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GREAT BARGAINS.-R. Banks respe ctfully mforms the farmers nncl otheis visiting Detroit, that he still con-inues at his old land on Woodbndge st., ndjoining Wardell's bloek, and keeps on hand a general nssortment oi READY MADE CLOTHING, which he is determined to sell cheapcr than thc cienpestfor Cash. R. B. has just received from the East an as aortment of Cloths, Cnssimeres. Satinetts and Veatinga, which will be made up to order n fashionable style at short notice. R. BANKS. Detroit, Sept. 5, 1842. 20-6m NEW GOODS ! ! FDENISON has just received n complete stock of DRY-GOODS. GROCERJES AND CROCKERY, which will be sold very chenp for money or most kinds of produce. Desriptions aad prices will be given at theStore. iTO CLOTH1ERS. THE eubscriber is jtisl in receipt of a furthereunply of Clolhiers stock, consistng of MACHINE CARDS of cv si y dcsèriffon; CLOTHIKR'S JACKS. A7 77Y;'WARP. CÁRD Cr.EAXSERS and PICKERS, SHUTTLES. REEDS, KETTLES. SCREW8, PAJiSON'8 SHEARING MACHIXE. EaiERV, (cien size,) TESTER HOOKS, PRESS PAPER, tpgether. wiffi a wil', sclcr.tcd ussorlmznt. of BYE WOODS,aud DYE STUFFS o( the vcry best growth and 'nanulactuie. ,m These goods (comin? ns thcy do direct from ïrst liands) the suhscriber is ennblod 10 sell lowerthnn nny other house west of New York, he therefore solicita tfio attention of firma In the clotlung business, to thcexamination ofhis stock and p.iccs before going enst or purchasinp else'here. riEIlllE TELLER,Threshing Machines. npJIE unilersigneU would inform the public JL that they continue to manufacture Uor.-k BoursBS and Thkí;shjxg Machines; twu nud a Jialf mil es from the villnge of' Ann Arbor. on the ruil-rond. Tlie Horse Power is a ínté uiveiuiüii by tí. W. Fostcr, and is dccidedly superior 10 any mher ever oifcred to the pub; lic, aa will oppear by the statements oí those u!i.) have usel tliein during the lust year. It is li.;hi in weight and smallia compass, being carried together wiih the Thresher, in a coninon waggon box. and drawn with ease by two horses. it is as littlc liablc to break, or jet out of repair, hs any other ilorsc I'ower, iiid will work as easy and tbrash as nmch .vi:h four horses attaehed to it as any other t power with fivi horses, as will appear from the reeoinmcndaiions bejow. New patterns havo úeen made for the cast fron, nnU addlional weight and strengthapplied wherever it had appe'ared to be uecussary from one year's use of the machine. The subscribers docni it proper to state, that a number of horse powers were sold last year in tlic village of' Ann Arbor which wcre believed by the purchasers to bc those invented by tí. VV. Föster, and that most or all of them wc re oither made materiully different, or altered betbrc sold, so as to be materially different from those made and sok! by the subs'cribcrs. Such alterations being decidedly j deirinienta' totlie utility of the machine. They i have good reaaon to believe that every one uF those reiurned by the purchasers as unsatisfac tory were of this class. They are not aware i that any Power that went from tlieir suop, and j was put in use, as they marie it, has been condemncd or laid asideas a bad machine. All wlio wish t'buyare invited to examine them and to enquire of those who have used them. There willbeonctbr examination at N. H. Wixg's, Dexter village; tmd one at Marj tin Wim.son's storclivuse i:i Dtioit - both j ihese gentlemen bcing agents for the sale of thein. The price will be $120 fora four horse power, with a threshing machine, with a stave or wooden bar cylinder; aiiö $1 30 for a horse power with a threshing machine with an ron bar cylinder. The attention of the reader is invited to ttie following recommendations. S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio, April 20. 1840. RECOMIENDA TI0NS. TI1Í3 s to cerlify ihat we have used orjc of S V. Foster'8 newly invented Horse Powers foj about five months, and threshed wiih it about 8'JüO bushels, and believe it is constructed on better principies than any other j liorse Power. One of the imdersigncd lias e and usedeight different kinds of Horse Powers, and we believe that four horses wil! thrash as much with this Power as fice will ujth any other power with which we areacquainted. 