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I liOI.MANS Bone Ointment. THIS Oixtmknt siimdsnt ihc he:id of all re medita for tlic fóllowing disetises which nai lure is hcir too, viz:- RHLUA1ATISM hoih ' Cluonic nntl inflnmitory - Gout - Sprains - Bruj ises and contracted TENDOINS oí long slandng. Jt discusses nll lumours - renders stifl joints i liinher by producing n healthy muscular nction. ít nssungcs pnins in Bou.s nnd Abckssks. - Noihing equnls it in sw'elled nnd inflnmcd Brensts in Femóles, ijf applied in .cnrly stage, prevenís 3'ipperntion or matter formfng, n"nd gives in nll enees immedinle ensefrom pain. Certifícales oí chis fnet could be given íf necceeary. This remedy is ofïered to the Public witli ihc fu 11 nssurnnce thnt it far excels the Opodeldoc'e ind Liniments of the piesent dny, for the nbove disensrs. A trial is only wanted. to give it (he i liecided preference to every thing else. Man y Phyeciana ot eminence have used this ointmrní ind extols its meriis. n9 The above ointmcnt s for sale wholesnle nnd ratail by L. BECKLEY. An n Arbor, flowcr tcw n) June 15ih, 1842 9 TO PÍIYSICIANS AND COUNTRY MERCHANTS. THEsnbscriber ínviíca theattention of Pliy ficians and Country Mprcliants, to liií present stock of Drugs, IVJedicines, Paintf, Oil?, Dye Stufjy, Varnish, Brushos, Uc. &.c. coniprisintr one of tlie Inrgest and íullest assortinents broufrlit lo the country. In bis present stock wil I be found: 100 oz Sulph. Quinine, superior French and Enyüsli, L0 oz. Snlph. Morpliia, 10 oz. Acct. do 50 oz. Carpentcr's Wilheriirs Extract oí Bark, 1 bbl. Povvdered Rhubrirb, 1 Cliest RJmliarb Roof, 1 bbl. Povvdered Jalap, 50 lbs. Calomel, 3 casks Epsom Salts, 15cnsksFalí aAd Winíer strained Sperm Oil, 40 boxes Sprrm1 Cantiles, 2000 ibs. White Load, dry and grnund, 4 casks Linseed Oí!, Dcntiíts Inslnnnenls and Stock Gold, Silver i and Tin Foil Platina Ware, Pofcélahi Teelh. A genera] a-sortrneiu of Patent Medicine?, all of whicli will besoldontlie most reasonable terms. PIERRE TELLER. 139 Jefferson Avenue, sipn of the Giít ch ÍS. Mortar, Detroit. TA1LORJNG BUShESS ! AM. NOBLE, would respectfully inform tlie eitizens ofAnn Arbornnd its vicinity. thai lie lias opened a shop in theLower Town. imnieii.iu-ly over the late mercírntile staiui rf Lund & Gm)spn, and oppösite the sro:e of 3. Bccklcy & Co., whore he is prepared al nll limes to do work n his line, wilh promptness, and in n nent and luroble inanner. Particular attention will lc paid to euttin gnrnents. Produce will be taken nt the usual pri e?s, for work done at his shop. These who have ash to pny for services of thts kind, are particuInrly invitnd to cali. Ánn Arbor, April 27. 1842. tf DR BANISTEB'S CATHÜET ICPIIfliS TÍIIS pill has not only been used by myself, but by a number of Physicians of high stnuding. both in his and other States, to great advantage. By the frequent and repented solicitntionsof niy friends, I have consented to ofíer them lo the nnhlic as a niost eíficncious remedy for all those billious disensees originating in a new country. The above pill is for sale wholesale and retoil ljy L. BECKLEY. Ann Arbor, (lower town) June 15tb 1842. 9TO CLOTHIERS. THE subscriber s just in rcceipt of a furtlier supplv of CJothicr's stock, consisting oí MACH NE CARDS if ivn cs:ripf mi; CLOTHIER'S JACKS. Aï TIN KTWARP, CARI) r.;,.V,V EfíS and PICKERS. SHUTTLES. BEEDS, KETTLE8 SCREWS. PABSOJVS SHEARING MACHINE. EMERY. (cicnj size.J TENTER HOOKS, PRESS PAPER, together wtth a wel', sclccfcd asforfm-nt. oDYE WOODS.aud DYE STUFFS of the very best growth and manufacture. These goods (coming ns the}' do direct from firsl hands) the subscriber is ennbled 10 sell lowèr thnn any other house west ofNew York, hf therefore solicits the attemion of firnis in the clothing business, to theexatrination ofhis stock and p ices before going cast or piuchasing elsesvheve. PIERRE TELLER, Wholesale and Retail Dmegist. 