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AUMIMSTRATORS SALK. PÜRSÜANT 10 an order oHke Jútlg'e dfPÍobate, for the county of Wnshteimv. niRdo on the iwenty ihird in-i., uinhorjzing :hc sale of rerd estáte of JËUen Wilmot. deeensed. ] slinll so!l at aueiion tite re.desiau, lierejnafier describe! ai the d welling hou1;' foauerlj ocpupied liy the si:il dcceased. in the viilnae of Saline, oq 'i'liins i.iy. the six'.eenih lay of Fehruary nr.i, at onc o'cloek ia tlie aficriioon ofthat diy. to uit: oommcn.üjnf.' on ihf; somli oL Henory slicct ihrce chiiins and twolve links enst of tbc iioiih coriu;r. of tl, e I!atist meeting hotice lol. md runoing t=outh five cboins.át rijjlit angtcsi of said strect, ihenec cast pnmllH iihsaid Bireet ono clniiib iheDCe nortli townrdB Henery stn-et. pninilel wiih snid iirst line five chnins. thenee west one chain, to tlie r !;u-e ofbegóinirig; cjntnining om liplf. ,npra of latfd, bcti; tlie same pieitiift-s on wliitli the Beid filien W Li Un cu I i ved previons to lier decengp. ISRAEL 1VJLL1A.MS. Adininisrftior. Dü'ed Saline, August %J9Ik Í84Ü. 4 y. Du. Ji.wisTKirs cKv,i!.vn.n ñ. VÜR AC3ÜÉ FÍLL'Si- iWj, Vc:ri,ibU. A a;il?. speedy. and surc rcmedy tor fbver imd agüé, dum aune, chili fever, nnd {lie biijous diseosea peculiar lo new couniriea. These piiïsarc designed for tlic JíToctioiis ofthp iiverand ilicr snicrn-ii orgftns wliivh pUeud ihe ! díscráes oí'thc new and miasmatic portions 'uTóur couniry. Tfio prqprietór Inving -uied iheni i a grett ■ vanety oí nses cónfidenHy beliovcs thnt they re superior tu vw remedv 1 tns ever been ! ed to the pu!:!ic for the n!ove diseasp It rpfiréijp Vtéétatit tíifd pe.feíy liáñriíei. i nnd can be taken by any person, male or femare ' witn perfect eafeiy. The'pHoVflrc prapnredio fwp separóte fu-xes. niarked No'. 1 and No. 2. and ñéccoínpanied wiit i vill reeiions. A preñe number of eertífi -nfes miciit be procured ín ínvor of t!)i3 mediciné, bu t the proprieter ias ihoiiL'ht fltnotto nsert ihem. in as muíh ná lie dcpendii upon the merite oi the snnie for i te i reputaiinn. The above pil! is kepf constfintlv on hnnd luthu propricior and vm be liad nt whülraale nnd ■ laü al tic store of lUcUlw Ót ('o. Oj dars rom the country prornpdy sttended to. An Arbor. (lowér town) May 2Qih 1842 " L. BF.CKLEY


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