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To Families & Invalids

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The following indispensable fhmily remedies may be found at the village drug stores and soon at every country store in the state! Romember and ever get them unless the havo the fac-simile signature of '&?iá&UL on the wrappers, as all others by the same ñames aro baso impositions and counter, feits. If the merchant nearest you has thom nofj urgo him to procure them at 71 Maiden-lane, thé next time he visita New York, or to write for them. No family should he a week without these remedie BALM OFCOLUMBIA.FORTHEHAIR,. which will stop it if falling out, or restore t on bald1 places ; and on children make it grow rapidly, or on those who havo lost the hair from any cause. ALL VERMIN that infest the hcads ofchildreö in schools, are provented or killed by it at once.Find the name of '{fyfriattvfa&O ort it, or never try it. Eemember this alwayg. RHEUMATISM, and [ggg ggg[ positivcly curcd, and all shrivelUd muse les and limbi arerestored, in the old or young, by the Imdiak Vegetable Elixir and Nerve axd Bonk Linijient- but nevcr without the name of Comstock & Co. on it. -♦■ are wholly prevented, or governed f the attack has come on, f you use the only true Hays' LiNiMENT.from andevery thing relieved by it that admita of an out. ward application. It acts like a charm. Use it. ♦ HORSES that have Ring-Bone, Spavia. Wind-Galls, &c, aro cured by Roofs' SrEcmc ; and JFoiindet'ed horses entirely cured by Roofr Foundcr Ointment. Mark this, all horsemen. ♦ Balley's JHagical Pain Ex tractor Salve.- The most extraoidinary remedy ever invented for all new or old and sores, and sore J35 It has dclighted thousauds. It will take out all pain in ten minutes, and no failure. It will cure the ff IIHïSS LIN'S SPREAD PLASTERS. A better and more nice and useful article never was made. All should wear them regularly. tliVS TEMPERA1ÏCE BITTERS; on the principie of substituting the tonic in place of, the stimulant principie, which has reformed so many drunkards. To be used with LIN'S j j PILLS, superior to alï other3 for cleansing the system and the humors affect, ing the blood, and for all irregularities of the bowels, and the general healtb.jjí a j.,'' [See Dr. Lin's VfDCfDtW VLi 4U nature, thus :] " " ■' - - HEÁDACBE DR.SPOHN'S HEADACHE REMEDY will cflectually cure sick headache, either from tho I S d m)!fl t or bilious. Hundreds of families ara i r ■ l tí ÍI t1 uging t with great joy. ♦ ÖR. SPOHNTS ELIXIR OF HEALTH for the certain prevention of j J or any general sickness ; kecping the stomach m most perfeet order, the bowels regular ,- and a determination to thesurface. HiHTO pnins in the bones, hourseness, and " &fl tiiri F" are quickly cured by it. Know this by trying. ♦ CORNS. - The Frcnch Piaster is a sure curo ,hair any shade you wish, but will not color the skin. ' ■ SABSAPAR3LLA, comstock com. POUND EXTRACT. There is no other preparation of Sarsaparilla that can execed or equal this. If you are sure to get Comstock's, you will find it superior to all others. It does not require puffing. , ♦ CELESTIAL BALM OF CHINA. A positivo cure for the piles, and oB external ailings - all infernal irritations brought to the surface by friction with this Balm ; - so in coughs, swelled orsorc throat, tightness of the chest, this Balm applied on a flannel will relieve and euro at onco- - Fresh wounds or old sores are rapidly cured by ik IBv. a&irtholemeto'a will prevent or cure all incipient consumption, taken in time, and is a delightful remedy Remem. ber the name, and get Comstock's. KOlMSTOCieS VEBMIFUGE f eradicatc all HLtyL%fin[gB in children or adulta with a certainty quite astonishing. It sells with a rapidity almo8t incredible, by Comstock $■ Co., New York. TOOTII DROPS. KLINE'S- cure effechiftüy. - ♦ Entcred occording to net of Conffrecs, in the yc;ir 1842, }lg?$!te!' r Co., i the Clerk's office of the Southern District of Now YorK. By applying to our agents in each town and "il lage, papers may bo had free, showing th most n. pectable names in the country for these faets, 89 tluu io ono can fail to believe them. íe sute you cali for our artides, and not be put t.ff with any stóries, that others are as good. HAVE THESE OR NONE, shonld bc your motto- and these never can be true and genntM without our names to Üiern. All these articles to be had whoiesale and retail only of us. {Mfáñfáic Whole8al Dcae]B% 1 Maidcn-Lane, Ne York, and of our ageats. Wm. ö. it J W. Maynard, Aficwti, Ann Arbof Mich.


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