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Living without DatNK.-The last Medical Journnl contams a communication frbm Dr. W. A. Alcotf. in which fie states that lie dn,nk nothivg ■ úmwg the wbole of the yenr UU; and in íact that he has not yet relurned to the use of drink. With one exception, he siifterotl less than fonnêHy froni thirst.I hts excepii-n was in July, when in order t mnke a fair experiment, he worked hard a haymg. The first day or two, it beinr ver bot weather, he feit a return nf llnrsl, whic heollayedby pargling his throat with nolwater, and eatinr bread crumincd in water.- Aftertuoduysi.e fclt no more thirsf, thcu he worked hard. The object of the expert ment was to prove, for the benefit of th fneuda i of temperance, that if our food is eim ple and plain, we need but very litlle drink- His was bread, fruiís and succulent veg etub!e? - Boston Recorder. MKx,co._An nrrival at New Orleans reports that the most amicable relations exister betwecnour Minister Gen. Thompson, nnhe Mexican Government. ExpJanation have been made and accepted concernid? the cP'ure2fM0'wy. The reponed ceSSio. ot the Lulifonias, was universally recarded as w.thout foundation. 300 men have beenuispanea irom Vera Cruz to Campeachv: o) Uie otfcei hand, 3,000 Indiana are said to'have gone to the asristance of the Yucatecos. i lie J exas papers anticipare a Mexican invasión on a larpe ecale in tlie The organof President Hotiston says "evSrv wind blows bears us confirmation of tbií intelligence, and we now emphaticnlly sav to the people of Texap, prepare and be rcády for the conflict.'1 J ' Mr. McDuffie, formerJy the Gov. and now be benator elect of South Cnrolina, snys "Domestic Slavery, therefore, instead of beir.i a po icol evil, js the comer stone of our RepubLcan cd.fice. JYopaMot u-hojustli,j uny condutonoj ptcuniary advantage howèver favorable So deep is my conviction on this subject, thot if I were doomed to die immcdiately alter recofdng ihet,e sentiments, I shouJd sayihnll Kincerity, and under all the sane tioils of chnstianify and potriotism, "God f jr bid that thy descendants to the remotest zeii eration should live n any other than a commu nitv liaving the instiíution of Domestic SlaveA irtpng bttuation. - Mrs. Susan Gard ner nnd lier sister, María Deniker, were bured by the avamnchc in the same room and withm a fe feet of each oílier. But wondcrful to teil, by ftíme fortúnate of the timbera of tr.ecrushed dweílings, they were neither of thém killed. After they had been du? out, they defcnbed thfiir situation and feeiinjrR One hearing the othergioon, osked her sister's condmon, and -was ssu red ihat she was hurt only tD her liml.s. The other sfnted she was loing very welí biity that a plank or stick of ümbtr was preising vpon her head! They --"■ v?g"ig uver incir neacis and consoled themselvps with tlië hope that they would be íbund in time to save théir live - Troy Budget. An association, on ihe style of Fourie hns been determined upon in New York.- Tiie capital is to be O200, 000 with wliich thousand acres of land, between New Yor and Pliiladelphia will be porchásed, and tli necessny buildings orected. Persons ma l'eciime stockholders without being member of tlip association, anti tice versa. One qnnrtur ui i.i]p income of the associalion is to b paid to the stockliolders or eiglit per een peronun-i on the amount oftheir stock, a iheiroption; tlie balance to be paid the la j borers. It iá intended to prosecute agriculturfe mannfacturps and art?, to provide lor fh educationof the children, nnd for the mora and mtcJIcclual cultiva tion of the members. A.n Immk.vse Aboutío Petition.- In the House of Congress, on Mondar, Mr. Adnms prcscnled hia mammoth petition, which is a half a nu e long, and rigned by fifiy one thousand eight hundred and sixty-th'ree personsv,. vi.1,1 luassaciuiseus, aslung Contrress to pa?s sucli laws and to propose sucli amendments to the Constitution of the U. S,, as mav orevrr separate the people of Massachusetts irom all conncction wilh alívery. Tho venerable gentleman sat bdund his petition "as coJm as a s-jmnier's morning'-i-Pj. Lalgcr. The Houso.of delepatfg of Virginia Jmve resolved, by a Vote of G7 to 62, nól to receive Ihat Siae s quota of thö proceeds dfthé .nlës of Ihe public Jnnd. lier share exceeds S57 . 000 which is lyinj to her credit in the Treasury at Washington.Massa ciiusETTS - The bill to aboJ:sh the office of Attorney General of Mnssachusetts, has passed the State Señale, 26 tu lo. The rosolution to amend the Constitution, in relation toborrowing money on the credit of the State, was also passeu - veos 32, nays 4. Congressional. Jlpporlionment Tlie state of A labahia lias passed an appo.lionment bill based on the wliite populution only. This is nght. But it is a cnrious thing fora slave State to do4 We believe it is the first e.vamplaof the slnves States neglecting slaVes in there local dislriclmf. - Cin. Chron. Secret remedies nre entirely prohiblfed, by law, in Prance. The nature of every remedv most be made known to the public "uthofilies, and rcgistercd, or it can not be so!d.Times in Virginia - The Alexandrm Gazctte, Jan. SI, says: "We regret to 'state that our information rom vanous parts of the State of Virginia, is lo (he (ffecf, :hat a constant pressure and Jepression is poing on- pecuninry einbarrasM„ent weigha more and more hcavily- thnt l.ard times are feit uth inore rigor conïlanlJy- nnd re.icf scems farlher off than ever. Suita, sales, rheiiSs, and suspensión, are the order of the day."Stone Dhkssing.- A new patent stcne dressing machine hr.s been introduccd into ftcotluiuij (Jriveii by a sleani engine, wliich wil! diens the hordest rock or stiffest f ree etoné wed for tlie finer ironls of public buildino-s.- Vhe stones pass tlirough the machine'on n longr tram ..f carriages, each carriape having one stoi.e fi.ved to it . The cutting is perfonned by revolving whccls having tools fufteiied to them. The stone enters at one end of the I machine and comes out at theother, hewn and polishedj orid cut straight and square down the sides.Pi.s.- Tho factor for the manufacture of pms at btaffbrc, Conu. tokcs the wire, culs it off the ripht lentrth, puts on the head. point, &.C, and is comple;e!y fitiished before it Jen ves the machine. One machine mnkes about SG,000 a tlay. There is a machine nlso connected with it for stickihg them into papers.- 1 l.e pins are put into a hopper, that drops them down to the paper, wlucli is at a hitch and makes about fifiy hitches a minute It was invenled by Mr. IJ. Waiers of Stafford, formorly of Millbury. A Gooo Idka .--The millers out ivest who send their flour down the Ohio and Mississïppi nvers.pack jt in casks containing just two barrelf, thereby sa ving the expense of one barrel and freight. This is con?idered to be a great savmg to bakerp, tavern keepers, and slnppers. Tlie Advocate of Peaco says thnt the demand for "Bowieknives, pistola. Kentucky knives, and Arkansas toolhpicks," has ver'v much liminished wlthin three years past:'a proof of advancing civilizatiqn.


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