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Rev. Mr. Frazee And Slavery

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Uur reade.'d wil) recollcct that sume weeks since we published a letter from Rev. Bradford Frnzee, a Methodist -clergyman, calling for prnofof cenain nssertions made by Rev. Mr. West at the A. S. Anniversary. We are auj tliorized to say that Mr. West stiïl holds to all he s;-id at thnt meeting-, and in the way he snid it, bat he concones thnt Mr. Frazce has not stated in llie Signal what Mr. W. stated nor in the connectwh he stated it, but wlien he does state wliat Mr. W. stüted, and in lts proper coi nection, and wül take upon himseli" to demt the truth of the same; Mr. West will Uien rejily like a man, a christion, and u minister o'f the Gospel. Until then he bcgs leave tü deölinespending time in iurnishing materials to any one to aid in making an alibi in condemualion of'ist week we published a norrative of the chopping to pieces of a slave, in Kentucky, from a ivork caüed "Slavery As It Io" a work which we wonld recoirnncnd (o the perusal of Mr. F. Asa specimen of the testimony it contnins, we extract the following cases of ear cropping and slilling. givhig the names, datos, and residenceof tiie persons in quesnon. We do nut see what more Mr. P. eau ask for to satisfy hi rnind that "such acts curse his country;'' "Was committed tojail a negro man, soys his name is Joi-iah,liis back very much senred by the wliip, and brandtd on his thigk and ht'pè in Ihrcc orfour places, thtis (J. Al.) the rim nf hisriditear lias bren bil or cut off." J. L. Jolley, Sheriff of Clinton co. Mi. in the "Clinton Uazette," July 23, 1836. "Ranowny from the phntation of James Surgelte, the followingr negroes; Randa), has one car cropped,' kc. F.L. C. Edwards.m the "Southern Telegruph,'' Sept. 25, 1837. "Ranaway, Jo? Donnis- lias a smalt noLch in one of his ears.'1 Needham Whitfield, Ab'e ideen, Ali. in the "Memphis (Tenn.) Enquirer," June 15, 1838."Ranaway, negro boy Jack- has a smalí erop out of his le fl car.' E. Han, Lngrange, Fayeite Co. in the G-illatin "Union." June 3, 1337. 'Vas commilted to jail a negro man - bas Iwn scars on the fureheud, and the top of kis Irjlearcut off.'' D. Herring, warden of Baliimore cily jail, in the "Warylander," Oct. 6, 1C37. ''Stolen, a negro man named Winter - has a nolek cut out of the Ie ft aar, and the tnaik of four orjirq bucc shot on his Jegs." James JVlacks, near Natchitoches, La. in the "Natchitoclies Ilerald," July 2.1. 1G83. "Ranaway, a negro man named Jcrry - lias a sir.all piece cut out of the top ofeach car."- Li:tleji.-hn RyjfêSjHinqs Co. Mi. in the "Natchez Courier,1 August 17, 18JJ7. "Ramway, a yellovish boy nnmed Torn - has a notch in. the back of on e of hts ears." John li. Fox. Vicksburgh, Mi. m the 'Register,' M-irch 29, 1837. 1 Raraway, a negro boy Kitt. 15 or 16 years oíd, liis a piece taken out ot one of nis ears." Geo. Kinblock, in the "Charleaton Courier' May 1, 1837. "Ronnway, Anthonj', one of his ears cut off, &. liis lelt hand ent with an axe." Steplien M. Jackson, in the "Vicksbugh Register ' March 10, 1S37."Fifiiy dollars reward for tlie negro Jim Blake - has a piece cut oul ofeach car, and tJie midd le fineer oftlie loft hand ml off" at the seconri joint." The Editor of the "Ñew Orleans Bef," n that paper, Aug. 27, 1837. "RnnavvHv, my man Fountain - has holes in his car a scar on the right side of his forelie;id - hs been shot in the hitul paris of his [rgs - is rnaiked on the back with the whip." R. Beasley,Mucon,Georgiu, in the "Milledgevill Union," Oct. 2, 1838. "Brought to jail, John- lefl car cropped." Benj. Russell, deputy shorifF, Bibb coun y, Geoigia, in the "Macón Telegraph," Decem ber 25, 1837. "Rnnaway, Ihe Slave Ellis- hns lost apart (ij oneofhis ears." Hon. H. Hitclicock, Mobile, judge of the Supreme Court, in the "Commercial Register' Oct. 27, 1837. "Ranaway, a negro man Mofcs - has lost. a part of one of his eats." Mrs. E. L. Carter, Prince William county, Virginin, in the "National íntelligencer,1' June 10, 1837. "Committed tojiil a negro, named iMike - his lefl car off'' Win. K. Ratcliffey Sheriff, Frankhn Co. Mi. in the "Natchcz Free Trader," Aug. 23, 1833. We may aíso cité Mr. Frazee to a case related in the Emancipator a few weeks sinci, where a slaveholder offered to prove his prop erty in the respondent by án car markt - Judge Ewing, of Pa. very properly decided that it wa; too late in the day to permit a man I to be identified by ear inarks, like dogs and sheep.Lnstly, wo will cite him to the testirnony of a clerayman of his own lenomination, Rev tíorace Moulton, of Malborough, Mass. who resided five years n Georgia. Hear him: "A large proportion of the blacks have their shoulders, backs, andarín all scarred np, and not a fcw of them have their he'ads luid open wiih clubs, stoiïe?, and b'rickbats, ttnd witli the butt-end of whips and canes--some have liad thpir jaws bt.okeo, others iheir tceth knoclied out - while others have had their cars cropped, and the sides of their cheeks caslied oui." We presume this les tiniony will be ealisfnctory as to the cropping of earö. Wc shall discuss EOmeother topics a6 soon as we can find roo ín.The Öetroit Adveríiser objeets to tlie anticipated appoinlrheht of Major Ñoab for Governor of VVisconsiri, because "lic is a servilé tooi and luuder of Sontkern Slavcholdcrs.'' Surely you are uureasonable in your objection, while yon "latid' tliem, and wouJd cömmit the destiñes of tbe iiatióninto the hands of one of the most invetérate of the whole body. The U. S. SupreineCourt has decided in he case of Aithur Bronson, ïhat two thirds ppraisal laws in their application to prior mortgagep, containing an absolute power of ale, impair theobligation of the contract, and fe therefove unconstitutionah .


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