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Last werk we mertioned liiat the House had passed the bill -for the relief ofthe Treas urer of the United Siaie," which authorizeu the Treasurer, in his individuo] enpneity, to pay some $8000 lo the ovners of ihe slaves lost in the Cornet. The design f rhis was to prevpnt the aotion of in pnying for slaves, and the abolitionists agrced"to I it fur the purpose of nvoiding an issue on that : Care, The bill went to the Scnate, where itwas nmentfed by tho origina] bilí. On its return to the houso for concuncnce. Stanley, of North Carolina, eaid he rappoéed nobody would object cxcept Mr. Giddings, and to save time, he caüed for the Previous Question. On the main question of concur- ring, Mr. G. demanded the yeas and nay?, which were refused, only L5 eustuining the! cali. Mr. Culhoun, of Mass. moved to loy it on the table. On this the yeas and nny& were also refusod. The main question was Inow pur, and the House cnj .yetl this opportunity of voting for slavery without the knowJedge of their consdtuents, until Mr. Giddmgs moved a reconsiderntion of the vote, and spoke tbr nn hour in fi.vor of it. He was lis tened toby a full House wilh much attention. Heshowed how frnudulenlly this money was obtaincd of the British Government- that the bilí would be logislating; for the slave trade- a crime for which, in certain caeF, we hang men, and he was unwiUing to fit there and legislate for the benefit of such beings. He. contended thát the persors called slas were free the. moment they were taken on thecean. xie afked how Northern mcnibers, the ConstitiUions of whose states know nothing of slavery, could nscertam the va!ue of a human being? The bilí passcd, veas 14o mvö 33. In ihe House there is a Gen. Dawson, of Louisiannj vvlio is remarkable for bcing a bully, drinkïhg brandy, and carrying bowie knives and pistols. This is the same gentleman (!) whp, last winter, threatened Mr. Arnold, of Tenn. thot he would cut his throat frorn ear lo ear. On a Jale occasion, in pn,ing thro' the aisle of the House, he purposely pushed Mr. Girldings, who was standing there in conversation with a member. Mr. G. inqnircd if this was meant for an insult. Dnwson jmU his haud into his bosom for his bowie ktiifé, and replied ií was, Mr. G. took no further notice of it, except lo eubmit to ilie House what miglil be proper for its ówn dignity. tle did not wís any done on his account. Dawson was absent al this time, nnd some cohversation cnsued in which Wise nnd othèrs of tlie same genus said Ümt Dawson was a vcry fine fcllow, k. as no damage had been done, it wíis best to drop it. Thtis the matter ended. Had a Nortliern man insult ed a slavcholdcr íms, it would have ended differently. Leavtt well remarks Ihat the effect of this irï.ac - (ion of the House opens the door for future violence. A gentle push, even when dcsigned for insult, does not hurt nny; ueitlier doos it hurl to spit in the face; it does not hurt much to tweak a mnn by the nose; and a knock down and drag out afifiir cannot be reprardcd as serious while no limbs are broken! In refusing lo protect the members from insult, the House Jeaves each onc to protectminien by brute violcnce, wliich must of couríe produce n disgraccful row, or the person insulted must pocket the indignity. Tlie Senate is said to have been fia dry body" tliis winter. They have not met earJier tlian 12o'clock, generally adjourned early, and have not everaged five days session per week; and when in session, the business has been of Jjttle conseqnence. Tlie üregon qdesiion has been the only excpption, and many long winded speeches have been made pn it. In a recent report of Mr. Fillmore, from the Committee of Ways and Menns, we find the foüowing1 detailed statemenf. of the I posed expendituree, fur the year 148:Civil nnd diplomatic list. and miscellaneousobjects. not including the Post Office Department. 36 )8.f9 60 rm.v 2.721 .927 18 gnvy. G.I9Í.4-2 33 Fortihcations, fv 1.500 00 Pen8ii)iis. nrmy ond nnvy, 499.115 00 depiirtinorjt, treaties. &c 873.110 49 Privare bilis, Ilouse. '7,142 04 Private bilis. Sennic, 19.303 "9 StnndinT appropriations and interest on public debt, 2.450.042 9 ' ïï"rMrbllL1 , 958,300 9-, lo Mass. cV. Maine, untler the (reafy 300.000 00 $18,175.28957i lie House bilí to repoal the Bankrnpt Law passed the Senate on tlie 25;b, by a vote of 32 to 13. Eleven friendá of tile bilí must have been nbsen'. when the bill was taken. The bill protetíts all who have filed their petitions previbus lo its becommg a law. Stropg hopes ore tntertained thai liie President will velo it. ShouJd he doso, it will prove the niost populai" áct of hi? administration.


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