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Our readers will doubtleps excuse us for not giving the doings of this body more in detail. Only a sma!l part uf ihe business befors them is of general interest, althongh it is necessnry tbat it be acted upon. Laying out roads, naming towns, authorizing the sale of real estnte in certain cases, or the building of dams, alteration of the names of certain person?, repainng the capítol, kc. Stc. are all malters dcserving attention from che LegislatureA Bill has passcd the Sonate repealing that part of the revised statules prohibitinor olher than regular physicians from collectmg pay for medical services, and making all persons who practice liable for mal-p'actice. Mr. Greenly, from the Commiilee on Judiciary reponed a bil! to amend the RiviscdSlatutes relativo tousury. [Thia bül provides that there sliall be no penalty for making i a usurious contrat l, but that the Jemier shali be able to sue and recover on such contract, j nierely simple interest at 7 per cent.] The I bill was read a tbird time and passed. j The b:ll to provide for the runing of the of the Centrul Rail Road to MarvhoU and the j gubÖing and grading of the same to KalamaI zoo has been passed by our legiblalure and be come a la tv. lt appears from the reports of the Advertí - eer that this legislatura is well stockcd with wits. Among these are Mrssrs. Lncey andjuoodwin. Una late ocecasion, Mr. Lacoy suid that Mr. Goodwin strongly rcsembled a bufialo, on!y the liair was on the insic'e. Mr. G. relorted bx likennff hia friend to n merino buck. Whereupon, both gentlemen took tlioir scats, with an air which seerned to say, "I have put it lo you, Sir;" and a dozfcn Jodies flew out of the House like frighteried doves. Gov. Barry has vetoe the-bill grantmr to the Michigan Insurance Company banking powers. We Jmve not seen his reasons.


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