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CiKÜÜWD PLA8TER. PRÍCE RKDDCKD TO NNE DOLLARS PER TON TH E stibscribers have now on hand and wi continue lp keep a good supply of round Piaster, in Bnrrels, at iheir Store in Detroit, (123, Jeffer son Avenue,) and in Buik, at their PlasUr MUI on the River Road. half way betwecn Ypsilanti and Ann A roof. The nbove is from the 8 meca Falls and Grand Riccr Piaster Beds. both noted for their èuperiorify ELDRED &. CO. January 12, T843. 46-Gni.JAMES . BIK K1 , ATT O RN E Y AND COUNSELLOR AT LA IV. saga ka tv crrr, miciiiga: JG. B. wül also net as Land Agent in ihe Land District in which tliis "(Saganaw) County ia; he will mnke investments for others lands, pay over for non-residents their taxes, aiid give mformation gencraliy to persons interested in dus part of the country, or desirousof becomimmigrants to it. Estalc of 1 ra Durri, THE Undoreigned liave been duly appointed by the Ifon. George Sedgwick, Judcre of Probate tbr !hc cdurity of Wóshteriaw, Comniissioners to receie, examine; adjust ah'dollow the claims ofthe credilors to the csiate of Jra Durnn. late of said county, deccased, which estáte is represented to be insolvent, and aix months are allowed by said judge lo said creditors. to present and prove their claims before said commissioners who will meet for the purpose aforesaid at the ofik-c ofL. Mumly in the village ol Ann Arbor. on the last Tuesdny and Wednesday in April next, and on the first Wednesday in June next, at nine o'clock. M. on ech day respectively. JOHN. WELLS, ) E. Mü.VDY, } Commissioner. T. FOSTER. ) Ann Arbor. Marcr. 6, 1843. 4G 6w.NO FICTION. ONE PRfCE STOílE. THE subscnber snll continúes to se!I DRY GOODS, nnd DRY GROCERIES, 01N0. 5. Hurón Block, Loicer Toan. His s'ock of each wís cnrefully se.'eded and well purclinséd. which rnnbles hiña to sell lov fór rtudij pay. As he believes tufe motief of the same qunKty of eveiy person. is of ihe same valué, he will solí 10 ali for the same price, and no amount of Ora'ory can swervc him from that coursc. Persons can makejus'l as good bargains by sïiiding au agent, us tocóme thomselvés. ín conne.xion witli tlie afore s a Grist nnd i Floüring Mii.l, where he wi!l constontly poy Cash for WMeat it the hrgbeat ninrket price. Farmers and, Whrat buyers can hnve tíieirj Gristing nnd Flouring donó to order nnd on thi os! rcasonnblo terms. Those who wish tol irchase goods, or get Whcat floured, would do wtllto cali nnd enquire his prices, and into his manner ol doing business. DWIGHT KELLOGG. nn Arbor, LowcrTown, Feb. 28, 1843. 4"-t. 'Ann Arborlroii Store. (LO WER TOWN.J THE eubscriber continúes to keep on hand a good nsstmmcnt of iron, Steel, Nnils, Sec. &c. wliich ho ia selling very low for Cash. JDAN V. KELLOGG. MarcliG, 18-13. N. li. I would here say to those indebted to ne, or to ihe Éstate of my deceased Father, that ifiheyelo not pny vp soorr Í sliall have to wait longer. ymler the lawi of tfriï State. ■15-3W V. W. K.