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The subscribe! informa tlicrs metpueot Anti-S!uvery Socie tioí, and all pereons wfro do Mire to read lie SJavery piiblications that have issued 'ro.-n thc Amoik-un p'réss, that he has purchased all the b'óofcs; panr.phlfils; tracls, prints etc. Jately belongirig to ihe American Anti-Slavery Socíety, ai.iíóofrtiíJg to nbout éicrht thousand (follaré, át'old pricns, which lio oflers for snle by his agent in any muinlity, al Iota pnces for cash onli. Samples will be kopt at his office, córner óf Hanover ánh lSxcrjai%e sfreets, and orders wijl be promtly iittendetl to. A catalogue of the principal publications isanjíexed, and tlie prices pnt ngainst thom are the present (reduced) retail prices. By the Ijuddredor larger quantitv, tliey will be sold louei --say for bound volumes 2.rj per cent, discount í on pamphlets. traets and piclures, -A) per cent. discount. Witli respect to most of them tfiis'j s below the acüíaí cost ia me in' cash. They vrere' not purchased witli a viow tp sell at a pbrfit but to subserve the Anti-Slavery cause, Siich an opportinity has not previously oceurred to obtain Anti-Síuveiy publications ni tliese reduced prices, and probably wül not again. (Editorsofnewspapera are roquested to copy this adverti.-cment at length for three monthp,and their biü.s will be paid in bonk?,eic. Please send a copy of the paper confaimnj? tte advertisement. LEVVIS TAPPAÑ. New York, Marcli lst, 1842. BüUSD VOLUMES. American Slavery as it is, muslin 50 Anti-Slavery Manual 20 Alton Riots, by Pres. Beecher, of 111. Coll. 12ma -5 Alton Trials 25 Slavery Record, vola, t, 3 and S set 50 , Appeal, by Slru. Child S7 1-2 Anti-Slavery Hxiiminer, bouncf vols. 50 Beauties of Philanthropy Sil 1 3 Buurne's Picture of Slavery 50 Buxton on the Slave tráde 50 Cabinet of Freedom (Clarkson's history of ílre slave trade,) yole 1, 2 and 3 eet 1,00 Chloe Speár 25 Chanmng on Slavery 25 Duntan on Slvery 25 Ernán. ín the W. 1. by Thome and Kitnball muslin 50 Do" by do h boards with map 25 Enemics of Constiüon discovered 50 Fountam, pláiu binding, o4rr.o. 12 1-2 Gustavus Vassa 50 Grimke's Letters to IVÍiss Tíeecher 37 1 % Jay's Inquiry 37 1-2: Jay's View 50 Light and Truth L0 Life of Granville Sharp 15 Molt's Biographical Sketches 37 1-2 Memoir of Rev. íemuel Haues 75 Do ofLovejoy 62 1-2 North Star, gilt edges Sá 1 -3 j Pennsylvania flall 75 j Quarterly Anti-Slavery ftlagnzfeie, Cvo. 1,00 Rankiií's Letters, 18mo. 100 pp. 2o Right and wrong in Boston 20 Star of Freedom, umslin 12 1-2Sluverv- contamina Usclaranon oí öentimentsand Consiitution of the Amer. A. S. SociKy: WesleyVrhontrhïs on Slavery: Does theBilile sanctint) Slavery? Address to theSynod of Kentucky, JNarative of Amos Dressor, and I Why work lor llio Slave? bound in one vol. 25 Slave's Friend, S2mo. vola. 1, 2 and 3 set M SonfrsoftheFrefi 33 1-3 Thompsons Reception in Great Britain, 12mo. 20 Testimony of God agninst Slavery, ISmo. 20 WheatlyPhillis Memoir of 2: West iridies, by Professor Hovry 50 West Indies, by Harvoy nnd Süirge 7b Wesley's Thouglits on Slavery, in rnuslin, with portrart 1Ü 1-2 PAMPHLETS. Sets A. S. Almanacs, from 183G to Í8ÍÍ inclusive 37 I 2 Address to the Free People of Culor 1 Ancient Landmurks 3 Apology for Abolitionists 3 Americnn Slavery as It Is- the Testira-Tny ofaThousand Wilnesses 25 Address on Itight of Petinon 2 Address td Senators and Repreáentatives of the freo States 1 Address on Slavery (Germnn) 1 Address of Conregational Union of Scotland 1 Address of Nationn} Convention (Germán) 1 Ann. Rep. of N. Y. Comurittreof Vigilance 25 Do. of Mass. A. S. Society 12 1-2 Appeal to Women in the nominalJy free States 6 1-1 Aulhentic Anecdotes on Americnn Slavery 