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Questions To The People Of The United States

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1. I theadoptiui of the Federal Constifiition, was there any power over tlie insti ulion of Slavery, within tlie sevcral Stutes, delcgatctl to the General Governmcnl? 2. lla.s the Grnrrol Guvernment any power to Icgislate Tor tlic nboliiion of Slavery :i the Slaie., or for ils support tlicrein, except for Jhe icrnjture of futrithè slives? S. Have not the Frce States as indisputable right to be entirely e-tempt from the expense, nd from what they fleem the gtiilt and di.-grace of Slavery. as the Sluve Siates have to t njöyihat institution? 4. Has the Federal Government any O.nslituiional rjglit to opply the national fundft; or to employ llie Arniy or the Navy of the United States in rrcapturinfr fugitive alavés?5. lías the Executive of the United Sfa!es i any Conslitutional riohi to nrgotiale with foreiirn governmcnts for the re. urn of fugitive sh es, w holiad escaped froni any States of this Union? C. Tías the Execulive of the United Slates any Constitutidña] right to exert our national influence to preventor promote the nbolition ofslavery, or the slave trade in other States or Governments? 7. Uns'hc Federal Goveinment the Constituí ionalright to involve the people of tlie iree Stiltes in the expense, or in what ihey doom the guilt and dtegraoè of the eoostvtise sluve tra f le, orto involvethem in war with any foreif n Governnien', for the purpose of supporlincr iho triiffic in h'inian beings? 8. Has the Federal Governn-.ent the risht to employ llie Army or the Navy of the United States to intimídate the s-laves of the South to ! obedienco, or to nso tlie national fundsfor the I erection of forti ficat ion--, or to establish deposits of nrmsand amninnition intheSlav Stale?, f.-r the p'irpose of protecting the people of thofc Stalrs naainst tlieir eluvci, in case of unfia'ptifcd lebellinn? D. Ia iliere any Conétitutionol objection to the rppea! cfall nct6 of Congrcss sustnininfr Slavery or the Slave Trade in the District o? Columbiii? 10. Ia it nota violation of the Constiiution;il rights of the people of the free State for Coiigress to pass laws involving them in what they (Jerm the guilt and disgrace of slavery and tho clave trade in the District of Columbia, and then to refnse io iceive any petitions for tliere;ea] ofsucli laws?


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