1x.. H. CASE, S. G. ÍVES. Scio, January, 12, 19.42. T.Js is to inform the public that I have purchnsed, and have now in use, one of' the Horse Powers recentiy invented by S W. Foster, made by S. VV. Foster, &, Co., and believe it be constructed npon better principies, and requires less s'rengt'i of horses than any other power with which 1 arn acquainted. A. WEEKS. Mount Clemens, Sept. 8, 1841. This is to inform thepnblic lliatl have purchased one of the Morse Powers, recently nvented by S. W. Foster, and usíd it for a numer of months. and believe it is the best power in use, working with less strength of horses than any other power with which I am acquninted, and being small in compas3. is asily moved from one place to another. I I believe 4 horses will thresh as much with this power as 5 will with any other power. - The plan and the working of this power have been univenally approvod of by fürmers forwhom I have thrashed. E. S. SMITH. Scio. April 11. 1S-12. ' SSE1TT MACEINES. The subscribers make very gtíod SMUT MACHlxNTES wluch they will scll for$GO. This machino was inve nted by one of the subscribers, who hns had many year's experience in the milling business. Ve invite those who wish to buy a good machine for a fair price to buy of us. It is worth as ramli as mnstoftha machines that cost from 150 to $300. S. W. FOSTER & CO. Scio, April, 18, 1842. Woolen IVXanufactoryThe subscribers have recenily put in operation a woollen nnnufactory for manuLciur ing woollen cloth by power lootns, two nu,! a half miles west from Ann Arbor village. on the rai'road. where he wish to manufacture wool inv cloth on srnres, or for pay by the yard, on reasonable terms. They have employed experieneed woikmen and feal confident that work will be well done. They therefore respectfully ask a share of public pafronagc, especially fromthose who are in fnvor of home industxy. Wool iuay be left at íácio village. S. W. FOSTER & Co. Scio, April 13, 1812. TO PHYSICIANS AND COUNTlty" MERCHANTS. THE subscriber invites the attention of Phyeicians and Country Merchants, fo his present stock of Drugs, Medicines, Paintí, Oils, Dye StufFs, Varnish, Bruslies, Jk.c. &c. comprising one of the largest and fuüestassortinents broiieflit [o the country. Ii his present stock will be found: 100 oz Sulph. Quinine, superior French aud Koglish, 20 oz. Sulph. Morphia, 10 oz. Acct. do 50 oz. Carpenter's Witherill'e Extract Bark, 1 bbl. Powdered Rhubarb, 1 Chet Rhubarb Roof, 1 bbl. Powdered Jalap, 50 lbs. Calomel, 3 casks Epsom Salts, 15 casks Fulland Winter strained Sperm Oil, 40 boxes Sperm Candles, L000 ibs. YVhite Lead, dry and grnund, 4 casks Linseed Oil, Jüenlists Instruments and Slock Gold, SilvcrondTtn Foü Plu IVtinaare, Pocelain Tcclh. A general a-sortment of ent Medicines, all of which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. PIERRE TELLER. 139 JefFerson Avenue, sign of the Giit March 13. Mortar, Detroit. TAILORhVG BUSINESS I AM. NOBLE, would respectfully inform the citizens of Ann Arbor and its vicinity. that he ins opened a shop in the i er Town, immediately over the late mercantile stand r{ Lund Sí Gibson. and opposite the s:o;e of J. Beckley & Co., where he is prepared at all times to do work in his line, wiih promptness, and in a neat and durable menner. Particular attention will be pnid to cuttjng gannents. Produce will be taken at the usuai priees, for worlt dono at hisshop. These who have cash to pay for services of thts kind are particularly invited to cnll. Aun Arbor, April 27. 18 12. tfiÏËW FA .I, Ai WINTER GOODS. 'NEW YORircTïÊAP STORE ! ! ! THE 8Üb5aiber lm just remrned from New York with the largest and best sdccied as Honmem ui DRY GOODS. UROCERIFS OROCKERY, J1OOTS ft'SHOES ANb YANKEE XOTIÜNS, ever brought '„toítTs mauici, piwchased previoue to the tnrirt' which will enable hun to scll for cash. as chcnp as tim estublfetinient west of &uff.u.o As we do bu siness on the Ruadt Pa y S.nrjni wc will 1Ï61 be undersuld by ony one in this market, which .villbe for the interest of tbc purchaser and deal er. We would sny to the farmers ihnt we se goods in proponion to ihe priee of' wheat- a buslu-1 Óf whc-at will pirrchase as inany gootls at the present !bw prices as it did Inst füll. Now ia t!ie tiine for peoplc to buy goods if t!iey wanl