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Five Years and 5 Stars

Tue, 11/05/2013 - 4:07pm by josie

The AADL has once again been named a 5 Star library in Library Journal's Index of Public Library Service. This ranking is not a competition, but is a reflection of how a public library within a budget category is used by its community. The AADL ranks fifth of eleven in the five star ranking for libraries in America with a budget of $10M - $29.9M.

AADL's experience has ranked us consistently in the top five in our budget category for five stars since 2009. In all of America, star libraries make up only 3.5% of all eligible public libraries across the country. We are the only 5 star library in MI, and while we wish there were more in our state, we are pleased that Ann Arbor uses its library so well and so obviously. We are measured per capita by how many times our libraries are visited each year, how many people attend our programs, the number of sessions logged on computers at the library, and how many items are borrowed.

These numbers are the evidence that you and your neighbors are coming in to attend storytimes, meet with tutors, use the assistive technology lab, speak at public meetings, visit an exhibit of local art, use a room for a neighborhood association meeting, meet an author, compete in a Lego contest, make something, or sit quietly before a fireplace and knit. These numbers tell us that you are using the computers at the library either out of necessity or convenience to search and apply for jobs, for college admissions, to register for the Affordable Care Act, or to keep up with friends and family on Facebook, and you are borrowing materials at a rate per capita that is astounding and outstanding.

You are living the mission of the Ann Arbor District Library, and we thank you for allowing us the privilege of holding up our end of the bargain.

See you at the Library.



I love the AADL and I am now getting ebooks on my Kindle! Awesome! Another service I like is the outdoor lockers to pick my items up. Congrats!

That's wonderful, AADL! The credit goes to the staff members for coming up with excellent programs/games for all ages, and to general public for attending them & making best use of libraries in our community. We love our libraries. The only thing that surprises me is that we not No. 1 in five star. I am sure we will get there next year :D

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