1T9 Jefl'crson Avenue, sign of the Gilt Mortar, Detroit. ESTÁTE OF JACOB LAWTON DE CEASED. - Noticc is hereby given. that the undersigned? have proved the h af w ril and teslatnent of Jacob Lawton'. d'eceased. and have taken letters Testamentary thereon. nnJ have eiven bonds nccording to lnVi All persons indebted to snid estáte are ref]n'esied to make payment without delay. and all'persons iiaving claims ngainstsaid estáte are requested to present the same to the subscribers, well authenticated, for payment. GEORGE E. LAWTON. DAVID T. M'COLLUM. Executors of the last will and Testament oi Jacob Lawton. Dated, Ann Arbor, May 7, 1842. 3rp TEMPERANC HOTElT BY EIOBEI1T& TERHÜiE. (CORNKR OF MICHIGAN AND WASHI.VGTO.N AVENÜKS. BKTRW1T.) THE above House is plcasantly situated nea the Central Railroad Depot, and is now uj dergoing thorough repairs. The rooms are pica. nut. th.j Beds and Bedding all new, and the Tabn will besupplied with the choicest of the market and the proprietors assure those who will favoi them with their custom, that all pains shall be taken to make their stay with them agreeable. Fare. very loto, and accommodation good. - Carringes to convey ])assengers to and from the Hotel Cree of expense. Detroit, Apri'?7; 1R42. "ECONOMY IS WEALTH." T I iHE SuDscribers will pay pay two cents per X pound in Goods or Paper for an quantity of good clean SWINGLE TOW, delivered at the Ann Arbor Paper Mili JONES & ORMSBY. Ann Arbor, April 27, 1842. tf NEW GOODS L! FDENISON bas just recoived n complete stock of DRY-GOÜDS. GROCERIES ANO CROCKERY, which will be sold very cheap for money or most kinds of produce. Description8 and pricc3 will bc given at theSlore. Ann Arbor, June 1, 1842. SALARATUS - A prime artiele in boxes or barrels, for sale at 'lic lowcst'priccs by F. DENlbON. Si,;i:. 2-1,.13-ia ItSJR WALKER rcspcctfuily informs hm fnends and lhc public in gencrnl, t!mt bas recently commcnced business, in tiie ' tni'lor ing linu,one door east of Bower's dry goods stoie where be is prcparcd loexccute oiders in he neatfst nnd most fasbionabje siylc. Garments wl.11 be made to on!er, in ptrict con formity with tltc present prevnilin'g fatlnon nnd taste of tbe dny, nnd warran;ed to fit or no charge. Ladies' Riding Ilnbits mode in the lntest IScw York or Pliiladcphia fnshions. Friends. or Quakers' garments will be mod in the neatcst nnd plainest style. Cutting dore at shortest notice. All kinds of Military Uniform and undrea coais and panialoons. made agrceable to il e present military or regimental order. J. R. WALKER. Ann Arbor, July 25th, J842. nl4- 3m. IUMBER constanliy on hand nnd for sa' 'y F. DENISON. June 10, 1842. ,f PARSONfS SHEARING iIA CHINES" - Thro. H. Eatok & Co. J38. Jcft ' son avenue, arethc sole ogents of these vcry w ebrated machines. 12-t SATTINETT WARPS ON BEAMS Thko H. Eato & Co.; m, JctLTB Avenue, nfler for sale a larpe stock of Snttineit VVarps, hom the New York milis. These' U. ups are coribidered superior to anv oihfr in the country, and will be sold, for cashat a snioll aj 12-8Ïr IVooï tniriing aind cïoïiT Dressing-, THE Subscribers respectlnily announce to the cnrens Ann Arbor and vicinity. that thev are prcparcd to card wool and dress cloth cus tomers. in the best style. and at tbe shortest notice. Having good machinery. experienced workmen, and long practice in the business, they havp tbc utmost confidence that tbey shall give complete satisfaction. J. BECKLEY & CO. Ann Arbor. April. 