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General Intelligence: Horrible Attempt At Mutiny On Board Th...

General Intelligence: Horrible Attempt At Mutiny On Board Th... image
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Tlie United States Brig Suméis. Com.uande: Alexnndrr Sli!ell Mhckchzie. our readers Wit] reineniber.' arrived iff this port on Wodnesdiiy night. and wns reponed in the Express o-iThursJy mornins. Linie did we think thát to ihie n pnrt we sliould have to ndd one of the mos' liorriblc attempts at mutiny, ever known n tin N:ivy. The Sorricrs sáiléd from Monrovin, (Liberia,', on ihe niht of the llih November, and (rom St Thnmoe on the tiighl of the 5th ui December.- [i srems thnt a lio. rible scheine was concoc et' bifart her snilinir. lo murder ihe cnminnnde r, nm. chief OÖicera, and turn rhe vessel into a Pmiu .hip. At ilie liead oithis deicstalile plot. wnMidtihip'iüin Sponeer. one hÏ :ho sons of tlu present Söcreury ol'War. He had eniisted somr fifteen or iweniy of the apjtrcnsices, and some o the men, bul, ns is generally the case in such inhuman consiiinicics, the heans'of somo one 01 more of the inhumnn con6pirators failed, before7 - - the night of the in tended massacre arriveü - ot at all event8 it was discovered. The story we learu, is, tht young Spencer offered h is paper or rol 1 of the conypirators to the masrer-nt nrms to signed it, to quiei theirsuspicion, nnd then immediatcly revealed the fncts ie tl.c commander. The moment the conspíralos toiind out they were discovered. they met in o body, ond went to the commander, denianding tho possefsion of the 6hip, :ind youns; Spencer presen (ed n pistol to liis heart AU thiswasnt "irht, nnd the chief pnrt of ihe crew were below, when ihe oflieera on deck not káuwing the extent of theconspirncy. immedimely closed tho linten es, nnd kept nll oonfined who were bel.w. The oiücerf. afier something of n struggle, as we un Jerftnnd. overpowored ihe conspirntors. ond reaining complete posscssion of the ship, instantly cnnsed the ïinglenders to be tried by Court Murlial, nnd young Spencer, within ten minutes of the findinc the Court. was hungr nt the yard arm, dong widi two of the men. The ojiers were .sent on board the No th Carolina the moment the rhip! tip froni sea. A messeneer, we also leirn, was lun.fed below, and de-palches announcing these föcts, were sent to Washington. Youncr Spencer is represented to us osa very dnre-dovil. from hia chili.'h od ntmo.t ar.d there nre many stories UÏA abou'. his freaks, that occurred whüe he wns at Geneva. A brother of his. onr readers will recolloct, has fijrured a great deal of Inte in the papers hore. a a forger, and in many paris of tho South West, in pretty narly the sanie points of view. It is very remaikable ihat so extraordinary nttómpt at mutiny. should have been kepf hushed up for two whole days; and even now, it ia diflicuh to get at the exact lacts, ihe officsrs about ihe Nnvy Yard haiiiír kept under a snrt ofinjunclion of secrocv. and the Somers hersolf, being vet nnchored helow. We sh.iü probably have furthcr wriiculars ibr the Evcning Express. r O W heat is selling in our villigo at 52 cents per Flour is worth $2,75.


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