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Methodist Anti-slavery Convention

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An Anti-Slavery Convention has been ro ccntJyfaeia in Boston, Moss. compon entire' ly of Min.8ters and members of the MethodisZ Ep.scopal church. TJ.ere wore over two hun dred in altodance. The greatest unanimitJ characterized thcir proceedmgg. The rosolutions which were adopted are of the To character-xspiri-ed and high toried, calculad to arou.e the dormnnl energies of rhousands ui ilns ci.urch who are yet shimberi, ,rCT the wrongs and miseries of God s suffcrin poor. Wegrtetheresolurions entire because we' bel.eve they tf 11 do good. We hope they vv.ll be generally read-specially by our Metí odist riends". RESÖLUTIONS. 1. Resolved that the hol. ing or treafinr under all cncu.nstances. and in' tverv person' cla.mmg R„ch right; nnd no npoln.y-wC! er can be admilted to jn.tily tí,e plrpeiraÖoni 2. Reso ved, That as the unamm.ty an harmonyof leehng which should ever cTiir actcr.ze the people of Gd, cannot e.vist' sö' long as elavery conrin, es in (he church, we feel.tour.mperative duiy to uso all 8l)cri means as become Chris! an3, in seokina taimmrrtiate and entire nbolition from thcclTurcb of wliich we are members. 3. Resolved, That the AI. E. Church.beimr .1 unit m lts doctrine and disciplino, n tB t gislative 6nd judicial depariments, und nlmost one in lts exccutive operalions, is, as a büdv responsible for the e.vistence of slnvery m la pa Ie, bul more wpiöfeljy the ministry, with. whora the Jegisla'ive, judicial, and executive' duties rest, and who have the power to puree' the church of tbis shock ing abominnlion. 4. Resolvcf?, That slavery bèing a sin, an'd tlns sin in the M. E Church, and the church a unit, as above; notbin-r short of a epeedy and entire separaron of slavery from the church can satisfy ihe conscicnces of honest and faithful abolitionistsj nnd thereforp, reformation or división is the only alternntive. 5. Resolved, That we al! ;ini?edly anJ sol. emnly pledge to God nnd each oiier, ouf zeilousand üncëasiii effirts, while there k hope, to purge the AI. E. Church and the Jan rri)m slavery.Wiieieas, uil slaveholdidg, that is, all claim' of the right of properly in humnn beings, i essentiully a sin ngainst God; and whereis every stavè holc'er is, per consequence, a sin '" ner; therefore, G. Resolved, That we do not and wilr ribt fellowshipo person clüiminjr the abové'rVhtj or holding sJova, as a Chri?;ian'; nor oughï lie1 to be admitfed to ihe pulpit or thecomunion. 7. Resolved, That wliile we do allwecnn m the severa I relations we sustain to the clmrch, to ex irpate the great sin of siuvcry froin her pale, we do nöt, by remnining member., either countcnance or Jellowship the theslaveholdr. 3. Resolved, Thai we deern it the duty of every prcacher and momber of the M." E. Churcli, to memoralize tho nexi General Con . ference to tnke effectunl :neasnros to separate' uli slaveryf.o.11 the M. E, Church without deliiy. 9. Rosclved, 1bat mensures ouglit fo be tike to employ, if posible, un .-ipent eaeh conference at the north, bet weert now and the next eennral conferencp, to aldress onr people añd circnla'e m?inoiial.s oír ihissnbjpct, that such a general and appeal may be' ronde o that bodv, as shall nuthorize and indiYce tliem to take deci.-ive mensures for the extirpation of trom' fur clmrch.ïu. ivesoiveu, rn-at a faHJiiü] and sólemn' appeal, embodying the séhliin'ents oftliis conventioii, vvith facts and urrumen!s, be pub'üshcd.and a cony sent to evory M. E. minister and society in the United Stares ind Texas. II. Resolved, Tliat the !H. E-. Church being pnverned by a mnjority of the Genera! Conference, and as the noith have a mnjority in the legislative, judicial and executive branches of the church, the sin of slavery in the M. E. Church is emphatically a sin of the" North, as it e.vusts by thpir consent, and could' be abolis.hed froin tlie church bv tlieir vote at nny time. IS. Resolved, That as our Bisliops ond' Presiding Elders have most authorily as judicial and esecutive officers of the Methodist E.. Churcl), they can do more in the intervuls (ff the General Conference than any olher porlion of the Church, for Iha overthrow of layery in it, and therffore are more responsible' in the premises, and are hereby eaineslly requested to co-operale wiih us for its reniovah 13. Resolved, Tnat the melancholy fact, that thore are in the M. E. Church about one hundred travelling mini?ters holaing about a thousond slaves; and nearly three bundred focal preachers holdirirr about three ihousand: nnd about twenty-five thousand memberd bolding over two hundrerl thousand slaves,' worth at their wicked mnrket prices CO or 100 mil! 'ion dol Jais, should make the nation quaJie and tremblc-, repent and pray, "O Lord, spare thy people, and give not thy heritage to reproach;" hile it shows us' the magnitude of' our responsibility, and the obstacles and interests wiih which we have to contend, nnd lh;it ño íanguid efforts will answer, but the most deCided and ardent exertions are necessarv for its removal.14. Resolved, Thai the passage oftheresolntjon at our late General Conference, by whtch Ihe colored members of the Church irf snch states as reject their testiinony in cöurta of law, are dcnied tlie right of hearing tés- timony agahst white persons in churchUrmfe, is an alaiming and aibitrary exercisëof écclesiastical power, subversive of th-e inalienable right of every menrber of Hiéclwrch of Chris', contrary to the spirit .f ihe Gospel, and nflicted a blot on the reputatbnof the Methodfst Church that time can never efface. 15. Resolved, That the passage of tho colored .testimoiiy resolution, at otir late GeneroF Conference, demands the nterference of every memoer of the church, and that it is the , perative duty of all who do not wish to be hcldi responsible for its continuance to protest ag-ainst it in a decided and earnest memorial to the next General Conference: and we hereby cali on all the members of our church lo record their disapprobation ofhe abovo resolution, and reqmre in terms that cannot &e misunderstood its immediatc repeal. 16. Resolved, That the neplect of the last Gen. Conference, lo disapprove of ihe Georgia Conference rcsolulion, declaring slavery not to be a moral evil, while they passed the resolution of I. A. Few, against colored tesliinony, bronght a reproach pon themselves, and an irreparable injury upon the church. Wherca?, The Disciplino of the M. E. Church, (p. 176,) provides, in substance, that


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