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Whig Support Of The Right Of Petition

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ineiNorthern Whigs chita- demnnd the support of abolitionists to be given to tlicir party, on lbo gronnd that their party .supports tnenght of petiton. A good many ihfegs uro lo bfc sa id on this pöint : 1. The present Congrí, with a clear v big majority of SO, has rocstabJished the Sn82. The party hns ncvcr done ono act or made one ion- as a party - in support of the rígril of ncfition. 3. Thosc Wliiff3 wbo have gone the far the.or agniust the right, have lost nuihing uf i the of their jiarty. 4. Aboiitinnisisarc uo more concerned to support the rigbt cf pëtition thau -ony other ciiizen,except ns its support or its éxercUe may subserve the arrti-èièveYy cnn$e. ..Ro'naiiy othor tuode of rcacliing the subject hnp now bern furuished, that this meansof influeneing oiilier Conffresa orihe ciunlry. liokis a mnch iesa prominent value thnn jt did fmir or five years ngo. C. To ciaim onr support solelv on the yroiuid that n man npholds the rig'itol'petition, jsnbout df just as to claim it iirciiise hc goos to mee tuig, or pnys his taxèf, or .ny obyious rig-iit lliing whiéfi every decen?. man d oee . - Emandpaïör . The ichig poliq.-We n Maasachaseft, don t emprehrnd the tiepih of the gnme. The policy of tlie Whig parly nt the late elecl Ion Ecems to liave been quilo oritrinal. It is tliua rxpounded by the B!i]tim.)re Patriot in an art iele e.vprely npproved and endorscd I-v the Rich.mond Whig. "The Whigs bide their Urne. Tbey have sufiered ílie yeurs 1C41 and 42 to pass without making a genera] cffoit, bccatiFe thero was no motive íbr if. Sncce.-a would have traiibferred to tliem the re?ponsibility oftlie mensuras of the Government, without ihc power to control them. Thi-j is the view whirh induccd them tr. prrmit the eleciinns of 18-jL to go ngainst tliom alniogt by dsfaul?. Tiiey iKivethruwn the reins by coneenV, into Ihe hands of the miüorily." The profonndnoFs of this poüo)-, by wliicli Ihe governments of tle gmat Sfntrs of Massarhusei , New York. Ponnsylvanic, Ohio Nptth C'iuol,n3, Sec. have been given "by (jefa;!lt,v roüiinds meofthe man lyiilg in ihe rooi' fy thr. üide of hie horsr, ohgagèd i n vain effort to ge', tip out of tjie dirtin w'hich be. was rolling. "W'nt are yon ]-:ig here tor?" sa id a pusfer-by. Thé poór fellow, who hnd eft !is: saddle "by df;ibu!t,'r replied - "Whv. look hpre stranéer, I got offto


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