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]iOL MANS, BoneÖiBitmeiat. THIS Oi.ntmk.vt stands at the he;d of nll re medies for iho folíowing disertes which naturc is heir ton, vi.:- RlfEUMATISM both Cij romo and inílamitory- Gout- Sprains - Bruíses and cuntrucied TKNDONS of lung standing. Jt diVcusscs all tunionrs - rendcrs stiíf joints hnibcr by producing honltliy muscular DClion. It flssuages paina in Èdlis and Abcessks - NothingequSá it in svi'cllcd and iiií Breases n Puníalos, it' npplicd in enrly stage, prevenís suppcratiuii or niultcr furining, and givis in a!l cases imn:c;linte ase from puin. CcriifTeafes ol ili.s Pact coti!(l be giveji tflncSccesary. 'Píiis :■'. incdy is ofi'crcd to t ! i o Public with the full ns.-urance thal it far exccls tfic Opodcldoe's rl í.iiiimcnts of í'.ie picsent duy, fer the obóve diseases. A trial is tmly wamed. to give it thc ■Jccided preferenee to evory 'tliing else. Man y Pbysciana ot emiucnee have used ibis ointn vn iir.ú ex t oís ijs meiiis. n9 The above olritmeót is for sale wh osar and ratail by L BECKLLY. An n Albor, dower tcv. n) June Kth, JíM2 Ü TO PÜYSICIANS AND COUNTüV MERCHANTS. TIIEsnbscrilcr invites theatfention oí Pliy ficians and Country JUerchants, to las itésént stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paintf, Jils, I)ye S.tüffs, Varnish, Bruslics, Scc. &c. oniprjsing one ot' the liirgest and i nents brmirit '.o Ihe country. In his prcteut ;tuck vyiil be Coiind: 100 oz S'ifph. Quinine, superior Frcnch and Eno-lish, 20 oz. Sulph. Morpliia, j 10 oz. Acct. do 50 oz. Carpentcr's WitheriU's Extract oí e Bark, t 1 bbl. Po wííered Cimba rb, 1 Clieat Riiiibarfa Root, ' 1 bbl. Powdcred Jalap, 50 Ibs. Calcmel, í3 Qasks Epsom Suite, 15ca.sksFall and V?nter strained Sperm - O:l, 40 boxes Spprm Candles, L000 .b.-;. White Lrad, dry and grnund, 4 ca.-ks Linseed üi!, )eiitiats Instrumenta md Stock Gold, RHvcr nd Tin Foil Platina Vare, Porceloin Tcilh. l general a=sortmrní of' Palent Wedicinp?, all f which will be sold on the mest reasonable 1 :rms. PIERRE TELLER. 130 JefTerson Avenue, siprn of the Giít rarcl1 13. Morlar, Detroit. - T.AJLORLNG liUSIJVESS ! M. NOBLE, wouldrcspcctfully iníorm ihe X citizens oí' A un Arboránd i(s vicinity. that J lias opeiiod a shop in theLowcr Town. r aíelyover the late mercantile stand nJF Lirnd & íbsoti. and opposite ihe s'ore of J. Bcckley & i .. whore he is prepared at all times to do work t his line, wilh promptness, and in a ueat and irable mannor. Particular a'tention v.ül be pnid to cuttin Lrnr. J ente. Produce will bc taken at the uswal pri " 3, for work done at his shop. These wfio have bh to pny for services of thts kind, are i ! ly ínvited to cnll. Ann Albor, April 27. 1842. tf DR BAMS1WS '" CATHiLB, ÏIO PIL,ZiS. t riHIS pill has not cnly been nsed by inyB' L selí', but by a number of Physicians of R íh standing, both in this aad other States, to Il] sat advantage. By the frequent and repeated solieitationsof iny ends, I have consented to oflcrthcm to the blic as a most eílicacious.reniedy for all t hose la lious diseasees originating in a new counl F( rheabove pill is for salo wholesalo and retail t . L. BECKLEY. to ftnn Arbor, Clower town) June 15th 184'2. 9 vvi TO CLÖTHÏËRS. S rlIIE sub.-criber is jnst in receipt of a ftirther swply of CJolhier's stock, consistM g of MACWNi CARBB ,f LV;:y ls-rn,. m CLOTIUER'S JACld'. A'LTmETW TAR OARD C LÉANSE 118 and PJOKRS: SHUTTLES. REEDS, KITTLES, 7u 0EWS. PARSON'S SHEARLYG MAJINE, EMERV, (cic-y size,) TENTER ter OOKS, PRESS PAPER, togetítér icith a M I ■súheted 'isrorim-.nL. oDYE WOODS.aud for YE STL'FFS of t!ie very best growth'nnd for iniiíacture. by Thesí! goods (coming rs they do direct from. Rá 51 hands) th; subscriber is enubied to sell íuvv' tlian any other house wost of New York, he - írefore solicits thc atteniion of firn:s in the ithing business, to theexan ination of his stock _ (1 p ices before going east or pürh'ásin elseF lere. PIERRE TELLER, íolesale and Retail Druggist, ]?9 JeíTerscn venuc, sign of the Gilt Mortar, Detroit. 