- ■ - - - - r - - I I t. TTaTHbIêIr t, BEGS lcnve to inform the ii.hnbhnms of Ann Aibor, nnd ibe surrounrfin country, ihat havinsj locatcd himself in the Lateer Vi'lase wiili the viv of cnrrying on the nbove business ÏoSsiSmS (some f which ore Ornamental Paintin?, GILDING nnH GLAZÍNG, GRAINING, in im.t.mon of 11 Woods, MARBLKJZI.NO niANSPARENCJES, BANNKRS. Sc. respeclfully sülicits n shnrê of public pntrunno-e, ns lus pneca shnll be low to conform to ihe times and h:a work done in the best ninnner. I . L. vould say to Farmers thnt he is parricuJnrly desinjiis to nttend to their calis, 08 produce is (he best kind of pay. AiuiArbor, LowerTown. Marcli 6. H4&. '45.- ly. rpHL ulrccrilier -v.u.ld hereby give no.,ce ,o tl'. fcnnera of WaMiienaw, and the nei-hbonng counties, ihat ho hu an Ou ram now in operation in Ann Arbor, Lower Town s'fÍw' Tld3 2' al1 "me " ".y PLAX SKED, (n. oiher Seeds used in rnakiL f n nnd pny the h.ghesi price, an.l ,he best e gp-,v J Onk Doi.,.An per bushcl will be pai.J fo? Lí cloan seed „r, one gailuu uf üil L'iveii for ?he name quaniity &■' ior me money we have ia our own Smte P [4.J- tt] JOELR.HIDDEN Ann Arbor: Lower Town? Marcl, Í843 rpo PRINTERS-BOSTON PRINTÍNQ for BoÍ Inl rPerpoundI?r evvsrand 40 cents lor Boolt Ink, 5 per cent dlscitini for caslt. M J. P. Clark, the manufacturer. ],ns lately made some cap,.al , hscoveries, which hnvé g,ve" o his Ink a dec.ded .mprovement. Jt 8 „uw nrn nounccel by the Bay Stn.e Deinocn i' ,he fíosZ Da.Iy M.,1, and by severa! prin.ers S Sv Y( k who have used it, a first article. and cdual ifm,l 8u?enor to any in the country Q nüt rf?i!WlK?fÍW insert l'ndverof 4T l'n f th'8 nlice? tothc n"'nt wil? L U T?rd a Paper conning ,he me. wil be allowed tliat sun. In their next purchn=e ï&SÜgr üll(JkStorc' r 45 .! AKBOR STEAM FOUNDRY (NEAIl THE RAIL RÖAD DEPOT ) pARTRIDGES, KKNT&CO. haveerected -l and put in operaiion a Fnundn,, and are now prepared to furnièh to order most kinds of Cnstmgs or Milis or other Machinery. Sugar and Cau dron Ketíieá Potash Coolere, most kinds of Hoilow Ware, Sleigh Shoes. Firö Do-s Wae' on and Buggy Boxes, Ploughs and PloUgh Cas"mgsof the varioLs kinds used in ihis State, and the most approved pattferris used n Ohio all of which they respectfully invite the Public tu cxa.njnc. They are prepared to furnish Farmers and othera w„h PLOUGHS as early n lhe sen m as they may be wan-ed for use, and which w,ll be wirrantcd good. All Caátinga mnde by PAT only CHEAP, and W READY rií?&EL$?' IRON TURMNG AND .1 V?.do"e t0 0Tder nd on shon notice, RIDGE8 & CO., next door to :he Paper Mili. BIJ ■. L. M. m mijp irs Arrival IJV 1843 In cJnnection with the Fonwiry and MacHine SHop, MARRIS. PARTRIÜGES & CO. hate Just opened a well eelecied stock of Nev goodsü siicli as Brond Cloths, Shectings, Merinos. Satmetifl, Siiirtings, MuslindeLains teaver Clorha, Cumíela, Shawls, Kentticky Jeans, Flonncls, Cnlienva, Alapnca, Boo's & Shoes. Calí Skins. SOLEJJfD UPPER LEATHER. A good assortment of Hardware nnd Grnceres. all of wl.ich will l,e sold as low fot Casft as ny other store n Ann Arbor. 11. P. & Co. wül mke in exchangefor Goods, Hidrs, Por;. Isird, Buttcr, fita. Secd Tiirinhj S:cd, 'ïnüo-x, Lj. on as favorable terms as anv Store here or elsewhere. Any qnantjiy of WIIEAT watited. and (he nighest Jriob paid. Lower Town, Ann Arbor, Feb. 1, 1843. 