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Mr. Wintluop, oí' Mnss, has n pored on i!ie memorial f rom castern s'.iip rcspecting thi ímprisoninent of frec coloree] seainen. The report cohcluded vyith qcrta'Jn :esoiutinns. iïedahng ihat the impri-oruvicnt oí free coluieJ ci:7.. ns ir Fouthrrn por:s s a viola tion of tiie Consutution: thn impris."nnent of forcign colored searnen, isa violation of lint articíe wliich declares th"t tieatics a part of íhe snpreme law of the land: oiul t!):;t the Stnte rep'laíioiis on the subject are unjustifiable, and in posiiivc conflict with ilie national compact. Ti. is repon of tlic CommittPC oa Commeree was sanctioneJ by seven of the ninc memhers of the comniittee: but ltayner, of N. C. presented a minoriiy report, antJ moved the printing oí' an e.itra tiúyhber of both reporta. This wns objected to, and Mr. "Winthiop moved ilio usual niimber. Mr. Black, of Cía. said lie o'ijccted .o íht priuting of the, nxijoñ'y report altogjtüicf, anrl moved lo l.'iy t!n no(o:i to ju int tlic usual numbrr on ihe talile. Tliis piece of oversferisiii wis io8t-nys 72- mys 114. Tlie usual nuniber verc ordered. amí afterwards five thouünnd extra copii-s orc:ich report. Mr. Botts soón after rose and moved a recon8 Jeration of tho vote for priuting an extra num ber. He wislied to examine them. If eitlier report v;i$ijlammat)nj, cilcula'íéd to add to public c.xuitemcnt, lie síi'ould oppose the juiniing. - If o{ a conlrary cliar icíer, he sluuld bu in iavor of it. Air. Calhoun. or Mass. ni ived to lay tlie mtion for reconsjderatifip mi tho table. Mr. Wise, in his ';very teiriliie" :n4iinec, caüe 1 for the yeisand nsys, Lost, 88 o 1 12. Thti rnotion to reconsider was carrjerï - 113 !o (iS. Thus the House voted tfiít information shoiild nct be dissemiii.'iteJ. even wht-n boili sities wisrc presentad with he gieatcst ability. To make olí suro, thc niotion to print an extra rmniber Wns laidon the tnble, onmotion of tMr. Wise, by a vote of 10-1 toíM. This picce of slnycliolcling mnnagement, which was cairied by Wliii; slaveholders and Northern Demócrata, is a specimen of their usual course of policy. A s-ibscription has been started among the menibürs of Congresa to circuíate a late nuniberof Wmthrop's report. In the Sotrite, the bul to prevent carrying ñiaüable matter" by private conveyance was under consideration. Messrs. Poner and Woodbridj;e urged scveral obji-ctions to it. Tlicy -aid that if private enterprise vas ii advance of tlie mail iu ihe iransüiiasion of iiitelligence, it was wrong to punish individuáis for it. Tiio house of Representatives hnve, !iy a vote of i 9o to 18. decided that thcplan of an exche quer presented tu congress by '.lie executive o"ght m 1 1 be ad-iptcd. Tbc democratie members uiianimously voted agint,t the exchequer. By a voteof J 15 to J 05, the house also rejected the proposition to rstore the independent trensury system. In a wlug house, this vote was very Strong for :he aubtreasury. We observe that besides tlie unanimous voteof ihe democratie members. the measnre was sus:ained by Mr. Cushing, Mr. Irwtn, Mr. Oilmer, Mr. MidWry, Mr. Wise, nnrl one or two oíher adinintstration whigs. Rttitr to the States. - Mr. Cost Johnson's project for the rcücf of the States has at length obtained a hearing so far as referred to a Select Committee, along with numerous memoriáis in i ts favor. Tlic following gentlemen compose the Conmuttec: Messr?. Johnson, of Md., Geniry, of Tenri.. Adams; of Mass., Casey, oí" III.. Cooper, of Pa., Marsiiall, of Ky.. Morris, of O., üuward. oí Mich., Cravens, o" Ind. ttj Kecp it before (he pcople, that to lowshiprnan-steaiers is a ihousand times more i inconsistent than to fellowsitip eheep-stealers. '


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