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The subscribe, informa thers menweoi wti-Sluyery Socictic, and oll persons who d „re to reíd the SJovery publications that Jiavc issued from the Anioricnn press, that lio Jiaa purcliased all tlic books, pamplilels, tracis, prints etc. latelv belonging to the American Anü-Slavery Society, aiiiounting to ahout eiffftt thousand dollar?, at old pnces, wlnch lie offers for sale bv liia opent in any quantity, at loic pricesfor'cask onlif. Samples will be kept at Iiis office, corner óf Hanover and Exchanee arréete, and orders will be promtly nttemled to. A catalogue of the principal publications ïsannexed, nnd tlie prices put against them are the present ireduced) retail prices. By the hundred or largcr quanticy, thcy will be sold lowei say for bound volumes 25 per cent. discount : on pnnphlets. tracis and piclures, 50 per cent. discount. Wit h respect to most of tliem this s below the actual cost to me in cash. They were not purchased with a view to sell at n norfit but to subserve the Anti-S!avery canse. SflJh an opportunity has not previously occurred to ol)lain Anti-Sluveiy publications al. these rediiced prices, and probably will not npnin. QErlitorsof newspapers are reqnesled to copy this advortisi'inent at longth for three monthp,and their bilis will bc paid in bookp,ctc. Pirase send a copy of the pnner containinr the advertisement. LEWIS TAPPAN. New York, March lst, 1S42. BOUND VOLUMES. American Slavery as it i.=, muslin .r0 Anti-Shvery Manual 20 Alton Riots, by Pres. Becchcr, of III. Coll. I2mo. 25 Alton Trials , 25 Slavery Record, voli. !, 2 and 3 eet :0 Appeal, by Mrs. Child S7 1-2 Anti-Slavery Kxnminer, bound vols. 50 lieauties nf'Philanthropy 33 1 3 Bi)urne's Picture of Slavery 50 Uuxton on the Slave trade 50 Cabinet of Freedom (Clarkson's history nf the slave tradc,) volf. 1, 2 and 3 set 1,00 Chloe Spear 25 Channing on Slavery - Duncan on Slavery 5 Eman. in the VV. 1. by Thome anu Kimball nvisltn r' Do by do ? boards with map 25 j Enemies of Constilion discovered 50 j Fountam, plain binding, oimo. 12 1-2 ! Gustavüs Vassa 50 Grimke's Letters to Miss Beecher 37 1 2 ; Jav's Inquiry 37 1-2: Jay's View 50 , Light and Truth - 20 ! J.ife of Gronville Shnrp 15 Molt's Biographical Sketches 37 1-2 i Memoir of Rev. Lemuel Hancs 75 j Do ofLovejoy 6-2 1-2 North Star, gilt edges 33 1-3 : Penneylvania llnll 7 Quarterly Anti-Slavery Marrazine, Gvo. 1,00 Rankin's Letters. I8mo. 100 pp. 20 ■ Right and wrong in Boston 20 Star of Freedom, uiuslin 12 1-2 Slavery - containing Declara ion of Senrimentsand Consiitution of the Amer. A. S. Society: Wesley'sThough;s on Slavery : Does the Bibie sanction Slavery? Addressto the Synod of Kentucky, Narative of Amos Dresser, and Why work fo the SlaveT bound in one rol. 25 Slave's Friend , 32mo. vola. 1 , 2 and 3 Fet 50 i Songs of theFrefi 83 1-3 Thompsons Reception in Grcat Britain, 12mo. 20 ! Testimony of God ngninst Slavery, IGmo. 20 ■ WheailyPhillis .Memoir of 25 j West Indies, by Professor Hovry 50 Wart Indies, by Ilarvey and Stnrge 75 : Wesley's Thoughts on Slavery, in muslin, with portrait 12 1-2PAMPIILETS. Sets A. S. Almanacs, from 1336 to 1341 inclusive 37 1 - Arldress to the Free People of Color 1 j Ancicnt Landnv.irks i Apology for Abolitionists 3 American Slavery ns It ïs- the Testimony of a Thousand Witnesics 2." Address on Right of Peiinon 2 Address to Senators and Representatives of the free States 1 Address on Slavery (Germnn) 1 Address of Congrega! ional Un'.on of Scotland 1 Address of National Convention (Germán) 1 Ann. Rep. of N. Y. Cotnmitke of Vigilance 25 Do. of Mass. A. S. Society 12 1-2 Aopeal to Women in the nominally Tree States 6 1-4 Authentic Anecdotes