisli p.-ipers are almost ütprnlly filled with the official and nnoffirinl deíails of the military opent ions in China and India, ari'l of the ri'joicinn-s in Ertflaniï, in consoquence of the important resnlfs of t lióse opcraiions. The release of the fiemalé prisonorn in Affpiianistan, is nie of the most interestin features in these important trañsaethms. Tlie fo'lowiiií: are i lie most important pro visions of the treaty between the English and Chin psp:"1. Lastiinj peaco end fnendship betwcen tljo ivi empire. "2. China lo pny L1 millions dollars in the co'irsc of the present, and the threo succeeding yéatfl ''3. The pnrts of Cr.nton, Amoy, Foochow-foo. Nino-pio, and Shnnjrhar, to be ihfown open to Briti?h merchants; consulnr, officers to be appointed to raideat Uu-m ; nnd -egulnr nnd jnst Inriffö of import nnd export, (is well n? inbind transit) duties to be etnbPislled nnd publishe.-í. "4. The isinndor' IIonKonpr fo bp ceded in pcfpptuiíy to her Brittannic Müjeáiy, her heirs and siKTssors. ".■. Ail ?ulijt.'cts of lier Britannic Müjrsly (whether natives of E-.irope or Indi-i.) who may be confiiuid in any pnrt of 'lic Ciiinese em;ire, to be iir.otindninnally rrleased. "6. An net nffnilnnd entire annnes'y io hn pnblisfted by tlie Emperor, onder his Imperial Sig-n Manna! nnd en), to bII Chinese .sub - jecls, on accfmnt of tiicir havin? hf'ld service or inírrootiríe wi;li, or re.-ided iinder ihe Biitish Govemment or its (fiicers. "7. Corresponden lo be conduried on ierms of perfect rqnalily arnongst the ufficers of hot li Gro.veninifiiits.'3. On the Empeivr's nsscnl l.eing receivod to this trealy. nnd ilie pnymeut of he first inslnlmen', C.COO.OOO dollars, [Ier Briiranic Majestv's forces tn retiro from Nanki and the Grand Cann!. and tilè Mi'iiary posrs at Cliinlini to be aiso withdrawn, but the Islands qf Chusan and Kolonsoo :ire to bo held tmtil Jhe money pavments and t!ic arrnngemeuts for opening Ilie ports be cmnpleted.'' This treaty of pcace lias priven grenf saíis!";iction to the British of Cliina and India, lt was snid that Ilie Etn.orror had at first soine doubts ns toilfc propriety ofopeniii!; to a fortrrï frnde at Foo-iclioo f'oo, whiojj is the capi al of Fokien, and tlm nearett port tolhe country where tjie Bolira tea rr0vs-, hut Uut he nfterwnrds vieldcd that point. The Commissioners are desenbod ns anxions to pot rid of the British from Ynng-lèe Kiang, and the embonchre of (ho Grcat Canals; they offored to pay down fonr milüons insiantly, but the Biitsh Plenipoteniiary insistrd on the fiill jnstalment brin paid, nnd the ralificatjon of tJie treaty belbre he would uithdravv. An apprehonsion appoars to liave been onteriained, lest the Britisli Plenipotonliary shotild allovv himéelf 'o bo oniwiitcd by the Chinese in the arrangemonls of t lio conmercial parts of ihe treaty: but it is ncvertheless to be hoped that the bad fait h and chicanery, and ex'ortion practiced at Can'on, will net be sanctioned in any mannor. The payrnent of the opium claims will, it ia s;a!ed, he adjusted accordintj to the arnount fixed some months ago by the Briush Government. Il was püiii that the Tmperinl C ommiseioners Imd preved the cotis=ulerat:on of the ooium traiieontho British Plenipotentiary, but he declined todiscuss it. statitigf if the Chinese Government was desirous of producinnr stoppape lo it, that it oupht to be effect cd by the ir owu infernal rppulaiions. nnd by imnoftrng restrictn.T]s on thoir own subjects. Thesteamers were ttir ol'jocls of fjreat cnriositv 10 the Chinesp, who called tliese vésiela the "Devil's Ships." The Anckland stpatner was imder orders t o start from Naukinnf direct for Suez ns poon as the Imperial rntiñeation should be givon to the trealy, and various condhions fulfilled. The romoval of the expediüon fiom the Yanjr-tse Kiangf appenrs to be inuch de pired, as the troops nnd snilors are beg'nming tosuflerfrom sicknegs. The Chinese nr1 car ryinnr on a warm éonfest wilh the Sikhs in the neighborhootl of Lttdakb. Bot h partjes apponr willinr to coriciliale the good will of the British Government. Cnpiain Cunninpham remains still in Upp?r Kcnawhr, near Siicall nr, wliere he iá employed in observinir the acts of both partios, and in sendir.g reports to the Supreme Government.


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