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Slavery In North Carolina: For The Signal Of Liberty

Slavery In North Carolina: For The Signal Of Liberty image
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Mrssrs. Editous: - ir y on think tbc FoUowiag, spread out fure the public rrñy subsorve llie cause lo vliicliyoiír paper i.s flèvofed, you are at liberty to dtiáisii lf. It s an-i.xir.ict from a Ictt'T wrilten by a friend of i.iirr. who does not '■ aliogether smpai.'jizs wit!) abolilionists; who is travelling at tliis linie in the Sotitli, to his sisters in Üi is vicinity. Ho writes frum Ñ. Carolina. Vourg truly,"Wïth the Sout!i generalij' Lcannot eay I nm particularly pleased. There aro some fine Ti wiis it-is inip, imd ocrafionaüy n nice residence in the country - bat tliore s nol llmt nppcarance of tlirif"; y enicrpiic nnd comfort tliat there is at the North - and the peculiar system is a terrible drawback. The state and condilion of society is not to be compared witfa tliat oí the North. The inhabi&ns are inore j widely saperated frem ecch o'her,!ess fomüi ofcourse, and more isolated in their feeürgs. The mass ofthem are micli less refined ' and intelligent. There are c.xcepïions it is truc to this laet remirk; but I speak cf the ' multitude. There ore eome, I nwy say very inony intelligent and gentlemenly men,in Virginia particular}!; and some even licre in N. Carolina. But wilh the multitude it is ; wie; and especialiy in N. C. Indeed I have Rever ecen a more ignorant and untutored set ! than onc sces in this state - white haired : or rather light hnireii,bloated, livid and unlieaK thy in their appearance - the 'niggeis" are boforc tbcm in natural cndovíincnta and decidodly their superiors Common schools in j this rogion,insicad of beinr romoted,are j lected and even dis-npproved ond condemned. : T.icy sny property Í9 better than learning: j and tlmt tiiey had much rather put their dren to work tlmn to school. Thifl is true of N. C. parlic.ilarly; perhaps only - altbough common schools are uncommon in all thp sou' hem state?- there is I am told but one school in the whole county of Edgcomb, and liiat is in this place-- and it is worihy of ord that this county gives a Democralic inajority of ut least 1200; the whig vute being hut abbut 150. This mixture of white and black, majors and servan's, gmllcmen and niggBrfli I hate and ahoniii.ate. Nor are the muertes of scrvitnde dimiiiwhed by observation-ignorant, menial, raggpd, dirty, degraded, ond as far as possibl", r I may ay', as lar os practicable imbruted; the hvstriti is one from which on unliardend trart vill instinciively Hun awy with loaijiing and detestalion, That thereare some and even imny occeiniy oresseu and coniforlnbV, is not to Le denied - and this is true particular!) in íowns and amonn- íome of tlie Iiouse scrvantá. IJut with the field, hands and masa it is otherwise. - Meanly c'ad - iníolerably fed, and animalized ns far as po?ible--they are rulpd wilh a s!ro!ij and iron hand. Tlie masters are lords, nnd thcy aro to all iníenis and purposos an1. in the fullest dense of the word, servaiitf. They are goods, chuUf I?, meróíiñná.izcíAin.gá, and it is as cormnoii in t liis country to henr farmors lalking of tho piif-e of nitrtrerp. as it is to liear the same siid of cattle in G. or wlffat in M. Kvery thing in fact s fi;ted to make tho iniprpssion on tliair minds and faslen it foreyèr. ihat they are born and intenued for this con" (Jition. l'or my own part, 1 ríty as j ivcll as ablior tlie province of the master - j and in the last greal day would profer eraliy tostaii(3 ín t!e plce of the s.'ave.''


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