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Congressional Election In Massachusetts

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The Liberty Party in tlus State have stood their grouhd through another strug-g-Ie, ond we apprehend the ollner parties will bccome convinced thal this party is not tlie ephemeral cneature they have supprsted; buf, whether föunoed on "onc dea" or hiany, it hns the elementa of stubiliiy and power; the Emancipator says :The Liberty Party has cause for congraUilation in the resultof iJie recent elcctions.-They have preven led the choice of the proelavery candidatos in five districts - have maintained their ground, or nearly so, in all the districls; wliile the aggregate vole of their opponents have decre.ised about 12,000 since the November contest- and they have srtisfied themsëlves and their antagonists, that by due diligence and uncompromising intpgiity,'none but Liberty rneri can represent tlibie five districts iH the ripxt Cpïifrföèa, unless the Whig and Democratie partiesuhite their strengtli to defeat them or one or ihe olher abandons the field and leave the Liberty Pnrty 10 coniend eingle-handed against on división of the dough-faecs."It appeara by the papers that 'Matty Vnn Buren' is to be c.'illed Jieréafier "ihë sage óf Lindenwood," that the ríame With which Jiis residence has been baplised, inslead of Kinderhook, U'hich is associated in the public mind vvith the idea of Dutchman atid cabbages .We learn from different parts of the State that much distress exista among the fanriers itl consequence of the sevërity of the winter, fcnd the general scarcity of hay and provender occasioned by the exesssive cold of last eummer . Wo are informed that in some places cottle have died of actual starvation. There has been abnndance of snow during this winter, and the sleighing js yct good.At a recent elcction in Detroit, the WhinrS elected their candidates for Mayor and two Ju stices of the Peace. This is quite encournging to the Whigs. The Advertiser snys that such a victory has not been achieved in that city in raany a long year. The whig members of Congres, in caucus li ave decided to cali a convention to meet in Baltimore, May 4th, 1844, to nomínate their candidates.Mr. Wi?c of Virginia, bas been nommated by the Prceident to the Señale, as Minister to France.


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