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Detroit Election

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1 lie Jbllowing isnn exttact of a letter frohi Detroit wliiclj we havejust received. Our charter election has just ended.' The Liberty party, as usnal made nominations for every vvnrd. As t is a mere local affair, affecling city interests only, men are generally more regarded than party, and poütical difier enees are much lost sight of, n the more pres Bing questiohs, oif taxes, sthooh, nnd interna]arrangem?Mf. Our City election turned vcry muc!i upon the num!er and locality of public markets. Our Liberty vote is not yet knowj] Heretofore it hasaveraged but abaut 40, and it will doubtless rnaintnin this average still though lOofkst Fall voters have ?eft thë City. Moral questions never tluiVe in a City "God made the country, man the cities," and it seems as if the Crëator's great principies canicmo rooc ana vegetste amid his own noble works alone. You find this remark justified by the histroy of every City. Vice flourishe Jhere, while virtue puts forth a sickly, stunted growth. The Liberty cause lias éve r foum smal! support in cite; there are thecians, tüe lawyers- ihe merchants- -the great men, and nabobs, al! bowlag to the uarons "Golden Ctiir-Slavery; but when we seek counteracting moral elemente, we must look tothe country. Detroit, jn her minature way. has ever in.itated New York- aped her vices - choked down moral effort, and givcn frce courre to political cxcitemcnt. ït will be secn that the wliigs have an apparent victory of tiipendous umount, but unfortunntely for them il proves too much. To convcrt a tninority ofsomeiOO lost year intoa mnjonty of over 300 now, is a 'smart' politica] miracie. If you would seek its elucidation, yon will fiud it in the Insh proceedings, published in the Advertieer, by which they bolled for the present from democracy, and "supportcd the whole ticket,J' in ordor to resent ilJusage. Theii S00 voiers taken from thedemocratsand added to the wliigs easily ,exptoins their passing gleam of success.


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