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The Length Of The Governor's Message Has Excluded A Vari...

The Length Of The Governor's Message Has Excluded A Vari... image
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(CThe ferigth of the Governor's Message hos exchic'cd a variety of matter from this paper. It will be read with mierest. Most of its suggestions ore worthy of attention. We disagree, however, to his proposition for reviving the nnt.iquated, uselcss and oppressive militia pystem of former years. But we have no room for remarks to-day. QJTlie coinmun catión of our friend from Sylvai we have concluded 1101 topublis!). OCWe lnve severa! Communications on hand, including two from the Central Committee, which 6ball anpear next week. CGr'Dr. Comstock's lecture on Thursday evening before the Lyceum vas uponthems of the Credit System. We think of publishing eomc extracto from it.ftjNext week we will bring up the record of all tlie proceedings of Congress, and of our Legulaiure, that are of any interest. iCTThe paper on whlc;i we print tliis number is from tlie Dr. Ormsby's mili, in thiá villngc. It s a superior article. (GThe Detroit Advertiser isays that tlie nrticle on Mrs. Cliüd's opinión of tlie Third Partv, (published in our Jast,) w;is not titaV editorial. It appcars to have been a stray artiele, running ot lare, which every editor rnay press into his service lo accomplish Iiis purposes, and then let liim run again. it seems onr ncighbors of the Journal and Mera ld caught the creaturo last week!


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