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ADMÏNISTRATORS SALE. P'TRSUANT to on order of" tbc Judee of Probate, lor the counfy of Wnshteniw, made on he tweniv thiïd iisr.. nuihorizing ;he sileof renl --sm:e of E'1j:i Wilmot, decensed. I shall sell at Tuciinii il ie esinto. hereinafier descrihed nr ïhe 1 wf) )■ ui; liuuso tormerly ocuupied by tlie soid dei:enéed: n ihe vilhire of Saline, nn Thursdny. thé six'peirh d'y of Februnry nest, at one o'cIocU in the nficrnonii nfihnt day. to wit: cominencinü on tho snuih of Henery street ihree chflina nnd ■welve links enat of ihe north corner, of tlu: Bnpst mening hou. e lot, aml running sontli Rve chaina nt richt angleo-of Bnid street, t henee cnst parallel wi h snid sireet one ihencè n-rtb 'MvvnrdH Henery streft. pnrallel with sni.l tirst ünfi.-e chnins. thenee west one clmin. to the i Incc l lC2irinin2; c intniniiii; om; li-il" ncre of bind. Viiur tlie snnie premiees on which the said Ellen Will.noi orevïons 10 lier decensf. ISUAF.L WJLL1AMS. Amïniiitrafór. Datad Saline. Auust J9ih, 1842. 3J-4-v. Dl. BANISTKR'S CELEÜR ATKD FfVER AGUh I'ILLS. - Purcty JesetaMt. ijnfe, speedy. and snie. icmedy lor fover nn.T iL'ue. du n -.ïjue. ciull fever, nnd the liilious dis 9qsfs (lecuiiir to new couhtriés. The.-e puls nre ctesJcned fr the ;ifF:ctions ofthiiver nnd other interna] orrnus which ntiend the üaenses of the ncw and uuasiiiatic j)üitionsof out sountry. Th'1 proptictor Inving 'ried them in a ere? i viriel v of cnsis eonfidaiuly beücves thu they art -■iperior to iny rem 'ly tint Ins ever been ofi'ei jd io the public ror the ibové disëises. It is pniely V.-.gctiifilc rim pe fVctly hnrmless. tnd enn 'ie t'iki-n by nny persen, male or feinalimth perfect safety. The pï lis art? prepared in two separate hoxes. nnrUed No. I and No. 2. and acccoinpanicd wiüi "uil directions. A ttre-u nu'iiber of eeri'fi?ates micht bn procu ed in Ihvor of this medicine, hut the proprietei i?s thouyht fit notto inserí them, in as iiiuch ns ie dependa upon the merits oï the 3i:ne for its ■eintariin. The above pill is kept oonstnnily on h-.nd by be )roprietiT nnd enn bohad nt wliolesnle nnd ro'iil at t!ie store of Reekley & Co. Ordors frorc he country prompily artended to. A;in ArbiT. ilowêr town) Mny2"tb 1-1-3. 9 BECKLEYWOOL., Wheni, Fl-mr, 6nn Si-e 1. BuMa Chfeaf. Pork, &c. wantel; als . BUc S!is mu! Ashes. F. DENISOV. Sopt. -24. 1842. (28 '


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