25, 1Í-42. "33c ïajjs of trFuUinn SLine forio:." JACKSOM TJEMPERANCE HOUSJ?, A VI) BOTANIC MEDICAL STORE, IVith Hot and Gold Baths Sr, JT, T WIISOIV, Sfiat end of Main Street, Jtickson, Mich. Hivcr Haisin I]STITUTE. TUIS Institution is located in the town oí Rnisin, near the north bank of the beautiful river whose name it bears, ons nnle east of tho direct rond from Tecnnisch to Adrián. Tliis eligiblesite ïkis been electcd for in Tiuiet seclusion, ihe fertility and elevation of iti soil. ite pure and healthfulatinospbere. and pleas. ant secnry. Rooms. - There are now on the premises suitble rooms )or the accommodation of forty sta'lents; whieh nie dedigned to bo occupied for private siudy and lodging. Other neerssary build ng areprovidrd for recitations nnd boarding EXPENSES. Tuition per Term of eleven weeks, $4,00 Board ;' with 4 hours work eack cek, 7,57 Room Rent, gy incidental, f,o Total, J2.95 There will be an additional charge of one dol, lar for those pursumg the bigher brnnches as Philosophy, Algebra. Geometiy. Astronomy, &c. For Cbemistry, Latin. or Grcek an addition of , two dolkrs wil! be made. Scholars are expected toproYKfé rtveoiselves with wJiot ftirnitnre they w' need in their rooms, itso, with lights, fuel, and washing--noné Veill hereafter board thtm sel ves. Bills to hc seillcdin advnnce. The school is open to all applicants ol ïitnble age and moral character irrespective of" comrlexion or eondition. inj77#! second term of tiis siimmcr will com menee Wcdm-s lay Julij 20í. It is very desirable that all wbo design tont tend the school, should be on the ground - hav íheir bilis settled. and their rooms prepared, bepre the first day of the Term. Any further inonnntion enn be obtained at the Institución, of by addressing, post paid. J. S. Dixo.v. PriñciI, Flnisin. Lenawee Co Mich. Raisin, May I9th. ]4'. nö- 2m ÏVEW 33OODS ! ! N. Y. CUJiAP STO1ÍE. rpiIE subscriber hns just relurned from New .1. York With the Ibrpés, nnd best selected a8sortment of DRY GOODS. GROCFRIF CROCKERY, BOOTS 5? #HöË? iffe YANKEE NOrrONS, c?er froughtto íhf. ma ket purchased previons to the tarfff wiïrb w.llennbie h.m to sell for cash, ascheap a8 „ny estabhshment west of Butau. As we do bu s.ness on the Rkaky Pay Systkm we wiil „oD be undersold by any one in ibis market, which wil! be for the interest of tbe purchaser and dealer. We wouldsay to the farmers that we sdl goods in proportion to the price of wheat-o In.shrl ol wheat will purchase as many goods m the present !ow prices as it did lnst fallT Now the time for people to buy goods if they want bny them chenp. The assortment consist in art of the followinsr artieleaSHEEPS GREYS. UMURELLAS, S1LKS. MUSLIN DE LANES ALAPINES. MERINO TAGLIONE SíVS?AR SAWÈS, VÍCTOR A do VICTORIA do. CARLISE do. ROB ROY nnd BROCHEA. do. BRASS CLOCK. SHEE'I INGS, HOSE, SHIRTINGS. TICKINGS, CRAVATS JWILLED JEANS, COTTON YARN, ï1 FLA!V?NELS, GINGHAMS, COTTON BATTING, HDKF'S. DIAPER and Tnble Cloths, MITTENS, CALICÓES, (or all kinds,) LADIES DRESS HD'KFS, GLOVES. (of all kinds,) LOOKING GLASSES, &c. &e. A choice iissortment ol Groceries, ?uch a ens, Sngars, Molares, &c. &c., all o whith Hl be sold at wholesale or retail. Pedlars can be sup lied at tlns establihm ent lo w as to aslonisb them. Thesubsiriber deerns it useless to go into lUr beodetail. but asks them to cal) and kzamihv or themsel'ves.. D. D. WATERMAN. Ann Arbor, Sept. 20, 1H42. 3m77r NEW GOÖDSÏT T DENISON, is now receivingas usunllya we'l selected assortment of falland winter GOODS, which will be sold choap for cash ar barter. N. B. As chcap as any in town. September 24, 1842. ti2S


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