to buy them cheap. The nssortmeiit conaUt in part of the following anieles: BROADCLÖTHS, PI LOT no. BEAVERdo SATINET nnd CASSltUERE, KENTUCKY JEANS, FULL'D CLOTIIS FLANNELL. (of all kinds ) SHEEP'S GREYS. UMBRELLAS, S1LKS. MÜSLIN DE LANES ALAPINES. MERINO TAGLIONE CASSIMERE SHAWLS. VICTORIA do. VICTORIA do. CARLISE do. ROBROYandBROCHEA. do JJRASS CLOCK, SHEET1NGS. HOSE. SIHRTJNGS. TIGKINGS. CRAVATS T WILLED JEANS, COTTON YARn' CANTÓN FLANNELS. GINGHAMS, COTTON BATTING, HDKF'S. DIAPER and Table Cloths. M1TTENS, CALICÓES, (of all kinds.) LADIESDRESS IID'KFS, GLOVES. (of all kinds.) LOOKING GLASSES; &e. Sec. A clínica .ssorlment ot Grocerics. iich ns Teas, Snsars, Molnsses. &c. &c, II of which will be swld at wholesale or retail. Pedlars can be supplied at this establihment so low as to astonish thetn. The subscriber deerns it uaelêsf to po info Inrther detail, but ask.8 them to cal] and examink j ior themselves. D. D. WATERMAN. Ann Arbor, Sept. 20, 1K42. 3ni7ó DR. BANISTER'S CELEIJRATED FEVER AGUE PILLS- Parelt VegetabU, A safe, speedy. and sure remedy tor ('ever and ague, duin ague, chili lever, and the bilious disenses peculiar to new countries. These pills are designed ror the fFections of the iiver and other internal organs which attend the disenses of the new and mrasmatic portionsof our country. The proprietor having tried them in a grest variety of cases believes that they are superior to any remsdy that bas ever been oflered to the public lor the above discases. It is purely Vegetable and pe.fectly hnrmlcss. and can be taken by any person, male or female wiih )erfcct safety. The pills are prr-piren1 in two separate boxes marked No. 1 and No. 2. and acecompanied wiih full direciions. A grent nuniber of cert;ficates might bc procured in favor of this medicine, but the proprieter has thoüiïht litnotto insert them, ín as much ng he depends upon the merite of the same for its repntafiin. Tlie above pill is kept constantlv on hand by the proprieter and can bc had at wholesale and rcta'il at the store of Beckley &. Co. Orders from the country prompily attended to. Ann Arbor, (lower town) MnySth 1842. 9 L. BECKLEY RIVËR RAISIM ÏKSTITUT E . THIS lnsiitution is locatnd in the town ol Riisin, near the north bank of the beautiful river whose name it bears. one nule east of the direct road from Tecumseli to Adrián. This eligiblc site has been selected for its quiet seclusion. the fertility and elevation of its soil. its pure and liealthfulatmosphere} and pleasant scenery. Rooms. - There are now on the p.-emises suitble rooms lor the accommodation of forty students; which are designed to b3 occupied for private study and lodging. Othcr nccesary build ing areprovirledfor recitations and boardiiig. E X P E N S E S. Tuition per Term of eleven weeks, .j;4, 0J Board " witli 4 hours work each week, 7,57 Room Rent, öb Incidental, f(j Total, J2.95 Thre will be an additional charge of one dol-, lar for thoso pursuing the highcfr branches as Philosophy, Algebra. Gcometiy. Astronomy, S:c. For Cliemistry, Latin. or Gicek an addition oí two dollars will be made. Scholars are expectcrl to provide themselves with what funiiture they ■11 need in their rooms, nlso, with lights. fuel, and washing - none will hereafter board them selves. Bills to besetlledin advance. The school e open to all applicants of aiitnble age and moral character irrespective ot' covij.laxiun or condition. S3"Tn: second term of this summer icill covimcncc' Wcdncs lui, Juf 'ÜO.h. Il is very desiiable that all who design to ottend the school, should be on th; ground - have their bilis settled, and their rooms prepared, before the fust day of the Term. Any lurther information can bc obtained at the Institution. by adJressing, post paid. J. S. Dixon, Principal, Raisin, Lennwee Co Mich. Raisin, May J9ih, 1812. n5 - 2m ADMIN1STRATORS SALE. PURSUANT to an order of tbc Judge of Probate, for the county of Washteniw. made on the twenty third inst.. authorizing :he sale of real estáte of Ellen VVilraot, deceased. I shall sell at auction the real estáte, hereinafter described at ïhe dwclling house formerly occupied by the said deceased, in the village of Saline, on Thursday, the sixteenth day of Febiunry next, at one o'clock in the afternoon of that day. to wit: comnieiicing on ihe south of Henery street ihreo chainsand twelve links east of the north corner, of the Bnplist meeting houce lot, and running south five chaina at right anglesof said street, thence east parallel witíi said street one choin. thence north tovvards Henery street. parallel with said iirst line five chai ris. therrce west one chain, to the rlace of begmning; cjntaining one lnl" acre of Innd, being the sume premises on which the said Ellen Willinot üvcd previons to her decease. ISRAEL WILLIAMS. Administrator. Dated Saline. August 29th, 18-12. 