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The Credit System

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Extract f rom nn Addrc&s of Dr. C.Com stock befare the Young Men's Lyceum of Ann Arbor.i:iea poor labormrr tnin without capilal ofany kind, save his physical capacity, and hls inchistrious dispoiiiión and habiis." He relies on t!ie carninjrs of liis daily toil for Üió support ofhimseif and family. But days, and weeks, and iiipnths roil on, asid lio receivcs not hi hardcárned rewánj. Ho has a!l alon beon conttrnined to súb'siác himsétf and family on a credit - and a credit, loo denr boulit, as wc have shownj to be loiijr ehdured without snffei-intr poveriy and dJsirèsa. Také a mcclianic. lic seü.s his ware on credit. Tliis enhanecsthe price of his artielea and labor. For.tune, to uinn, seeins often fickle and unkind. Mntability is statnpcd on all tliings liero below. Our kn owledge is cxtremely limited. Our calcula'iions rpgardin llie futiirn, are very liable to fail. We for?re! how tlie want of punclu'altty in one man, 'iijuriously affects a himdred - porhapí? a l hou - Pünd. VVVibrget thpsad disappointment of the past, and trust, nn"a promise still. The mechanic siifier.=, in some of his customers de'.ay pf 'payraent, ín otliers, a total loss of liis diios. IIpdco hfi cannot prrimptl3',if atoll pay for his slock in bnpincsp, difcliarpe the arreara ho owes his journèyrnen, ánd defray (he incidental expenses of his fa hiiíy.i lie inrmer roiiows in :iio train ol the cronenil rusfom. lie trades pn a credit with t lie mcrchnnt, and others. Henee llie avails ol bis farm iré appropriuted to the payment cí Ihese anticípate debts. We have seon hovv tlie farmer, with olhTrs wlio are trusted pay in twu, or more ways for this immaginarv favor. A few words relativo (o the doctor. His profesion s imperntivcly domnnded by (he coiulition of man in ihis dieórded and troubínd worlrJ. It is not only indispensable to obviate dsea=e, to arrest its ravngès, and to proInnnr lifp. b'út it ís most laborious ond honorable, fíis talentSjlevirniugr ant! fideüty, sfíbúld un Jtily npprrciated and rewnrded. Ho bravea olí storm's - keepa his nijrhtly viils - converses with everlástíng proons. Bur, t won Id eeem, tvn soinc tlílnk tliey do more iban offerinnrsand sseri fices in scndiuir fura physician, and by his skjilj nUentions and medicine, even iftlipy never p-y iiim a fnrí liínijf . Perhaps, physicians and surpeon?,have more reason to complnin ofthe ncglect and ingratitnde of their dob'or=, fhan anyother clnás of men èngngëd in similor emplovments. Their charges, like those of all other business men, must, of cmirse béseme what grad uated by a due consideration of ihe loss, as vvell as the profit of their profes-: iona! practice. If I mijrh! be inilnlg'Pd in a digression. and permilied to my counsel to medicalpemicmen, 11 wo.uiq üe mis, churre moderate1 for professional services, tmd collocf your nay, or, nl u]] event?, adjust your accounts with promptïtude. Do fhis Vftièn gratitüde nnd a sene of justicie are fresli 'm the miiids of your pït-ientsi' or tlieir friends. ThLa manafremênt vvoiild prevent nll unn-enerous comIlnintï= r.'sprctiiir öxtrpvasfant i'ill-"', ofien the resuH offorffotfulnos?, sometimes the rcsult of mental quniities Car less excusable. I pqrposeJy abita in Trom nriy remnrks on t!ie anijilo frratuiroiis altentinns, which pbysicians and purpeons, i accordanre uith ilieir dnty nnd inrlination, have uniformly bestowcd on the afflicied pnor. They are notorious in nll the rppions of the earth thnt have been bless ed yiti. the-ligtits of ' science nnd of Divine Rnvelation. The record of benovolence lo the lowly poor, is on high. Perhnp?, it mny not bc iiüipnosite to repeat, in this connrction.the first effiisions of a youthful un'utorcd bard. "nod and the doctor , wealike adore;'' "Jtist on lhe brink of donger, not before." "The druijrer o'or,bot!i aio aüke acquitted:" "(í' d is forLotten,a nd the doctor süghted."' Whnt an ampie foundation, is laid in the operatbna oftho crpdit sysfem.'wliictj we have partiully explored for'lècfislation, fot the nclion nfcourtsand their attendants. It is n fruiiful pource of liligntion. Meneo. with o!:er reasóhs. the rn'dtiplicitian of lawyers in all parts of our country. Tíiepractice wc recornnioiKljWoii'i] veryni'JC.'i limit their business, ii'vt only in tí e conrts of oivi1, büt iiisn of criminal jiris prtidence, end it w-uuld by I eequence lii.iit their numfaers. But they arehumane, high minded and honorable men.- They are incapable of rejoicing over a prosperity, based on the ful ly, sin, or misfortuncs of mankind. Their benevolcnt Jiearts would exult. in thnt state of peace, happinesa and prosperily, whioh would lenve Uiem so far wnocenpied with professional pursuils, as ïo uftord them ampie opportunity to consécrate tïieir learning and thcir virtues !o the promotion óf various important ialerests in sociotv. A contráry fiipposidon wonld be n rcflection npon a profe.sion, in uhich hnve cvor been founil the forless denclers of the rights of mxo - the bi.l öliampiqins of civil hbêrty; Etnbarrased.pursucd and de?paring men know, that the prodnctiöiis of their indnstry and j ial nnnagemenr, are attirinj tho persons, i furnishífajr the tnblès and gofitishing the ' es of their more fortúnate fellowcitizens. To Ihésé tbings'they can feel reconciled, when' 'av, morality and honor, have been maintained ín these vicïssiïudés of fortune. But vnat shail we say ofthose cases, that are raarkcd with fraud nnd villany, where dishonest and artful debtors, luxuriate upon the S unrequited labor, care and acquisitions of their' friendlv and genereus credilors. Debtors of this discription have been ?een erectinff ■ nificient dwellings and rolling ri splenuid carriapes, making sumpluous enlertninments,an d prosecuting costly tours of plensure. Annihilated confidence, alienated nffections and bitter niifnntliropy, are consequenL uponeventf of llns character.


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