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This Slate hns a popularon of hnlf a mili ion of real yankees - hrirdyj indiistrimíp, intelligent nnd moral. Mniiie is a Democntic i S'ate. The mnjority f'r Govprnor v;is about in,ooo at the Sasbeleution - i-o lartrc iliat the " WVijjs cahñot hope 'tó succr-ed in future in j eiecrin tlmtr caiididates. Bpuidps, the New RüMflanil syatern of reqiii'inpr a majoriry of al! I the vote piyen is ofion a hindrance to the I comple'o succes of anv pnrty. The Ijiberty party ís'nów orifanized in cvn - r.y connty in the Siatr. The vuto wne 4200 at the last electiniJ, There nre two nhlt and effeétivë LibTty ajx;rs pnbÜshcd in tlie Stnto. thn B;)?iiror Gizetto, ntid thf Liberty Stiiiulard. Wu no'icc that the Wiiii papers there mnlíi) tlie samo romplairUs that tiiey do here - that the Liberty pnfty injnres them - 'btey nrfiihe most favorable ío ibeny - in An"JJnggentnut pnrly wonl.l ba a sensible as an ;in;-s]nvory one, &i. &,-:. The truih i?, that iheii luie invoca! ions tu "thut faraü ol! coon'1 have fniled to save th';m. nn-1 tlipy mu-t now rnmo down in'o the v.illev of hiimUhti'in, mi take tlieir chance as a srtll d and unifonn mi nffitii nnless "ihe sober pecond thnuiit ' of 'Uc ppop'p, (:iot 1 1 a cl Ci.lor nor Lo.j Cabin reveis.) sliall e'fvate thpni -igain to power. - W knuw fhis i tnrtfyiní lo them; btit il Whiir-ni'joriiieá can nol loiiger be sectt-d by excitéments. (TjDatid Le Ciiil I is now rpporting nt Wasliitiirion foi ih; A. S. Standard, the or!ian ofiheiit school anti thirl-party aholitionisis. llo is a gentleman of kiiowledge an;l tillflltS. Mr. Trrey is 'o uc tiioro n !olmir of the T'icsin if LibeM A-yoiing.Qankér ia ul.-o ceporliiiï fir th Piiit-in'hrApisi vin'i tither pipars. Tlms th Lüierty canse is getüi'g to he ve!I reproseníed at Washington.OrA Cnrnrni f'?e of t!ie G vororu LèntlAtute h'i've rt'porteil the folfpwing expositioñ of iho Cons i tul ion: Bp H ilicroforc Resolved, Tint neroei=, nr npisD'is of" colorí me it ci'izfns, nndfr Jli' O-'ti-st ir ut i't. n!"t,ho Ui.i:c( íSl.iifs, ind tliat Gcorg'n ill iwvor icfnoivzo surli ciUzon.-lii;). B(? fmther Rcsovleil, That Iiis p.xcellenry 1 lio L'i'VPrnor tr:inmit n'cöpy of' liio ;bo-e ;v ai)'l r. S'l'itKins i ilie frovèmors of ilie sevf-r.-il S';:e.s nf iliis Conle eriicy. TÍ1 valne ot" lus expositio.n of tlie ?ovore n S"t;i!e ot' Georgia mv fe nppreciiiíed f'rcm tie!.n;t llitti ulio'it oüo Isalt'tlio aduli popular tion uf the Stuc caniiot re:id llieir ovyfi iiuiiies!


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