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The Hunter Propellers

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-Francis Gr ice,fcsq. United States Naval Constructor, disting-mshed for his ability in his profession, has Written a Jetter to lïie editnrs of tlic National Inlcllifrencer, on tlie subject of Lieutenant Hut) ter irnprovement in steam navijalion, as now redi:ced to prnciicc in the construct ion of the steaniship Union. Mr. G. thus describes a portion of the recent trip from Norfolk !o Washington i.i tlie Union: 'J'liis vessel, yon are aware, is propelJed bv siibmerged wheels, placed wílhin and at tlie üstance of abont two feet from the botlom of the veseï. We mn the distance from Norlolk to Oíd Point (fiftecn miles in on hour and a half, without any advnntape from wind or tide, nrid, as we stocd down the bay, out of thp usual trock of steamboat?, lo clear the "Horse Shoe,'' shc ran nine miles by log1. Her movement was bcautilul, and eo unüke the ordinan' motion of steamers, that we couldouajcejy oeiieve vo were sieanung-. Her motion wat) Jike Ihat of a well broken horse thnt raises ynu not from the enddie. She really moved alonrj ike a ijung of lifp, nnd nlmost. is con-ciously gracefuí as a belle cf the Avenne. Tf the immortal Fulton iiad peen lier at this tune, even liis genius niipht have been puzzled at the cause of her iocomotion, recognisinir no other featuro of his own creation than a tallsinoke pipe. - Ballimore American. The Bank Question has at last been eetlled, so inr as the vote of the Irpislature can settle it. Bartley's Senate Bill, conlaining the individual liabiliiy principie, and all those strin-. gnntreslrictions for whicli the hard monev men lave contended, has at lust passcd the House hy a vote of 37 io 32. Jt was a parly Vote. The whigs say there enn be no baj)ks tmder stich a bilí, and the democrats replv, let


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