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To The Rev. Mr. West Of Monroe: For The Signal Of Liberty

To The Rev. Mr. West Of Monroe: For The Signal Of Liberty image
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Sin: - I heard yon staie m a public mecín in ihis place, on ilie aftcrnoon of yesteidny, thát n s!ave had been chopped to piceos n Ky. by his masíer, with an axe, begimnng it liis feet, íbr running away. Yon n!so sinted a case of' a black boy, 15 vears olí), benf sent into a parlor in Kentucky, to fan n vititor. beingen'irely nalced. Aiul another case of two sliip loada of ne-, jroes bttving t lie ends of tliélr ears cut oft imkino' nbuut half a bushel of pieces of' ears. You also staied that suc'i t reattnetjt is general in Uic South. I have lived niglit years in the South, and ain preparad lo contradict these tliings fully as ar as my observatiou goes. I would hereby rcspeclfnlly cali upon your nulhorities on each of tlie'se several points. - cali on you to specify time aud place n each of the giv en cases. If sucb aecs curso myj country, I wish to see them proved out cleiiry in i he face of dny, bnt if nof, I wish the nibiic to know where the faiilt liesVer}' resppctínlly ín Gospel bmuh.BRADFORD FRAZEE. Ann Arbor. Feb. ö, 1843.We havereceived the abovc through ihe 'ost Office. Tlie writer is a clergymr-n of the M. E. Cluucli. Mr. West is abunJantly ab!e toanswer for bitnseUj and doub:!es will do if. j ïut shoultl lic not, we can substontia'c the i cliopping to pieces of the s!ave above j tioned, by two nephewa of Pirsidntt Jffeison: ! we can show that slave children are frcqoenily j koptmked at the South till twelve years ol ngo; and that t. is comm;n to mark slaves by cüttmg off; i-roppincr, sütting, or tnnking holes in their-eanh We will glvc daie?, places, ai;d natnes. Dut we presume Mr. West will speok ror himself, nod demónstrate tliat "such acts do curte otir country." lt m:.y be propor to state, hnwever, that we did uot paderstnnd Mr. West to eay that the pieces of ea-s ƒ' a half bushel, but that íhey were couníed and pul inh a half bushnl. - Ed. Sig.


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