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Ann Arbor Paper Mill

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j ui; luupiiviui tii mis csi.iunsnmuiu is now repared 10 invite to it the attentiuu of the busi] ncss community. 11 is Mijl has been rcccntly filtcd up by i!ic nd-, luion of improved. and vory'expcriaivè ni&cjiiné(. y. oijual it" not superior, to ériy in the Western !'.ry. He il uiers himself that he can now M nanufneture pnpèr to ihe entile saiisfnction óf hiè ' - 3iistoniers, both 08 lo quhliry um{ price. Proriled adoiis tlint lie gels satiöfactory returns in the j J .v.iy of' pny íient; yvhich lie lias beconin sutisfied ] s ii very esicntiul pointin the paper mnkingbusi1CS9. His pnpcr is of i kind thdt wiil work ensy upon ypes set to nlniosi any creed or .principie, . lintion doctrines nlwnys exceptcd. The greal expense and trouble. to which ho ïas been subject to get tip a respectable pnpcr ïianuiaotory withinhis State: is:in nrgumpni that ipplics itself strongly to the sincerity. patriótism md enerosiiy,of ihe prolcssed friendsof ''Homo ndiistry" and -'Domestic Manufactures." Dwell is to all wlio üre di)osed to cncourare manufacuring entsrpriso wiibm our iiifani St;itn. IJ e as!;s lor the patronage of the poywg ion of the coüi muniiy, bm upon no other princiile than that of equal rights. and reinprocni adnntnge. C. N. ORMSBY. Ann Arbor. Jan. 9, 1343. 3w-39


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