2 Address to the Ciittrch of Jesus Clirist, by the Evaiigfclicol Union A. S. Society, New York city. 4 Anti-Slavery Catechiím, by Mrs. Child 6 1-4 Adnms', J. Q.. Letters to his Constituents 4 Adams', J. Q. Speech on the Texas Ques' tion 12 1-2 Annnal Reports of Am. A.. S. Society, Sd, 4th, Oth and 6'h V2 1-2 Anifuul Reports of N. Y. city Ludies' A. S Society 3 Appeal Lol the Christain Women of the Soutli 3 Biblc against Slavery G Collection of VaJ-uabïe Documenta 6 1-1 Birney's Letters to the Churches 2 Birney oiïCoFoniatiun 2 Chattel Principl- a Summary of the New Testament argument on Slavery, by Beriah Green 6 Chipman's Discourae S Channing's Lettets to Clay C Condition of Freo People of Color S Crandiill, Reuben, Trial of 6 Dissertation on Servitude il -2Dckinson's Sermn S Does the Bibie sanction Slavery? 1 Dec. of Sent. and Constitution of the Am. A. S. Society 1 Diacussion bet ween Tiioropson and Breckinridg'e 25 Dresser's Narrativo S Extinguisher Extingnished 3 Ehnote Corresponderse C: do in sheets 4to. 2 Erotincipation in West Indies Thome and Kimbnll 1-2 1-2 Emnneipation in West Indies in 1353 3 Freedom's Defcnse 6 Garriuoii's Address at Broadway Tabernacle G Guardiarr Geuius of the Federuï Union 6 Genei ous Planter 3 Gillett's Review of BushnelPs Discourse 6 Iuimediate, not Gradual Abolition 12,-2. Jay's Thoughts on the Duty of the Episcopal Church 3 Laberty, 8vo. 25; do; I2mo 15 Morris's Speech in answer to Clay 3 Mahan's Rev. Jufin B. Trial in Kenfucky 12 1-2 Martyr Age in America, by llatriet Marti neau c Moi'ern Espediency Considered 6 Poweji oí C('nresá over the District of CoJumbia G 1-4 P!e:i ur tho Slavp, Nos. I, 2 and 3 S pro,prd,n rg of 'Jie Meefinir to form B'ondway Tubeinuclo Anti-iSiitvery SocietiS Pro-Slavery Eural Code of Haitif Roper, Moscs Nurrative of a Fugitivo 12 Sla ve Rights of Culorcd Men 12 1-2 Kuggies'a Antitiutp 6 Rifln and Wrong in Boston 'ÍS 1 2 èiav iv iiiyjnr-.-i É Slojde'fe Speech in Congzésa in 1S8 :"; SmiiJr.s GerriU Letter [p Jas. SniyHe 6 Jo. Letter lo Uenry Cluy l Slavcholding InvariabJy Sinfcl, "aiulurn in ?cy' c Southhr(d's Mamial . 1 Star of Freeuoiii 4 Sclimuckor jiikI mitli's Lettcra G Slaveliolder's I'ni.ycr 1 .S.';ivcho(iJ)íí Weiíílied ;3 Sl;n;ery in America (London); do. (Germany) 8 TIio Mürtyr, by Beriáfi Green Tlnnfjs for Ñor.hern Men to río Views of Cojonization, by Itev. J. Nourse Views of Slavery and Emancipalion, by Miss ÁJartínean G Weslcyan Sla very Review 2; War in Texas, by I'cnjainin Lundy G VVhy work for the Slnve 1 Wilsotrs Address on West India Emanciputiun 4 TRACTS. No. 1. St. Domingo, No. 2, Cáete, No. 3, Colonización, No. 4, Moral Comlüion of the Slave, No. 5, VV'hnt it, Abolition? No. 6,The Ten ('onmiandments, No.7 Unntrer andSafoty, No. 8, IVo-Slavory Bible, No. 9, Prejiidiee ngainst Color. No. 10, iNoriherrr Dealers m Slaves, No. 11, Slavery and Mísíioijs No. 12, Dr. Nelspn'a Lccture on Slavery. The abo ve Trncla are sold at 1 cent each. PRLNTS, ktc. Ilhistr.Hinns of t!ie Anti -Slavery Aímanac for I&40 SI The Euvincipated Family 2.1 Slave Markot o f America Correspondence belweenO'Connel and Stevenson S Do. do. Clay and Calhoun 12 1-;J Printer's Picture Gallery 2 Letter paper, stamped with print of Lovejoy phect 13 Do. with Slave slieet 1 Payer for Slaves, with Music, on cards 1-2 P-ofrait oí'Gerrit fSmith 50s In addition, are the following", tlie proceed of which vvill po mío tho Meiuli:m funt!. Argtííñent ofllon. J. Q,. Adams in the caite of the Amistad African3 2.r Argument of Roger S. Balwin, Esq. do do iL 1-2 Tri.-il of the Capí i ves of the Amistad (i Conoressionnl Document relating to do. 6 Portiait of ClinqiKíZ 1,00 Marcij 3d, IB42.


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