2-3m■ ANN ARBOR PAPER MILL: t riiriEproprietor of tliis establishment is now ( -L prcpared to invite to il the attemion of the business cominunity. ; Hit Mili has becn recemly fitted tip by the ndI dition of irnproved. nnd very éxpensive nw.chine, ry, equal if riot superior, to nny in the Western c. untry. He ilutéis himeelf that he enn noW manufacture pnper to (he entire gatiáfaction of his custoiners. boih ns lo qunüty nmi price. Proi iI del a'éujs that he gets sntisfactoiy returns n Míe way ofpnyicnt; which lie has become suiisfied id a very esaential puin: in the paper makirg bu noss. Uis paper is of a kind that will work easy up I types set to nl.nost iny crefcd or principie, rep I di.ition doctrines alw.-ivs excepted. I The grént expense and trouble. to tvhich ho has been subject to get up a respectable pnper mniiufactory within this Stnte: is an argument thnt npplies itself strongly to tho sincerity. patriotism and ifenerosity.of ihe profeÉsed friendsof 'Home I Indiisiry" and -'Domestic Manufactures." as wcll as to all who aredisposed toencourage manufacturmg enterprise wiilnn our infant State. He asks for the pntronnge of the pninr portion of the communiiy, b ut upon rio oilíer principie ihan that of equal righl.o, and reciprocal adva"tase- c. n. OKMsry. Ann Arbor. Jan. 9, 1843. 3w-39NEW GOODSÏ! FDENISON, is now receivingns iisuallyn vvell selccled nssorunent of foll nnd wimrr GOODS, which will be sold chenp for cash or barier. N. B. As chcap ns any in town. ScpicmbcrS-l, J8I2. f:23SATTÍNETT WARPS ON BEAMS.- Thko. H. Eaton & Co., 138, Jeflerson I Avenue, offer for sale n Inree stock nf SntiineM Wnrpí, frtfm thè New York milis. These Warp's are con'biciórcd auperio'r tö nny other ifi the country, and will be sold, for cash, at a sniall ad vanee. 12-Sw 'EJCONOMY IS WEALTH." THE Siiböcriberswill pny two cents per pounri in Gopdá or Paper for nn quantity of good clean SWINGLE TOW, delivered ai the Ann Arbor Pffper Mili. . . JONES & ORMSBY. Ann Abor, April 3Y. tfCLINTON JSEiTIIN ARY. 8PRlfitERM. THE si.tth resillar term of 12 wcèk will comnicnce on Mondny, Februnry 6, 1843. TViïtbtl; For common Engflish branjs, a 00 For highesf EfrgHih brancf ioflf For Latiu and Greèk, 5 (Xf Board, iuclu.linf iloomi Furnttörè: ahd vnshing. nt 1 25. Tuiiion to uc paid in ndvnncc. La hes and gentlemen from abroad wil! bo ré-i quired to present a certiricntc of good moral characer; and by a e.nnding rule of the Semina, rj, noschoinr who etsis-a in ihe use of "profane or obs.-ene langungo," s aovfcá lo con 6 his connèct.on wi.h U8. Thi„ ru, wj,h a niiniber o, have been adopted by a vote ot Ine school. TJ.o English text bonks fhat arè adopted are genernlly stich as nre j tl üsu in thë btist Atade mies and High Stiioola. Thë Clnsáfcai iookg rtre sueh as are réqúired for admission to Coi. lege. Considerable hns bten done to furnish manual labor for chotn wlio' v. ah, in chis way, to pay for a pirt or all of tlieir board. Studeñts can enter ai nny time during the tcfm, thoügh i: is much to their advantngc to enter nt' the befinhinE. GF.O. VV. BA.NCROFT, Preceptor. MRS. BANCROFT, Precéptrás. Clinton. Jan. 2ó, 1843. 41-tf.E.' F'üf, Charles Tozèr, late öf Wèbiter, in tho Cuünty of Washiennw, deceased.- J lie undersigned have been duly appoihted by the iloD. Geo. Sedgwick, Jüdgc ol Prol.aie of the counry iiforesaid. Con triiseioncrs. 