on American Slavery 2 Address to the Chnrch of Jesus Clirist, by the Evnngelical Union A. S. Society, New York city. 4 Anti-Slavery Catechism, by Mrs. Child 6 1-4 Adams', J. Q. Letters to his Constituents 4 Alams', J. Q. Speech on the Texas Question W Ut Annual Reports of Am. A. S. Society, Sd, 4th, 5th and 6'h 12 1-2 Annual Reports of N . Y. city Ladies' A. S. Society 3 Appeal to the Christain Women of the South 3 Bible against Slavery 6 Gollectiomof Vahiabie Documents 61 1-4 Birney's Lettere to the Churchea Birney on Coloniaation 2 Chattel Principie- a Summary of the New Testament argument on Slavery, by Beriah Green C Chipman'a Discourse S Channing's Letters to Clay 6 Conditionof Free People of Colar 3 Crandall, Reuben, Trial of G Dissertation on Servituile 1'2 1-2 Dckinson's Serm-in 3 Does the Bible sanction Slavery? 1 Dec. of Sent. and Constitution of the Am. A. S. Society 1 Discussionoetween'Tlioinpson and Breek ■ inrid'ge' " 2i D'ressePs Narrativo S Extinguisher Extinguished 3 Eltnore Correspomlence G; do in sheets 4to. L Emancipation in West Indies Tliome and Kimball 1 1-2 Emancipation in West Indies in 1838 3 Freedom's Defense 6 Gairiöon's Address at Broadway Tabernacle 6 Guardian Genius of the Federal Union 6 Genei ous Planter 3 Gillelt's Review of BushnelPs Discourse 6 Immediate, not Gradual Abohtion 12-2 Jay's Thoughts on the Duty of the Episcopal Church 3 Liberty, 8vo. 2s; do; 12mo 15 Morris's Speech in answer to Clny 8 Mahan's Rev. Juhn B. Trial in Kenfucky 12 1-2 Martyr Age in America, by Harriet Martineau 6 Modern Espedicncy Considered 6 Power of Congreso over the District of Columbia G H Pleafor the Slave, Nos. 1, 2 and 3 3 Proceedmgs of ihe Meeting to form Btoadway Tabernacle Anti-Slavery Society Pro-Slavery Rurul Coccof llaitiI Roper, Aloses Narrative of a Fugitive & Slave Ríghts of Coloreó" Men 12 1,-2 Ruggles's Antidote 6 Riglilarid Wrong in Boston 12 1-2 I Slaverjí Rhymes C SIule"s Sperch in Congrcss in 1838 S Smiili'd Gerritt Letter to Jas. Smylíe C Do. Letter lo IJenry CJy 6' Slaveholding Invariably Sinfúl, "nialum I in V" c Southanl's Manual 1 j Star of Frcedom 4 i Sclimuckcrand . Smiilrs Letters 6 1 Slnveholder'.s Prever 1 S!aveliol(!inr Weiplied :1 1 Slavery u America (London); do. (Germany) 3 ', Tlio Mnrtyr, by Ceriali Green Things fnr Noráiern Men to do Views of Colonization, by Rev . J. Nourse Views of Slavery and Èiiiancipalion, by Miss Martillen n f Weslcyan Anti-Slavery Review 2.' War in Texas, by Benjamin Lundy G Wliy work for the Sla ve 1 Wílson's Address on West India Emancipatiun 4 TRCTS. No. 1. Rt. Domingo, No. 2, Gaste, No. 3, Colonization, No. 4, Moral Condition of the Slave, No. 5, VVimt is Abolition? No. 6,The Ten Coniniandmeiits, No. 7 Dn ng-er nnd Safety, No. fi. Pro-Slavery Bible, No. Ü, Prrjodiee ncainst Color. No. JO, Northern Dealers in Slaves, No. 11, Slavery and Mispions No. 12, Dr. Nelson's Lecttire on Slavery. The above Trarí.s are sold at T centeach. PRINTS, etc. Illnstrations of lije Anti -Slavery Almanac for 1,140 The Ermncipnted Family 26 Slave Market of America Correspondence bel ween O'Connel and Stevenson ñ Do. do. Clay and Calhoun 12 1-2 Printer's Picture Gallery Letter paper, sta'nped with print of Lovejoy fheet is Do. with Kneeling: Slave sheet 1 Pnyer for Slaves, with Music, on cards 1-2 Potrait of Gerrit Smith . fOs Ib addition, are the foJlowing, the proceed of which will go mío thc Mendian fund. Argument of Hon. J. Q,. Adams in tbe cose oí" the Amistad Africans L5 Argument of Roger S. Bal win, Esq. do do " 12 1-2 Trial of the Captivep of the Amistad C Congressional Document relating to do. 6 Portrait of Clinqnez 1,00 March 3d, 1C42.


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