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Mr. Clay And Treason

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We piiblish to dny an nrticlo tum the N. ; Y. Tribune on "the Presidency and Sl.ivery.' We commend it to the attent ion of our readers. It diows to tvliat miséiabfe shif's even men ofsênsèand knowledge are eometimes reduced in deferice of a batí cnuse. ín this artirio Mr. Gireèly concedes what Liberty men have ahvays aíledged that he en tire Wh!s pdrty is govf'rnéd by fFkig Sfaveholdcrs.- Oji the propositfori to drop Mr. Chy, because Jie is a snvelioldèr, he asíes, "Would it lint at once dvest iisófanysympathy or sUpjiort frofti the Slavcholdirg States? ' "lf we establish a test whiefi virtually cxelndes their eminent and ftivonte Statesman from all hope or chance of reachmgthë liighest station in the gift of the Ainericnn people, do tfre not virtua'üy oud voluntarüy SHIVER THE BOND OF OUR UNION, and cast them off f or ever f' We think Mr. Greely has stated the tase fairly. The 'Bond of Union' is, that the Northern Whig shall support a sluveholder for Presidency, and fthey refuse, the Soutij ern Whig.s will withdra-v -'ajl sympat.hy andsupport, and tluis break up the XVhig parly. Mr. G. is apprehensive of Ihis result, os lie knows the only hope of his pnrty is from the aid of the slaveholders, and he therefore inculcates on the Northern Whigs the duty of unreserved submitssion and obedience to their Southern Masters, as the only raeans of Ihcir politica! salvation. Tojut Mr. Clay usiae because he is a slaveholder, vould !e lo make a concess.'on "Pjíiulous'' and "Fatal" to the party. OuWill not our friends who aie wailing fr anti-slavery action from ihe Wh:gs, look at this? Will they never see that the Slaveholders govern the party, and conseque ntly warp its measures to their will? If the JNorthern Whigs concede a slaveholding President for this time only, to Ihe Southern Whigs, can thoy not perceive, (to quote Mr. Grcely's own l8nguegej tnat'A'ext diiy the fatal precedent will picad,1 "The crisis will alwaysbe imminent, tlicre. sult of a pending struggle fur the Piejilency donbtfulj" and a Whig slaveholder will be nomiimted at eacli eleclion, because the Soiilkern Whigs will not support any othcr. VVhere the, will anli-s!avery nction spring from? As weil might yon expect figs rom tliistleá, as action favorable to Liberty, from a party governed by Duspots! Ent the Tribune argües the subject mornlhj as well as on grounds of expedieney. It con tends tliat lo refuse lo vote for Mr. CJay, bccavse he is a tlavcholdn; is "a breach of moral honesly" - "a flagrant violation of good fuith;" it is "to beguilty of a deep and moral wrong," - and finally, it is05= TREASON TO THE CONST1TUWe shall nol altempt an argument pon euch absurd assertions. We will merely subjoin the folknving note from the Philanthropist on the consiitutional qnestion. "Theconstiitition riever contempla led the extinción of the banking sysfem bv a rio-id exclusión of bankers from offices. We suppose the democrat wIjo should make np h]s m nd to voto offajnst a bonter for any ofBce whatevcr, wouïd be "guilty of a mora] wrong;' and it would be absoluie Mreason t the constituhon,"' to vote agüjnrt BiJdle on tle gn un I tliat he had been a banker of the worst dcscriptiofi; and ?o ;he people would be guilty of "amoral wrong," and "treasonto theconstitutiun," if they shotild combine Iheir votes to keep the duellist out. "of office; because, if you please, (luëllisis are no? disfrancliifed in the coostitution - on the confrury, they are conslitutionaüy elioible to office-and so are men of everr grade of immorality and; and therefore, every man who refuses to vote for a fornicator, because he is sucli, and because óf the mornl irtfluence of süch a refusal, is guilty of "a moral wrong" "trenson to the constitution." Mr. Grcely would seem to think that the constitution was made for the special benefit of rascáis." Finally, Mr. Greely contends that Mr. Clay's conneclion with slavery, not ohly èpnnol properly vveigh ngainst him, but it "renders it MORE TMPERATÍVE thal he should be supporled!" It is more durable tíiát the Wliig President shoulJ be a Slavchoding Despof, than that he ehould be a Non-Slaveholder! It is a recommendalion to him thal ñfi robs and defrauds his fellow coiintrymen, and not a disgrace!i flTCan YVhig servility go farther than this 'enceforth Jet no man teil us about the Whig be'mg favorable to liherty, who prefers fo the Prpsidency, as a matter of chotee, a South i ern Robber and Oppressor to a just and no ble minded Statetman and Patriot. Accoróingto this argument, of two Whigs of emití qualih'cjtions, the Tribune will prefer a slavehoíder, merely hecüvse he is such ! VVliat "Locofoco1' has ever goné fnríher íBch that? TliiA opeft serví lity of (hè Northern Whigs afnply confirfns the refíiárk of Mr. Birhcy, (lint thére wás a diftèrence in the mensures of thé two political partios in reference to Slaven' which was this; that the emocratit party had inade an absolute surrender of tself tö thé sJavehoIdcr?, while the Whig party had not yét surrendered itself only 60 far as emergenc'iès had feijuired, but it was preparcd to fnake its ówn subjection complete and final as soon as circumstanccs should demand. It seefris by this article in the Tribune that this last step of degradation hasbecn taken.Jolin C. Spencer hns oecn nominalcd to the Senate for Secretary of the Treasnry, in place of Mr. Fonvard, wbo has resignedv


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