33-4w. TEMPERANCE HOTEL. BY S3OBEKT & TERHUNE. (CORNKU OF MfCHIÓAN AND WASHINGTON AVÏNUKS, DETKOIT. ) TÍIE above IIoufc ijplcafantly siluated ncar lhe('entral Railroad Depot, and is now undeig ing thorough repairs. The rooms are picasant, th.; ds and Bedding all new, and the Table will be supplied with the choicest ol the market, and the propriotors asstiro those who will favor tho:n wiili their eustom, thnt all pains shali be taken to make their stay with them agreeable. Fake, very low. and accommodation good. - Carriages to convey passengers to and from the Hotel frec of expense. Detroit, Apri'?7, 142. LÚMBER constantly on hand and Cor sale by F. DENISON. June 10 18-12. tfPeters Pilis. 'Tis íun theysay to get wcll witli tliein, ALL mankind througbout thcir wide and immense circulution that ever try them coniinue to buy tliem. l'ctcrs' Pilis are purely vegetable; th-y work no miracles, nor do they proiess to cure ali discaaes, bccnuso ihey are ihe scientific coinpound of a regular physician, who has made his profession the s:udy ol his lifc. Dr. Peters is u gradúale ofYale College, ilso ofthe Massni'husetts Medical Collcgp, and has samewhat distinguished himsclf as n man of science and genius among ttie laniiJy of the late Gjv. Peters; Petera' Vegetable I'ills are simple in theii ;)feparatitfn, mild in their action, thorouíjh in .heir operation. ond unnvnlled in iheir resulta. - Tlie Èójvn and coWtry tfrfl alike filled with their praise. The palacc and the poor house al.ltc echo wiih their virtues. In all clima tes they vvill retaiu their wondorful powers and excrt them unaltercd by age or sitmtion. and tliis the voicc ola gratelul community provlfiimed. - Peters' Pilis prevent - keep tff diseases il t.'mely 1 used, and have no rival in curing biliious lever, lever and agüe, dyspepsia. liver sick hcadache, jaundice, asthma.diopsy, rlieumaliam, enkirgement of the spleen, piles, cot:c, fe[ male ohstrucïion, heart burn, furred longue, nau! sea, distentioa of the stomach andbowuls, incipient diarrhees. llatulenee, habitual constiveness. Ios8of appetite, bloched, or sallow complexión, and in all cases of torpor of the bowels, where a cnihartic or aperien' is ndicated, producing i nêilher nausea, griping nor debility; and ivc re: peat all who buy diem continue to try tliem. The most triumphant 8UCCÖS8 has ever attended iheir use and enough is already known if them to inmortaüze and hand iliem down to ros terity with the iinprovemenis ofthe age m med ical science. Dr. Peters was bred to the heali ing art, and in order to supply dennnds, he has originaied and called to his aid the only steno) drive.i machinery in the world for pill workinpr. 'Tis perfec', and its process imparta to the pill essential virtue. because by ,being perlectly wrought. all the pills' hidden virtue ie revcaled, whtn called into action, andhere also it is Peteis excelsall the world and takes all the premiums, metíais and diplomas. So clear the tract for the Engine - Peters' Pills are coming - a niillion of witnéssescan now bc herd for ihem - resistlets - do you hear hot! while a host can testify that they believo they owe their salvation from disease and death to Peters' Pili, and if calomel andknivesarc getting partially imo disuse wc are only mistaken. Certificates. - This paper conld be filled with them by residents of Michigan, by your friends and neighbors - ask our agents. Itis now well known that the people will have Peters' Pills, and to hinder would betostop the rushing wind. Price 25 or 50 cents per box. The resistless ibrce of these fuths - their universal reception, added to the teatimöliy of millions, "keep it before the pcple'' must and will le henrd throughout this vale of tears. Their happy influonce on joung ladies while suffering under the usual changos of tile as directed by the laws of nature, they impart a buoyancy of heart, feeling and action, an elastic step, velvet cheek, lilly and carnntion complexion by their action on the chyle, &c. and ladies in del icatesituations always admit their power and innocence, and take them two or three at a timr without in the slightest degree incutring the hazard of an abortion; which facts are ofthe utm :si importance. Pimples; a young lady snt h r love to Dr. Peters, and says she feeis more grate ful to him lor the restorntion of her beauty thar ifhehad saved her life. 