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Drops Of The Coming Shower

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A letter rom John O. Wattles, publ.shed , r f ,tlie VVeít' A nti-Slavery papera, (1 forgot which,) has the follow.n-j PoVIscnpt. fc. 1 open iny lotter to tell you í have seen a part of that companj of sixiy s aves, vvho have been emancpated by will ií Virgm.a Several are here, and the res nave cone up o Hiffl,lnd county. 'Tis bleWed S be wiüi them They come with houting and wll'n.H f1'06 How glorioua vnll be that day whon "Liberty shalJ bo proAnother exchnnge paper soys that at a f ty meeiinff in Indiana Counf , Pa., a letter wc readfrom a gentleman in Su Louis, statinjr that the wr.ter had heen convinced of the WrongfulttBW of Sluvery, at a meeting of the antilavery society of Indiana County in May, 1341, and had in conseqiience emancipated his ovvn slavw, forly two in number, and bad preva. ed on two ui his friends to follow his example and that togelher they had Mt free one htir.dred and three slaves. In an article in the Itwt number of the Pennsylvan.a Freeman, on the Progresa or our Cause the editor saye. tn eierVpart ttf the Sovlh the disposition to yoluntary emancipation appears to be on the jncrease. An inxtance has Jately come to our knowledge, of a Bingle individual, who haa resoJved to emancípate upwards of four hundred elavesi A Nev-Or)eaHs paper of the tth of last Janoafy, Bttites that on the night before about ihirty petitions were received and actcd npon favorably by the pólice jury, to emancípate certuin slaves, at:he prayer uf theit eeveral


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