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(cjfcwfi Publish To Day A Late Speech Of Mr Giddings On Ihc ...

(cjfcwfi Publish To Day A Late Speech Of Mr Giddings On Ihc ... image
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(CJfcWfi publish to day a late speech of Mr Giddings on ihc slavery question. We necd make no apology for the space it occupie--. We Ikkmv that the former speeches of Mr. Gidilhigs Uiat we have published, have been peneraly reutl tkrovgh, with much interest. - His positions nre deined vvith euc'i clenrness nnd precisión that thoy ennnot be mietakrn or perverted. No 0110 ins vet undertaken to overthrow his cónslitutïonnl orguments. mTThe Liborty Cotivpntion of Maine have again nominated Gen. Appletou for Governor. - The Libur.y men oí" that Suite go to woik n Y.mltocstyle. wiili siendy .aith nnd pciscvcring ef. or:. Tlio wbigs hn'vè lost (hal Stmc forever. The Liticrly men have r.o nclination to identiíy thiíir primpepts vitli the foriunca of n corrupt and ei nk ing ' party , wlio cannot even save themselves. They repudinu! the doctrine of ilios.e who hope to pronïotc libeny by votinjj fof Sluvery. Ai their anniver?a y, tl.ey resolved tliat the Liberty Party does not nerree with tlie Whig and Demoerntic Editors. tliat the best way to get rid of Shivery is to Inj it alone; or th.nt the best way to pht il do'cn, is to put Slaveholders up. and we cannot therefore uniic wilh eithcr of the two prent parlies to decide the que.Mion, whether our nexi Président shal] be a South Carolina, or a ICeiuucky slavcholder. (CFIn New Sharon. Mninc, there have heen reren irinla for Jleprcsentativos, which have rcsu'ted in no clioice. The Liberty candidato is the highest on the list. It is astonishing how the Vliig8 and Democrais in that tcwu will be so foohsh as to "lïtrow awoy their vü:cs" on eandidatcs who ca;i not be clected ! ! ETMr. Clarl.c, t!ie whi'.e rtfugee s'avc fro:r Kentucky. is lecturingon Slavery in Maine. Mr Loviju'. hrotlier of liio niartyr, gives nolice t the Kentuckians, that sfiould an attonipt !c made to enslave hhn, the perple of Mnine have c ;.-; for tyrants, bul no air. ITGov. Cass is cspected to arn'vc at Detro: this veck. Meetings have been ca'.led ia Dc.rji and Ypsilanli to wei:or;ie him home. The conmv.intcation of ilcv. Mr. Scotfartl sh;i! appcar in our ne.xt. ' tCThe average age of the niembers of tht Ohio Lrgislitxire is 40 years. The whole nurnher i 11 '2, oï: whoni f O are fanr.ers. 12 are At torneys, 10 are lavyer.s. hiuI 2 are physidans.


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