'Tis fun t( get wel with Peters1 Pilis. for they canse thcbloccf tocourst aslimpid and genile through the veins as a moimtriin rivulet; 3 or4 is a common dose, henee tht patiënt is not compelled to make a meaT. TRO U BLE IN PLUTCVS CAMP. Quite nstonished Oíd Pinto cameto ew Y'.:rk. ''Hearing Peters had got his Pi'H Engine at work,) To resign his coinmission, his hour giass and ecythe; I have cotnc to deliver them all up to you - Str, my calling over- my business is through. I have been for three years in a terrible stew, And I reully don't know what on earth I'am to do: - Mot of your n'ighty sire do I come to complain. But a tamal New" Yorker, one PETERS bj name; Tho disëaso my m'ds. in this war of mankind, Are suhducd by this Peters, what help can we find? I would yield hiin N. York, sir, if there Ik would stay; Bul, sir, Peters will heve the whole wor'd for hit swny. While muBrngin cogncil what coursc to pursue That Engine of Petere broke ibrth into view. The King of terrors looked a while, Aa though his soul was tun ed to bile, At ilm imsparing scourge of i I Is, By all men known as Petéis' Pilis. These Pilis ol Peters' stop the slaughtcr. Aiuílcaves the blood as pure ns water. Now Peters makes, í've heard him say, Frve hundred tliousand pills a dny; So that the chance is very small Of people dy ing there al all; For soon the checks, so riiaikèd for doom, Begin like any rose to bloom. Look lusrei all min try oonlinnc to buy ihem. For sale as follows, by Mei-srs. Beach & Abel, G. Grenville. F. J. B, ('rane. Maynard. &. Co.. G. Ward, S. P. &, J. C. Jewett, J. II. Lund, II. Becker, Dickonson & Cogswell, and S. K Jones, Ann Arbor: Geo. Warner &, Co-, and J. Millerd & Son, Dexter, Win. A. L. Shaw. Lima; J. C. Wir.ans, Sylvan, ÍJale, ét Sii i:b. GrassLakc; W. Jackson. Leoni; D. T. Merriman. Jackson; 1YJ. A. Sh.oeninhër. Michigan Centre: Brothcrson & Co., L. B. Kief & Gilbert. Manchester; D. S. Haywoorl, Ssline; Snow & Keys, Clinton: J. Scnttcrgood & Co., Plymouth; Stone, Bnbcock &Co., and Julins. Movius&Co., Ypsilanii; Pk-rre Teller, Detroit; J-. fe J. Bidwell, and Dr. Unclerwood, Adrion; Hart & Mosher, Springville; Harinea &. Cook. Brooklyn; Smiih Sc Co., Joncsvillc; L. M. Boyce, Chicngo - and almost every where else. Oct. 19, 1842 27-1 y JR WALKER respectfully informs hifi friends and the public in general, tbal haa recenlly commeneed business, in the toilor ing liiu.-.oiic dooreast ol'Bower's di y goodsstou svhere he is prepared to execute orders in the neatrst and most fashionable slylc. Garnienls will bc made to order, in strict cor.fonnity with tí ie present prevailing fnshion nnd taste oí tho day, and warranted to fit or no charge. Ladics' Riding Habits made in the latcst ISew York or PHifadèphia faahions. Friends, or Quakers' garments will be mode in the neatest and plainest style. Cutting done at shortest notice. All kinds of Military Uniform and nndrrfcoats and pantaloons, made agreeable to the present military or regimental order. J. It. WALKER. Ann Arbor, July 25th. JS42. n14 - 3m. Wool and Clofh Dressing. THE Subscribcr8 respectlully announce to the citizens Ann Arbor and vicinity, that thej are prepared to cnrd wool and dress cloth fo.1 customers, in the best style, and at the shortest no tice. Having good machinery, experienced werkmen, and Iongpractice in the business, they have the utmost confidence that they shall give complete 8atisfaction. J. BECKLEY & CO. Ann Arbor, April, 25, 142. PA RSON 'S SHEArTÑg" MACHÍN ES.- Thko. H. Eaton & Co. 138, Jeflerson avenue, aretlie sole agents of these vcry celebrated laacbinet. 12-Sw


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