1 STATE OF ACOB LAWTON DE H i CEASED.- Notice is hereby given. thaí ■ undersigned: have proved the lest will and eor amer.t of Jncöb Lawton. deceased. and have GÏ en letters Tesinmentaiy thereon. nnd have Y en bonds according lo law. All persons inni' led to snid estáte are requested to make pay. WJ' it without delay. and all persons having claims esl nistsaid estae are eqursted to present tlie -siil ie to tbc subscribers, well autheniicated, for l)e nicni. wi! CÍEORGE E. LAWTON. cr. DAVID T. M'COIUM. Lot .xccutors of the last will and Testament oi hlls )b J,.-i'.vton. ihe ated, Ann Arbof. Aíny 7, 1842. Sni tlu - bu EMPEÍIANC HOTEL, ai BY L ÍOBERT& TERHITÜE. IHER or flUCHlGAN AND WASUI.VGTO.N AVEX17ES, DETROIT.) S IHE nbovft Uouse is plnasantiv si.uated 'n"éu C theCentrn] Railroüd Dcpor. anjd is now ui X .'"'"I! Jljoro.ugh repairs. Tho'rooirs are píen, fí tlíTi B ds nnd Bedding all new. anl the Tabn B boKiippi(.(] wiih :)c choicest ol the market S t!;e propriiitors assure those who will favoe T i viih tluíir custom, thnt n!l poma shall he taC to make their stay witli t!ein agreeable. C ake. zcry low. and accommodation good. - ) ages to convoy passengers to and from the C rI free o f expense. itroir, Aprí'íT 1R42. q - : í, "ECONOMY IS WEALTH." A FIE Sunscribers will pny pay two cents per ens, pound in Goods or l'aper for an qüantity of ill b' [ clean SW1NGLE TOW, delivered at'lhe Peni Arbor Paper Mili ]ow JONES & ORMSBY. Th un Avbor, April 27, 1342. tf her or ti NEW GOODS !! DE.VISON has just recoived a complete ____ stock of DRY-GUODS. GROCER1ES T 0 ('ROCKERY, which will be sold very J p for money or most. kinds of produce. Desdoor: íons and prices will be given at theStore. be fo m Arbor. June i, 1842. Ai LARATlS - A prime nrticle i n boxes or l Jarréis, for solé at the lowostfpriees by F. DENISON. Salts ;?. 2í. 18-12. flg SeR WALKER respectfully info'r,,,. , . J . fricr.ds and ,he public incner, ' ïm has reccntly conmienccd businrs, in thP V ing cloorcnstofBower'g dry JV " whcc be is prepared ,0 cxecute orders n T neatest and most fashionablc stylo ' Gnrmeuts wül he mndo to order: in strir-t forn.iiy with the present preváiling fashl0„ ?" tns:coithc day, and wurranted to f " chnrge. "r no Lódiés' Riding TJ.-bits made in the latcsf A York at Phihdeph.a fashions. ' Aew Friendo or Quakers' garments wil] be in the neaipstiind plaincst sule. ade C'uúing done at shortest riotice AH kinds of Military Uniibrm ond nndn. conts and pnntaloons, mnde nreeablc lo il, ,,r? ent military or reginiental ordor. Ll-pre8Ann Arbor, July S5ih, J84S." tlíLi' T UIMBER constantly on hand andïoTmL JL- bv F DF'T?nAr 6 June 10, 1842. L'tiNISON JT -1„f.o .il . Eato&Co, 132ftr son avenue, a,e:he so!e agents of these vervel' ebrated niachmrs. } ctI 32-8w SoNlBEAMsZ Avenue, „Ilbr o, s,,!o a LnrCe "stock óf Su, from the New York nil!s T " Wèrjisare cons,dered superior lo "!L„ ,i h. cr try, and wüJ be sid, L 501 ; i2-sw Wool andciof" THE Subscribers respectluüy announce to thÊ cmzensAnn Arbor and vicinity. ,),at tl cv ire prepared ,o card wool and dress c u? omers n, the best style and a. the si Jtt Z ico. Hnving good machinery, experiéncè'dVh?k nen, and long pn-.cfce in he „usinas, they h'l he ptmosl conddcncc thut t&ey shall give com lcte satisiaciion. b m í a u . J BF-CKLEY & CO Ann Arbor. April, 25? Ii-4.


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