10 rcceive. examine, arfjiuf, and al.W ilic claims o'f tho creriitors to mul estáte, which is representéd irfsol vent, and six niontlis are nllowed by Baid judge, tomid cieditors to present and prove their claims, berore said commissioners, wlio will meet w '. i ''.urPSü af'resaid. at the Inn kept by John VYaldo, in ihé Tillan of Dexter.on t'ie iirst Monan.v of Mnrch and April, and at the dwclling 1 of Stephen Cogswcll in said Webster, on the 22nd day of Juno next, at 1 o'clöck, p! in. on each dny rspeciivply. íflUNNIS KENNY, Í JÖHN ALLEY, VCotn'r. w , JAMES HALL, jr. ) Webster, Dec. 22, 1842. HOLDIAINi'S Sroni S BLaSáSSS gb and eon.rac.ed TENDO.NS of Tig" ,tan3: lt discusses all ttimoufrendfers étiflT joihtè limber by prodliörng a healthy muscular ac ion It unges pairlS „ Don.s and Abc3 Noihing eqtln s i if, sjvclled and inflamëd'Li,. in Femacs, if ap-phed in early stage, prevente ■tlpperaiion or matter formlng, and evSá n all cases, mmfedm.cèaaefrom pain GcrTificife" hl thiB fact could bfe givéh .f neecwary This remcdy is óflered tb the Public with tha ful asaurance it far excels the Opodéldoc'! arld Limmehts of the p.ëseht dny, fof ih abo,ë deb.dèd preference to every thinp else M„ íáror asrív11 Ann Árbdr. norOT town) Junf igíh, isí 95 ííStFAcajdíHí: ANri , TEACHERS SEMINAáY. sises jshLj "■' ts Cif.inet ol Minerale worth$5) ntiwiíi the English branche?, fróm %2 60to $5,00 per.ierm; Uúh and Greck í?nn? I metí. $6,00 only; Mczzotinio ond Chinese or exc-pt ..forprofractcdsickncss, nnd no one wS be r.ce.ycd (or le ,hnn five and nhnlf weíckiT Boanl me uding roon. ond Wnsliing. for-50 pincipS: For further porticuIars eui'e Sa {í..ír;GIUFÍ]N,.Pfiricilaí. CHAS. WOODRUFF. Teacher of Lniin, Greek nnd Fnch. Ms CAROLINE A. HAMMOiñSr Ypsilan.i, Jan. 2G, 1843.T0 COUNTRY MERCIÍANTS Aííb THE 1 PUDÚ C GENERALLY. 1 rpIIE subscriber has crj han.l and offers for JL Sale ai Ibw ratbP, a large nnd general aBr wrmcni ol Drugs dnd Medicine, Paints, OilsVnrnjsh Dyfc Siufls, &c. &, w.n evéry arI 'clenulic Drug and Pa.nt line. Perwns wi.h ing to pürchnse nny articles in the above line ar re(jursted, beforepu-chasinffelsewhere. to tuit at ' ivi. i . , P'K1RE TELLft'S, Wholesnlo nnd Reini! Drnirght 13!. Jeflerson Avenue, sign of the Gilt ftfortar, Detroit. "X: Xass of trfnftinij CB'fnt forLli." JACKSOIM ÏEMPERANCE HOÜSJE, AND BOTANC MEDICAL STORE, With Hot and Cola Baths. Br.J.t. iTíifeOiV 7is é.i " Main Street; Jilchsort, Mich. CA ME into the inclosure ol'rlie 8ubscribcr,on ilio fiiiecrtih dlty of Ottober last, Uoj coics, ne is a palé red, rnther brownish around thé jtad: the otlier is a brown. with a Btor in the rehead. The o wner is n qiested to prove proprty, pay charge?, and fake them nway. BENJAMÍN PRYER. Salem, Fcb. 8, 18:3. 8w-43MONUMENTS, TOMB TABLES, &c. 1HE subscribcr lias n lnrpe assortmcm of X Marblt. of the best qiin]jty, suitnble for Gkavk Sto'ñkp,' MoWvésts. &c. which he will solí cheap for cnali, or exchange for produce, ai his oíd tand. No. 90, Woodward Avenue, Detroit. Persons wfehifg t'o buy wH do we.'l to cali, na ifaejr will be sold rnuen chenper thon hao ever tíeen aíTorded ín thíí State, and ofa Qualny that cannot Inil to pleasé: WM. E. PETERS, Detroi-, Oct 27, 14-2. 29- t SALARATUS - A prime anide iu boxea or brtriels, for sale at 'he lowcsi vrieaa hy y. PENDÓN. S.4i'. 54, 1312. gg


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